Student Awards



The Engaged Learning in Anthropology Scholarship was awarded to Courtney Noll.


The Asian Studies Winter Study, Research, and Service Travel Grants were awarded to Raven Schwam-Curtis (China), Adam Ziccardi (Japan) and Nina Lueders (South Korea).

The Sarah E. Russo Khmer Studies Endowment awarded travel grants to Lily Bagher, Absetou Diakite, Alexis Oh, Catherine St. Hilaire and Anuush Vejalla for the Field Study in Cambodia program.

The Korean Language Program Award for three years of outstanding work went to Brenna Vaughn and Nikkole Mora. The Korean Language Program Award for four years of outstanding work went to Elizabeth Kim and Sophie He.

For Outstanding Achievement at the Post-Secondary Level of Japanese Language Study, the Japanese National Honor Society College Chapter recognizes Carolyn Bell, Stephanie Bell, Chen Qijia, Crystal Cheng, Sandy Fang, Raymond Gu, Samantha Huang, Kang Taemin, Joshua Kwan, Lee Moon Hyung, Travis Lucas, Roman Sokolov and Zhang Zhelun.


The Cranson and Edna B. Shelley Graduate Research Award, given to a graduate student to recognize outstanding accomplishment in astronomical research, went to Michelle Vick.

The Cranson and Edna B. Shelley Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, given to a graduate student in recognition of outstanding performance as a teaching assistant, went to Stella Ocker.

The Eleanor York Prize, given to a graduate student to reward service to the community as well as academic achievement, went to Trevor Foote.

The Professor Yervant Terzian Scholarship Award went to Peter Scherbak.

The Cranson and Edna B. Shelley prize for Undergraduate Research went to Zifan Lin.


The American Chemical Society Cornell Section Undergraduate Research Award for seniors was awarded to Henry Phan and Kane Hua Wu.

The American Chemical Society Division of Organic Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry was awarded to Kane Hua Wu.

The ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry was awarded to Catherine Badding.

The ACS Division of Physical Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry was awarded to Jennifer DeRosa.

The ACS Cornell Section Graduate Teaching Awards, given to graduate students in recognition of their performance as teaching assistants, were awarded to Wai Hang Lee, Nathan Lui, Cheyenne Peltier and Weixuan Xu.

The George C. Caldwell Prize was awarded to Islam Elsaid and Raymond Zhang.

The Leo and Berdie Mandelkern Prize for seniors was awarded to Catherine Badding and Jennifer DeRosa.

The J. Emery Morris Fellowship for Undergraduate Research was awarded to Allan Lee and Eshan Mehrotra.

The Royal Society of Chemistry Certificate of Excellence for seniors was awarded to Ellenor Chi, Christina Chong and Marin Langlieb.

The A.W. Laubengayer Prize was awarded to Teresa Tang, Qifan Wang, Ralph Wang and Caitlin Yang.

The Harold Adlard Lovenberg Prize for juniors was awarded to Christina Cong.

The Tunis Wentink Prize for graduate students was awarded to Timothy Bumpus, William DeBenedetti, Ida DiMucci and Yao Yang.

The Howard Neal Wachter Memorial Prize for graduate students was awarded to Cara Gannett, Ken Miyazaki and Kritanjan Polley.

The Frank L. and Lynnet Douglas Fellowship was awarded to Jonathan Meinhardt and Jose Mondragon.

The Robert W. Work Fellowship for Undergraduate Summer Research was awarded to Daniel Beitler, Casandra Moisanu and Luc Wetherbee.

The Bauer Scholarship Award was awarded to Brian Ernst, Adnan Shah, Renee Sifri, Hanyu Sun and Ryan Woltornist.

The Darryl H. Wu Memorial Prize was awarded to Faith Chen.


The Classics Department Book Prize, given to those students with excellent scholarly records, went to Sydnie Chavez, Isis Encinas, Sophia Evans, Jiayi Guo, and Dimitrios Sparis.

Katherine Pyne-Jaeger '20 (Fall) and Ramya Yandava '21 have each been awarded a Harry Caplan Travel Fellowship worth $5,000 to conduct research and study in United Kingdom and Greece, respectively.

Funding fellowships for study were awarded to Sylvie Rohrbaugh ‘22, for study of Latin and Sojeet Narine Sharma ‘23, for study of ancient Greek. Both will be taking online classes through Berkeley Summer Workshops.


