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College of Arts and Sciences

We are a community.

We will help guide you on your path to success...however you define it.

Advice, Mentorship, Counsel

We are a community of scholars, known for our intellectual rigor and engaged in deep and broad research. We are also a community of mentors, guiding students with wildly varying interests along their chosen paths.

For students, this is a transformational journey that will no doubt be challenging at times. However, through collaboration and exploration, time spent here will build a foundation for lifelong growth, opportunity and discovery.

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Your Cornell journey will prepare you not only for a successful career, but also for a life well lived. You will grow the most during this journey if you think boldly about the opportunities you'll have beyond the classroom, the relationships you will make and nurture and the connections you make for the present and the future.

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Majors to choose in A&S. Design your education.
Students identifying as minority and/or international students