Facilities Contacts

Director Erik Gray 607-255-3801 eeg4@cornell.edu
A/V Manager Tyler Hust 607-227-5816 Tjh265@cornell.edu

For a Cornell after-hours facilities EMERGENCY (floods, no heat, urgent health and safety issues, etc…) call Facilities & Campus Services: (607) 255-5322. 

Physical Sciences Building illuminated at dusk
Cornell University The Physical Sciences Building illuminated at dusk

The 23 structures that comprise the College of Arts & Sciences' physical space include the first buildings on the Cornell campus and now the newest as well. From the classic lines of Morrill Hall to the futuristic design of the Physical Sciences Building, the College’s structures reflect the uncommon breadth and diversity of our community.

Klarman Hall entrace
Cornell University Klarman Hall entrance

Klarman Hall, a magnificent new building for the humanities, now provides a gateway to the Arts Quad from East Avenue and recognizes the vitality and importance of the humanities at Cornell. It creates a space that transforms the experience of the Arts Quad, the emotional heart of the campus, by promoting student connections with the arts & humanities.

Panorama of Morrill Hall and the Arts Quad
Cornell University Morrill Hall and the Arts Quad

For more information on our campus buildings and infrastructure, consult the Facilities and Campus Services site. To find a specific building on campus, visit Cornell Maps.