The Department of Comparative Literature Graduate Student Teaching Prize, in recognition of excellence in undergraduate pedagogy, was awarded to Marie Lambert.

The Graduate Student Essay Prize, in recognition of excellence in writing and thinking, was awarded to Marc Kohlbry for “Digital Index: Control Poetics in Die Maschine.”

The Edgar Rosenberg Travel Grant for students majoring in comparative literature, to support intensive language study outside the U.S., was awarded to Sarah Lorgan-Khanyile for future travel to Germany. 


The Excellence in Teaching Award for outstanding work as a teaching assistant went to graduate student Katherine Haviland. 

The CALS Outstanding Teaching Award went to graduate student Kate Eisen and Dave Frey.

The Robert H. Whittaker Award, given in recognition of the best oral presentation made by a graduate student(s) at the Annual Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Graduate Student Symposium, was presented to Maria Akopyan.

The Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Book Award, given in recognition of the best oral presentation by a beginning ecology and evolutionary biology department/field graduate student(s) at the Annual Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Graduate Student Symposium, went to Marisol Valverde and Megan Barkdull.


The Uri M. Possen Memorial Award for the best undergraduate honors thesis went to Ludvig Cedemar

The Tapan Mitra Economics Prize for Development Economics went to Josué Sánchez.

The Tapan Mitra Economics Prize for Labor Economics went to Jennifer Catalano.

The Tapan Mitra Economics Prize for Health Economics went to Natasha Barnes.

The Tapan Mitra Economics Prize for Industrial Organization went to Jianda (Ben) Liu.

The Financial Economics Award went to Xingyu (Bobby) Ma.

The Law and Economics Award went to Nicholas Smith.

The Award for Service to the Economics Department went to Darren Chow.

The L.R. "Red" Wilson M.A. '67 Excellence in Economics Award to support thesis proposal, research, and writing was awarded to graduate students Zihan Hu and Hyuk-soo Kwon.

The Louis Walinsky Fund in Economics Outstanding Teaching Award in Honor of Professor Herbert Joseph Davenport went to graduate students Yang Chen and Bineet Mishra.

The Ernest Liu Family Outstanding Teaching Award went to graduate students Aviv Caspi and Tyler Porter.

The Howard and Abby Milstein Graduate Teaching Assistantship Award went to graduate students Christa Deneault and Julien Neves.

The Anindya (Bappu) Majumder '98 Memorial Prize for Excellence in Teaching was awarded to graduate student Maura Coughlin.

The Ernest Liu ‘64, Ta-Chung and Ya-Chao Liu Memorial Fellowship, which funds graduate student tuition, stipend, and health insurance for a full academic year, was awarded to graduate student Luming Chen.

The Labor Economics Small Grant Awards went to graduate students Zihan Hu, Martha Johnson and Qi Wu.


The M. H. Abrams Summer Graduate Fellowship, which provides a summer stipend to support work towards completion of an English dissertation, went to Pichaya Damrongpiwat.

The Truman Capote Ph.D. Writer’s Award, providing summer fellowships for Ph.D./Joint students in English who are also poets or fiction writers, went to Martin Cain, Alec Pollak and Seth Strickland.

The Joseph F. Martino '53 Lectureship in Undergraduate Teaching, which supports English undergraduate student seminars offering some form of a literary historical survey in the framework of a writing course, will be held by Matthew Kilbane for the 20-21 academic year.

The James McConkey Master of Fine Arts Creative Writing Award for Summer Support, established by his enduringly grateful student Len Edelstein '59, was awarded to graduate student Chi Le.

The David L. Picket '84 Summer Fellowship in Creative Writing was awarded to graduate students Anum Asi, Kathryn Diaz, Carlos Gomez, Ashley Hand, Chi Le, Yessica Martinez, Anastasia McCray and Jasmine Reid.

The Martin Sampson Teaching Fellowship acknowledges the importance of one of the most vital parts of the profession of literature: the teaching of writing and reading to undergraduates. The recipients were graduate students Kristen Angierski, Olivia Evans, Amelia Hall and Bojan Srbinovski, as well as MFA Lecturer Christopher Hewitt.

The Shin Yong-Jin/Harry Falkenau Graduate Teaching Fellowship, for demonstrated excellence in scholarship and teaching, is awarded to Olivia Evans for the 2020-2021 academic year.

