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Arts & Sciences is a thriving environment for undergraduate students to follow their curiosity and find a course of study to match their interests. This rich diversity of academic pursuits A&S offers, opens opportunities to match students with dynamic course offerings and world class faculty. 

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History of Art

History of Art

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American Studies

American Studies

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Innovative Curriculum

An innovative and unique liberal arts curriculum

The College of Arts & Sciences has developed an innovative curriculum that encourages a curiosity driven exploration of all of the benefits of a liberal arts education. The A&S curriculum offers a unique degree of flexibility.

The A&S curriculum is designed to take full advantage leading liberal arts faculty, as well as the resources of a world leading research university.

The ideals of exploration and discovery, are evident in the classroom, research environments, and beyond.


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Career opportunities

What will you do with a degree from A&S?

The answer to the oft-asked question is simple, “literally anything.”
A liberal arts education trains you to be a well-rounded thinker, contributor and leader. A&S students turn degrees in theatre and physics into jobs in top Wall Street banking firms. History students can be found in top law firms and government positions around the world. 

The education, experiences, and exposure you will receive at A&S will open countless opportunities.

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Opportunity abounds here

Expanding your opportunities

Whether are looking for chances to engage with the public, you like to travel, love spending time in a lab, or prefer to chart your own course of study, you'll find countless opportunities in the College of Arts & Sciences for engagement and learning, in the classroom and beyond.

Explore the full breadth of the A&S undergraduate experience

Take some time to explore the paths that a curiosity driven curriculum and environment open up to A&S undergraduate students. Your undergrad experience is only limited by your imagination in Cornell A&S.

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Jason Koski/Cornell University Durba Ghosh and students look through scrapbooks and other information from the 9/11 collections of the Kroch Library.
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‘Already part of a great community’

Alumni/student connections
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Credit: ESA/NASA A small young stellar object in the constellation of Perseus.
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Jason Koski/Cornell University Pre-Freshman Summer Program students Canyon Cross, Delia Ferry and Lukman Moyosore catch up after class near the Physical Science Building.

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