Sze/Hernandez Teaching Prize

The Morgan Chia-Wen Sze and Bobbi Josephine Hernandez Distinguished Teaching Prize will be awarded to recognize professorial faculty for excellence in teaching, and will be awarded alternately over a three-year cycle to faculty in the humanities, social sciences and the natural sciences and mathematics.  The donors would like to encourage all award recipients to use a portion of the award to travel anywhere in the world of interest to them and through that travel “to bring the world back to Cornell”.  

One $25,000 award will be given annually to a faculty member from one of three areas

  • 2019: Natural Sciences and Math
  • 2020: Social Sciences
  • 2021: Humanities

Deadline for nominations: February 26, 2021

Nomination Process

Click here to nominate a faculty member. All materials in the nomination package should be submitted as a single pdf. Required documentation includes:

  • Chair’s nomination letter, which should include a brief summary of teaching evaluation data
  • Candidate’s CV
  • List of all courses taught
  • Letters of support from students (maximum of 5)



  • David Smith, psychology
  • Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon, literatures in English


  • Tara Holm, mathematics


  • Amy Villarejo, performing and media arts, comparative literature, and feminist, gender and sexuality studies
  • Lydia Fakundiny, English