The Alan Young-Bryant Memorial Graduate Award in Poetry went to Stephen Kim.

M. H. Abrams Undergraduate Thesis Prize winners were: Victoria Horrocks for “Artistic Sisterhood: The Conversation Between Virginia Woolf’s Fiction and Vanessa Bell’s Painting”; Alana Sullivan for “Chaucer’s ‘Canterbury Tales,’ Sianne Ngai's ‘Ugly Feelings,’ and the Gender and Racial Politics of ‘Animatedness’”; and Jenny (Jia Ning) Xie for “A Bigger for Himself: Richard Wright and the Communist Desire.” An honorable mention was also awarded to April Townson for “Deus Est Machina: Technology and Death in Philip K. Dick’s ‘VALIS’ Trilogy.”

The Arthur Lynn Andrews Prize graduate student winners were: 1st place, Sophia Veltfort for “Schism, 1995”; 2nd place, Zahid Rafiq for “In Small Boxes”; and honorable mention was awarded to Alice Rhee for “Teddy Bear.” The Arthur Lynn Andrews Prize undergraduate winners were: 1st place, Seonah Kim for “Waking Up”; 2nd place, Caroline Pranckevicius for “Before My Love Comes Through”; and honorable mention was awarded to Yongyu Chen for “Buried Light.”

The Barnes Shakespeare Prize was awarded to undergraduate students: 1st place (3 winners), Shriya Perati for “Playwrights and Pageantry in ‘Othello,’ ‘The Winter’s Tale,’ and ‘The Tempest’”; Gayatri Sriram for “Lady Macbeth as the Failed Witch of Shakespeare's ‘Macbeth’” and Annabel Young for “The Brainchild: Kurosawa's Ran and Shakespeare's Lear”; honorable mention was awarded to Ramneek Kaur Sanghera for “When Black Becomes the Absence of White: Race and Interracial Relationships in ‘Othello.’”

The Robert Chasen Memorial Poetry Prize was awarded to: 1st place, undergraduate student Emma Bernstein for “Going Back to Placitas”; 2nd place, graduate student Kelly Hoffer for “Visitation”; and honorable mention to undergraduate student Brandon Axelrod for “A Young Fisherman.”

The Corson-Browning Poetry Prize was awarded to graduate student Susannah Sharpless for “Holocene” and undergraduate student Isabel Frabotta for “Last One Back.”  Honorable mention was awarded to undergraduate student Cata Peñéñory for “Bruised Fruit.”

The Dorothy Sugarman Poetry Prize was awarded to undergraduate student Emma Bernstein for “¿Hija Blanca, por qué no hablas español?”

The George Harmon Coxe Award in American Literature was awarded to undergraduate students:  1st Place winners Peter Szilagyi for “Forms of Unknowing: The (Im)possibilities of Knowledge in Bishop and Brooks” and Annabel Young for “Noojimo'iwewin: Healing and Reclamation in ‘Love Medicine’”; 2nd Place winners, Sarah Lorgan-Khanyile for “Losing My Voice Again: Americans Reading Barthes, Barthes Reading Americans”; and Rebecca Marratta for “Liquid of Liberation: Water Figured as a Passageway in ‘Beloved’ and ‘Tar Baby.’”

The Moses Coit Tyler Award for the best essay by a graduate or undergraduate student in the fields of American History, literature, or folklore was awarded to graduate student Kelly Hoffer for “The Limits of the Cute: The Persistence of Use in Lorine Niedecker’s Poetics.” 

The Guilford Essay Prize, given to the doctoral student in any field whose thesis is judged to display the highest excellence in English Prose was awarded to Nasrin Olla for “Reaching for Opacity: Contemporary Afro-Diasporic Literature.”


The Goethe Prize is awarded annually for the best essays on any topic connected with German literature or culture. In the Freshman/Sophomore Category, first prize went to Fabio Cabrera for “From Camels to Children: The Bad Conscience and Nietzsche’s Life-Affirming Spirit” and honorable mentions went to Casey Martin for “Comparative Morality in Nietzsche’s On the Genealogy of Morals” and Rory Sheppard for “Nietzsche and the Will: Exploring Strength through Self-Control.” In the Junior/Senior category, first prize went to Leo Levy for “Eine Subversion des Struwwelpeters. F.K. Waechters Intertextuelle Kritik an Childismus.” In the Graduate Category, first prize was awarded to David Dunham for “The Data and Narratives of Cases: Karl Philipp Moritz and Johann Georg Zimmermann”; honorable mentions went to Tamar Gutfeld for “Dunkele, sehr dunkele, ziemlich dunkele Dinge – Family and Language in Stifter’s Turmalin” and Dennis Wegner for “Queer Gothic Realism: The Symbolic Heteronormative Order in Jeremias Gotthelf’s Die Schwarze Spinne.”


