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The College of Arts & Sciences is reimagining the liberal arts model of education. Our diverse and expansive academic community embraces collaboration, active and experiential learning models and a commitment to research and scholarly excellence.

Join us at the nexus of Cornell — where imagination, the pursuit of knowledge, and a global perspective create the foundation for discovery, success and a life well-lived.


Established majors to choose from, and countless others you can dream up


Fifty Nobel laureates have been affiliated with Cornell as faculty or alumni


Tenured and tenure-track faculty members.


Students in A&S, each with an extraordinary journey to tell.

The A&S Mission

The A&S Mission

Our research activities and academic programs are remarkably broad, but they share one characteristic: all are curiosity-driven. Exploring the unknown is central to our mission to be the nexus of discovery & impact.

With an understanding of our remarkable strengths and our greatest opportunities for impact, The College of Arts & Sciences remains focused on four essential priorities.

They are:

  • Research and scholarly excellence
  • Academic innovation and student experience
  • Faculty renewal and support
  • Public engagement, both locally and globally



It is an honor to serve and support scholars from a broad range of disciplines who explore – in a variety of ways, through a variety of lenses – the human condition and the world around us, engage with the biggest issues of our time, and empower the next generation of critical thinkers and action leaders.

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Around the College

Around the College

Departments and academic programs

The College of Arts & Sciences' departments and academic programs are the engines that drive our research and scholarly excellence. Our faculty lead these departments and programs, defining myriad academic pathways available to students and building collaborative research communities across the humanities, the social sciences, and natural sciences. These departments are foundational to Cornell University's status as a world-class research university.

2 years

You have until the end of your sophomore year to declare your major.


Students per faculty advisor (avg)

Unparalleled academic support

Academic support

As you settle into life as an Arts & Sciences student, you will discover that Cornell is special -- that its location, its diverse student body and our campus environment create a community where everyone can find a niche, an activity, an organization or a lab where you feel right at home.

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Around the College

Explore our vibrant community

The College of Arts & Sciences is a vast community, always bustling with activity. We invite you to explore and engage in the life of our college.

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Jesse Winter Alumni from the College of Arts & Sciences in the finance industry shared insights with students during a June event in New York City.

Alums share career advice during NYC event

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Bob Harrison presents at a podium.

Harrison speaks about benefits of charting your own path

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