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Do you dream of starting your own business or becoming a professor and inspiring others? Do you want to work for an NGO and change the world or improve people's lives through health-care discoveries? Maybe you think you'd make a great government leader, lawyer, philosopher, economist or computer scientist. Maybe you're not sure of your path, but you have some subjects that interest you.

Arts & Sciences Career Development is your first stop for advice on careers, internships, or graduate school (PDF). We specialize in helping liberal arts students determine their goals, and provide the tools to achieve them. Our office supports current A&S undergraduate students and recent graduates of the college.

Career development counselors are here to help. It's never too early to start thinking about your future.

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Office hours are 8-4:30 M-F. We're located in 172 Goldwin Smith Hall. Can't make an appointment?  Check out the Drop-in Hours schedule below. Please note that we do not hold drop-ins during the summer or when classes are not in session.  You can also reserve an interview room with the link above.

  • Have a particular counselor in mind that you would like to chat with?  You can make an appointment online directly with Ana (currently out on parental leave) , Autumn (pre-health)Diane (pre-law) , or Jen.  
  • As a reminder, students are only allowed to make ONE appointment per day and up to TWO appointments per week. Appointments in excess of this policy are subject to cancellation.
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  • We are happy to assist recent graduates (0-5 years out) with career planning. You can use the links above to schedule yourself onto our calendars.

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Schedule an appointment with A&S Career Development 

Spring 2019 Drop-in Hours

  • Monday - Friday, 2:30pm - 4pm

Students will get a 15 minute session with one of our counselors to discuss anything from resume/cover letter review to job/internship strategizing and other career related topics. Students who need more time can schedule an appointment using the above links.


Resume/Cover Letter Review Hours 

Drop-in for a resume/cover letter review! This is a 15 minute session to review your document(s) and provide feedback to help you reach your goals! If you are applying for a specific postition, please bring along the job description.

Monday  No drop-ins until August
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Career Fields

Business (General)

Your liberal arts degree is the perfect fit for a multitude of different careers in the general field of business. Business professionals work in healthcare, finance, entertainment, retail marketing, sales, real estate, and restaurants, among other sectors. You could have a job as an accountant, actuary, marketer, sales manager, economist, human resource professional, broker or advisor.  Students interested in pursuing this industry should start searching for internships during the fall of their junior year, and fall of their senior year.  Many organizations recruit on campus for these opportunities.  Get involved and set up your resume for success by participating in leadership roles.  If you plan on going into retail or hospitality, early experience is always a plus!


  • Capital One
  • Ernst & Young
  • REI

Related Major or Minor


Consultants act as “advisors,” providing knowledge, solving business problems, and suggesting solutions and recommendations. While most students think of management consulting, there are also many boutique consulting firms that specialize in specific industries such as human resources, marketing, economics, politics, technology, and healthcare. Securing a consulting job or internship usually involves participating in case interviews.

To get your application ready, get involved early with student organizations like the Cornell Consulting Club.  Look for internships during your junior year in the fall, and on-campus recruiting during your fall of senior year.  To be successful in this process, you must conduct a mock interview to practice the case interview format.  Focus your resume on results-oriented language by discussing the final resolution of projects in quantifiable outcomes.  We encourage all students to list interests on their resumes, but especially students pursuing consulting.


  • Consultant, Navigant Consulting

Related Major or Minor


If you’re intrigued by politics, government, or history, or want to effect change on a local, national or international level, you might consider a career in government. Government jobs exist in finance, public relations, technology, human resources, communications, and almost every other area you can imagine. There are also opportunities for international work and collaboration with nonprofit organizations.


  • Assistant Professor of Public Administration, Marist College,
  • Political and economic policy diplomat for African affairs in the Obama administration

Related Major or Minor

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Journalism & Publishing

As a liberal arts graduate, your writing and communication skills are one of your strongest assets. Positions in media and communications can involve providing written, spoken and multimedia content for websites, television and radio stations, social media, or print publications in places as diverse as businesses, news organizations, educational institutions, nonprofit groups, and government agencies.


  • News Assistant, CNN
  • Freelance Psychology Writer,

Related Major or Minor


If your experience as an undergrad researcher leaves you wanting more, you might consider finding a research position in academics, government or the private sector. Your skills in science, math and social science, as well as writing, analysis and critical thinking, will be much sought-after as a researcher. You could start as a research assistant and analyst in areas as broad as biotechnology, environmental, psychology, and sociology and move on to leadership positions on research teams.


  • Clinical Research Coordinator, Rothman Institute
  • Principle Investigator, Mars Exploration Rovers Project

Related Major or Minor

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Banking & Financial Services

Careers in banking can vary widely in two main areas — investment banking and commercial banking. Careers in investment banking can involve helping corporations or governments manage funding needs, working with stocks and bonds, or helping individual investors manage their portfolios. Commercial bankers work with businesses and individuals to manage deposits and make loans. Other finance careers involve hedge funds, venture capital, or private equity and require the same skill sets as banking.

Students interested in careers in finance are encouraged to start their searches early.  Financial services firms often start interacting with students during their first semester at Cornell!  Stay up-to-date in Handshake by looking for information sessions and networking events.  Registering for and attending an event gets you on the firm's radar - and ensures that you'll receive updates directly from the company in the future.  Many of these positions recruit for students on campus during the summer and fall of your sophomore, junior and senior years.  Be sure to build a bridge in your application to demonstrate your interest in finance, regardless of your major.  Non-economics majors are always encouraged to apply.  

Get involved in the industry on campus by joining related clubs, like Cornell Hedge Fund and the Cornell Economics Society.


  • Investment Banker, Citigroup
  • Analyst, Deutsche Bank

Related Major or Minor

Environment & Sustainability

There are many ways you can incorporate environmental sustainability into a career. You can work for organizations of many sizes and types including those dedicated to environmental sustainability, green education, green energy, government regulation, natural sciences, and alternative agriculture.


  • Development Assistant, Environmental Advocates of New York
  • Field Organizer, Green Corps

Related Major or Minor

Marketing, Advertising & PR

Every business and organization needs a way to communicate what they do, which is where marketing and public relations enter the picture. As a marketer, advertising agent or public relations professional, you could work in the areas of services, products, non-profit organizations, business-to-business, media or direct to consumer. As a public relations specialist, you would work closely with members of the media, provide print and web pieces and could also act as a spokesperson for a company or individual. In marketing and advertising, you might be a brand manager focusing on specific product, service or campaign, work in an advertising agency on various accounts or take a position as a market researcher or advertising analyst, working with data and identifying trends.


  • Public Relations Account Coordinator, Weber Shandwick
  • Event Planner/Newsletter Writer, Flex Your Power California

Related Major or Minor

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Public Policy

Public policy professionals work in government at the local, state, and national level, in think tanks, and in nonprofit and advocacy groups. As the title implies, they attempt to shape policies, often by influencing the legislature. To do so, they conduct research, write reports and recommendations, evaluate existing policies and programs, and propose new ones. They work with stakeholders inside and outside the government to build support for their policy recommendations and to anticipate opposition.


  • Management and Policy Analyst, NASA
  • Political and Economic Policy Diplomat, African Affairs

Related Major or Minor

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Art & Design

If your interests lie in art, multimedia, design, or the history of art, many creative careers are possible. You could work as an archivist or curator at a museum; design products, websites, clothing, or packaging; or work as a fine artist or designer on your own or with a firm.


  • Special Project Archival Technician, New York City Department of Records and Information Services
  • Senior Administrator, Phillips de Pury & Company

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