The Clyde A. Duniway Prize, given to an outstanding student with a major in government, was awarded to Renee Girard.

The Sherman-Bennett Prize for the best essay discussing the principles of free government was awarded to BreAnne Fleer.

The Kasdan-Montessori Peace Prize for the best essay on the problems of securing peace in the world was awarded to Girisha Arora.

The Lieutenant David Chrystall Prize for the best essay or treatise dealing with diplomacy, international relations or the preservation of peace was awarded to Thomas Nolan.

The Janice N. and Milton J. Esman Undergraduate Prize for outstanding undergraduate scholarship was awarded to William Wen.


The 2020 Undergraduate Messenger Chalmers Prize for best thesis essay on research and thinking on human progress was awarded to Maximillian Fernandez, Jacob Wexler and Nikolas Weyland.

The Cornelius W. DeKiewiet Prize to the outstanding history majors (junior) who have demonstrated unusual promise and excellence in the field was awarded to Naiara Bezerra-Gastesi and Jack Mindich.

The Clyde A. Duniway Book Prize for the best junior in the College of Arts & Sciences was awarded to Matilda Wilson.

The Bernard and Fannie Lang Prize for the best honors thesis in U.S. history or American studies was awarded to Regan Murray.

The Anne MacIntyre Litchfield Prize to an outstanding woman graduating with a major in history was awarded to Claire Walton and Stephanie Bell.

The George S. Lustig Prize, awarded to the outstanding senior who intends to continue the study of history at the graduate level, went to Regan Murray.

The Benard E. West Prize, awarded competitively to the most promising undergraduate research scholar specializing in American history, went to Lucy Knox.

The 2020 Messenger Chalmers Graduate Prize for best dissertation essay on research and thinking on human progress was awarded to Nicholas Bujalski, Ryan Purcell and Christopher Szabla.

The Moses Coit Tyler Award for the best essay by a graduate and/or undergraduate student in the fields of American history, literature, or folklore went to Kelly Hoffer.


The Sampson Fine Arts Prize, given to the members of the senior class who have consistently demonstrated academic excellence, commitment, and achievement, particularly in the field of the history of art, was awarded to Ellie O’Reilly and Isabel Malina.

The Alumni Distinguished Leadership Award, given to a member of the senior class who in her or his time as a major has demonstrated outstanding leadership and commitment to the field of history of art, was awarded to Kathie Jiang. 


Spring 2019 Awards:

The Adelphic Award went to Jing Sun for “How to Build a Bridge that Connects Them and Us” and Yuan Zou for “What Would You Like Me to Call You?”

The James E. Rice, Jr. Prizes were awarded to Lauren Bohm for “A Perfect Woman: The Myth of the Ideal Woman and its Effect” and to Daris Saskara for “Narrative Consistency in Muslim Sources on the First Crusade.” Honorable mention was awarded to Karim Farhat for “Eleventh Walk.”

The Spencer Portfolio Award for Students and Instructors was awarded Milo Gringlas, student, and Sean Cosgrove, instructor, for “Donald Trump: Confronting the Past to Learn about the Present” and Dominique Lazzaro, student, and Hannah Cole, instructor, for “Robots: A Tool for Social Issues.”

The Expository Writing Prize was awarded to Catherine Huang for “A Taiwanese-American Family Canon” and Tiffany Liu for “Moving Beyond Anthropocentrism in Jeff Vandermeer’s Annihilation.” Honorable mentions were awarded to Andres Sanchez for “Quien I Am” and Sabrina Xie for “Building Bridges through Pipelines: The Case for Indigenous Equity Participation in the Trans Mountain Expansion Project.”

The James F. Slevin Assignment Sequence Prize was awarded to Ting Hui Lau for “The Link Between Social Media and Political Mobilization.” Honorable mention was awarded to Whitney Taylor for “UN Human Rights Report Assignment Sequence.”

