Resources For Faculty

If you are an Arts & Sciences faculty member, bookmark this page for quick reference to your most accessed Cornell sites. If you have recommendations for links to add to this list, please let us know.

Health and Safety

Visit Cornell University's Health and Safety page for a full list of resources.

For emergencies, including safety concerns for members of our community, call Cornell Police at 607-255-1111 or DIAL 911.

For health concerns visit Cornell Health, Cornell's COVID-19 Response site or call 607-255-5155.

The College also maintains an Equity and Diversity web page for resources for students, faculty and staff related to university-wide initiatives as well as college-specific resources.

Other Services:

Academic Advising

Our students rely on faculty for critical academic advice.

If you have questions about advising, call 607-255-5004 to talk to an advising dean. Here is a list of all current academic advisors.

  • Data.arts: Links to your incoming advisees’ names, summary sheets, courses of interest, major interests, netIDs, unofficial transcripts, Application to Graduate, advising dean lookup etc.
  • Degree Audit: See each advisee’s DUST report, which tracks progress toward the fulfillment of college requirements

First year:

Sophomores and Juniors: 

  • Check-in with your advisees to discuss grad school, job searching, and internships. Refer them to Career Development resources as needed.

Seniors: Part II, Applying to Graduate

Courses, Credits and Placement:

College Degree Requirements and Policy

Directories and Important Dates

Career and Fellowship Information:

Research and Publishing Resources