The John S. Knight Award for Writing Exercises and Handouts went to Dan Houck for “Sentence Variety Exercise” and Sneha Kumar for “Argument Construction.” Honorable Mentions were awarded to Elaigwu Ameh for “Engagement with Quotes” and Sean Cosgrove for “Peer Review Speed Dating: Priming Students for Peer-Engagement.”

The Writing in the Majors Award went to Eric Hu for “Waste Not, Want Not: The Role of Grass in the Herbivore Offensive.” Honorable mention went to Hannah Fuller for “Executive Brief: Immigration Reform.”

The Gertrude Spencer Prize for students and instructors was awarded to Grace Nyambura, student, and Dan Houck, instructor, for “The Impact of Friction on Galileo’s Axioms on Uniform Motion.”

The Neil Lubow Prize was awarded to Adrian Wing-Tsau Lee for “A Market for Newborns: In Defense of the Child.”

The Information Literacy Sequence Prize was awarded to Amanda Recupero for “Media Literacy and Information Analysis.”

Fall 2019 Awards:

The Adelphic Award went to Shiyu Anna Hu for “Modernity Desired and Performed in Colonial Shanghai.” Honorable mentions were awarded to Ze-Wen Koh for “Who We are, and What We are Capable of” and Jawod Omer for “Curse of Halwai.” 

The Gertrude Spencer Prize for Students and Instructors was awarded to Alina Pereyra, student, and Kathryn Harlan-Gran, instructor, for “Finding a Voice in Adversity.” Honorable mention went to Sunny Chavan, student, and Annie Sheng, instructor, for “Ethnography: A Look Inside Cornell’s Sensory Evaluation Center.”

The James F. Slevin Assignment Sequence Prize was awarded to Benjamin Sales for “Finding Context, Constructing Arguments, and Cutting: Writing Fundamentals.” Honorable mentions went to Hannah Karmin for “Voicing the Self, Academically” and Elif Sari for “The Second and Third Writing Assignments and Student Presentations.”

The James E. Rice, Jr. Prizes were awarded to Emily Park for “Plants for Plants’ Sake: the Story of My Grandfather’s Garden” and Timothy Yi for “Charlemagne’s Transformation of Medieval European Feasting.” Honorable mention went to Laura Nawrocki for “Alignment.”

The Elmer Markham Johnson Prize was awarded to Thomas Petluck for “An Expository on My Educational Eccentricity.” Honorable mention went to Matthew Flics for “The Masculinity of an Evil Woman in the Epic Cycle.”

The Buttrick-Crippen Fellowship was awarded to Elizabeth Lombardi for “Stories from the Mountain: Using Narrative Writing from the Alpine and Arctic Environments to Provide Context for Contemporary Ecological research.”

The Neil Lubow Prize was awarded to Dalla Mota for “Harlem is Not for Sale.”

The Information Literacy Sequence Prize went to Rebecca Harrison for “Science, Society, and Special Collections: Stones of Agriculture and Achives.”

The John S. Knight Award for Writing Exercises and Handouts went to Aslihan Gunhan for “Writing to Read.” Honorable mentions went to Eleanor Andrews for “When and How to Quote and Cite” and Daniel Friedman for “Without an Author: First Day Exercise.”

The Expository Writing Prize was awarded to Olivia St Amand for “Danielle.”


The Latina/o Studies Program award for outstanding work in the Latina/o studies undergraduate minor, community engagement and academic achievements was awarded to Tania Penafort and Lizeth Arzate.

The Latinx Student Success Office certificate of appreciation recognizing outstanding dedication and service to Cornell's Latinx student community was awarded to Patricia Gonzalez, the assistant director for Student Development Diversity Initiatives (SDDI).


The Undergraduate Prize for work on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer studies went to Alana Sullivan for the essay “Premodern Blackface and the Intersections of Multiple Social Identitiesin Silence.” Honorable Mention went to Kyra Streck for the essay “Biopower, Sex Workers, and Infrastructure: Tangerine (2015) as an Example of Sexual Spatialities.”

The Biddy Martin Graduate Prize for work on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer studies went to David Eichert for the essay “It ruined my life”: FOSTA, Male Escorts, and the Construction of Sexual Victimhood in American Politics.” Honorable mention went to Alec Pollak, for the essay “The Way We Wish We Were: Fantasy, Insurgency, and J. Peterman’s Vestimentary Lex.”


Department teaching awards, which recognize the importance of faculty and graduate students in the teaching and learning of mathematics, were awarded to senior faculty member Kelly Delp, junior faculty member Andy Borum, and graduate students Hannah Keese and Dylan Peifer.

The Robert John Bättig Graduate Prize for excellence and promise in mathematics was awarded to Hannah Cairns and Avery St. Dizier.

The Eleanor Norton York Award for achievements to date in mathematics went to graduate student Elizabeth Lauri.

The Hutchinson Fellowship for outstanding work as teaching assistants or as students in the graduate program was awarded to Max Hallgren and Rakvi.

The Torng Prize for outstanding work as a teacher was awarded to graduate student Ana Smaranda Sandu.

The Harry S. Kieval Prize in Mathematics was awarded to undergraduate mathematics major Linus Setiabrata.

The Transcendence Prize in Mathematics was awarded to undergraduate mathematics major Jiazhen (Jessie) Tan.


The Harry and Samuel Mann Outstanding Graduate Student Award went to Alan Sulpizio (Yuxin Mao Lab).

The George P. Hess Travel Award went to Megan Rothstein (Marcos Simoes-Costa Lab). 

Calvo TA Awards went to Nora Brown (Wolfner Lab) and Michael DeBerardine (Lis lab).


The Ellen Gussman Adelson Prize, which rewards and encourages outstanding Cornell students excelling in instrumental music performance, went to Alex Coy, Nicholas Robinson, David Specht, and David Zhang.

The John James Blackmore Prize, which assists undergraduate and graduate students studying music, was awarded to Julie Choe, Angela Lee, Charles Morgan, and Andy Sheng.

The H.A. Falconer Memorial Scholarship, which assists talented undergraduates in studying voice, went to Amy Crouch, Jack Liufu, Caroline Lui, and Anna Rodriguez.

The Otto R. Stahl Memorial Award, which honors a graduate composer for excellent work, went to Miles Friday.

The Barbara Troxell Vocal Music Award, for outstanding vocal students who evidence professional musical interests, went to Chiara Alvisi, Drake Eshleman, and Lucy Park.

The Donald J. Grout Memorial Prize, for recognition of exceptional dissertations, went to Matthew Hall, Jordan Musser, and Max Williams.


Language Awards for excellence in Arabic went to Vallan Yun-Chi Roan, Cassidy Elizabeth Eassa, Laura Schroeder, Rachel LeCover, Luke J. Mouracade and Hurya Haseen Ahmed.

The Language Award for excellence in Persian went to Gidon Amsellem.

Language Awards for excellence in Hebrew went to Danielle Greco, Hannah Master and Michael Richardson.


The Robert R. Capranica Award for outstanding undergraduate honors thesis in neuroethology went to Eunice Yiu (laboratory of David Smith).

The Miriam M. Salpeter Award for outstanding undergraduate honors thesis in neurobiology went to Ashwin Viswanathan (laboratory of David Deitcher).

The Cynthia Kagarise Sherman Award for outstanding undergraduate honors thesis in behavior went to Matthew Hillock (laboratory of Michael Sheehan).

The CALS Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award went to Ryan J. Post for BioNB 2220 Neurobiology and Behavior II: Introduction to Neuroscience, BioNB 3920 Drugs and the Brain, and BioG 1440 Introductory Biology: Comparative Physiology.


The 2020 Drama Book Award went to Allen Porterie ’20.

The Marvin Carlson Award for 2020 was given to Andrew Lorenzen ’22 for the essay “Waiting for COVID: Learning from Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot’ in a Time of Quarantine.” Christian Nielsen ’21 received honorable mention for the essay “Gilding Motherhood: The Socio-Economic Restrictions Underlying ‘Mildred Pierce.’”

The 2020 Heermans-McCalmon Awards went to Cynthia He ’20 (first place, screenwriting) for the screenplay “Take Away,” Quinn Theobald ’22 (first place, stage play) for the play “Those That Left,” and Miya Kuramoto ’22 (first place, spoken word/solo performance) for “Hi my name is [Mee-ya].” In the screenwriting category, second place went to Shannon O’Shea ’22 for “Unidentified Flying Objects.” In the playwriting category, second place went to Caroline Hinrichs ’22 for “Audrey!” and an honorable mention went to Natalie Slaiman ’22 for “A Tragedy behind the Gates.”

The Elizabeth D. Worman Fund for Graduate Students awarded a grant to Ph.D. student Caitlin Kane.  

The Worman Undergraduate Award was given to Edy Kennedy ’20.


The Yennie Prize in Physics, for a senior student majoring in physics who shows unusual promise for future contributions to physics research and who intends to earn a doctorate, went to I-Kai (Calvin) Chen.

The Kieval Prize in Physics, awarded to senior physics students who demonstrate unusual promise for future contributions to physics research, went to Murali Saravanan.

The Hartman Prize in Physics and Applied Engineering and Physics, awarded to recognize outstanding work in experimental physics by an undergraduate in either program, went to Mahiro Abe.

The Bethe Thesis Prize, awarded to a senior physics major for an outstanding honors senior thesis, went to Isaac Legred.

The Douglas Fitchen Memorial Award, in support of student travel abroad to study, pursue research, or participate in international physics-related events held outside the United States, went to Samantha Norris and Ryan Porter.

The Albert Silverman Memorial Award, in support of travel by graduate students in high energy physics, went to graduate students Naomi Gendler and Mitrajyoti (Mijo) Ghosh.

The Stirling A. Colgate Award, in support of enhanced excellence in physics/astrophysics, went to undergraduate student Sophia Jeon.

The Boochever Fellowship from the Boochever family went to Manki Kim for Fall 2019 and Peter Rau for Spring 2020.


The J.G. White Spanish Scholarship was awarded to Cole Bearden, and Lucy Dybner.

The J.G. White Prize for Excellence in Spanish was awarded to Brooke Lindsey, Adolph Vargas, Marine-Ayan Ibrahim Aibo.

The J.G. White Prize for a student from a Spanish-speaking country or Puerto Rico with Excellence in English was awarded to Nicole Felix.

The J.G. White Spanish Prize for an engineering student was awarded to Pablo Ruiz.

The Romance Studies Outstanding Performance as a Graduate Teaching Assistant Award went to Mary Jane Dempsey and Kelly Moore.

The Carolina Corson French Prize for the most distinguished essay on a subject in either French philology or French literature was awarded to undergraduates Matthew Ferraro (first prize) and Benjamin Schwab (second prize) and to graduate students Sarena Tien (first prize) and Hannah Hughes (second prize).


The Abraham ‘Zito’ Boczkowski Award for Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Student went to Ellen Abrams.

The Sheila Jasanoff Prize for Academic Excellence in Science & Technology Studies, for the best graduate student paper within the previous three semesters, was awarded to Chris Hesselbein for “Walking the Catwalk: From Dressed Body to Dressed Embodiment," which was published in 2019 in Fashion Theory: The Journal of Dress, Body and Culture.

The Trenchard Prize for Undergraduate Research was awarded to Louise Xie for the honors thesis proposal "Analysis of COVID-19 information dissemination and credibility on WeChat." 


The Leo Meltzer Award, celebrating the contributions of former Professor Leo Meltzer, is for the best undergraduate thesis in the field of social psychology, broadly defined. The award went to Sydni Green for “Navigating Between Boundaries: The Experience of Biracial Individuals in Finding Identity.”

The Robert Wertheimer Award honors the continuing contributions of former sociology major Robert Wertheimer and is for the best thesis outside the field of social psychology. The award went to Beth Gentsch for “Why CrossFit? A Study on Female Strength, Fitness, and Empowerment.”
Katherine Zaslavsky and Camille Portier are the co-winners of the department’s award for excellence in teaching for their work as TAs.

The McGinnis Award celebrates excellence in methodological innovations, broadly defined. The award went to Lisha Liu and Ben Rosche.
Robin M. Williams, Jr Award for best graduate student paper went to co-winners Alexandra Cooperstock and Tom Davidson.

The Center for the Study of Inequality's Inequality Honors Thesis Contest winners were Benjamin Fields for his thesis “Black Students in the Ivy League: Evidence of the Double Consciousness”; Hannah Hyams for her thesis “Toward a More Equitable World of Work: Analyzing the Implications of Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Religious-Based Protections Under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act” and Luz Martes for his thesis “Dare to Dream? A Qualitative Analysis on the Impact of Mothers' Marital Status on Occupational Aspirations.