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Arts & Sciences Admissions

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The College of Arts & Sciences is the heart of the university. As an A&S student, you will be at the center of an academic community that is constantly generating new ideas.

You will learn from excellent teachers who will challenge you to expand your imagination, while you sharpen your critical and creative responses to all encounters. You will be a part of a group of impressive, independent and diverse thinkers, who will help you forge your own path to discovery and transformation.

The College embodies Ezra Cornell’s founding vision where "any person can find instruction in any study."

Starting your journey

Starting your journey


Requirements and process

Admissions advisors are looking for academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, a commitment to a liberal arts education, and a demonstrated record of having a positive impact on your community.

Accessible to all

Financial aid and tuition

Because Cornell meets 100% of demonstrated financial need for all admitted students, a Cornell education is often much more affordable than you might expect. Learn more about financial aid.

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A unique liberal arts experience

A unique liberal arts experience 

Find your place

Find your place

How will you fit into the A&S community?

Because the College of Arts & Sciences includes majors spanning the humanities, social sciences and physical sciences, you’ll be sure to find kindred spirits who share your academic interests. And the university’s vast offering of more than 1,000 student clubs means you also can connect with people who love the same things you do.

Our students are motivated, inspired and sincere. People say we’re one of the friendliest Ivies and we’re proud of that. You’ll find that our students challenge themselves academically and look forward to successful careers with impact, but they’re also preparing themselves for a meaningful life and purpose drives much of what they pursue.

If you have these qualities, you’re likely to thrive here, where you can work collaboratively with faculty and other students to understand the toughest questions and take on the world's greatest challenges.

‘I learned to let my goals be limitless’

Our students follow their own pathways to discovery during their time at Cornell. Read a few of their stories to find out about the classes, activities, friends and professors who made their experiences here transformational.

I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study.

Ezra Cornell on October 7, 1868, at the official dedication of Cornell University

Equity and diversity

Equity and diversity

'Any person, any study'

Our cofounders were committed to creating a university that was open to all individuals. And Ezra Cornell’s motto is something we have in our minds every day, as we constantly strive for a more equitable and inclusive atmosphere for all. Diversity takes on a broad meaning at Cornell and specifically in the College of Arts & Sciences.

The university takes its commitment to diversity seriously, undertaking numerous initiatives including the Presidential Task Force on Campus Climate and the Provost’s Task Force to Enhance Faculty Diversity. We know this commitment is one that requires constant work and attention and that work continues.

60 & 50

Students come from 60 countries and all 50 states


Our offerings allow students to choose from 42 majors and 69 minors


11.3 percent of our students are the first in their family to attend college

A global university

Offering a world of options to international students

The College of Arts & Sciences has welcomed international students with open arms throughout its history, with its American liberal arts and sciences education that allows you to explore all of your interests.

We can help, supporting you as you take a variety of classes to find the discipline that you love. And with staff across campus who understand the special needs and challenges of international students, we can smooth your transition to learning in the U.S.

International student application process

International student services

Unlimited opportunities

Unlimited opportunities

Career opportunities

What will you do with a degree from A&S?

Your liberal arts education will help you understand the foundations of knowledge, inquiry and creativity and prepare you for this era of rapid social, technological, economic and environmental change.

After graduation, you could go on to a prestigious graduate program, pursue an advanced professional degree or go directly into a challenging and rewarding career.

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Jesse Winter Alumni from the College of Arts & Sciences in the finance industry shared insights with students during a June event in New York City.

Alums share career advice during NYC event

Career Services
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Patrick Shanahan From left, seniors Jesse Kapstad ‘24, Aja'nae Hall-Callaway ‘24 and Abhyuday Atal ’24 have wildly different interests, but all took advantage of numerous opportunities at Cornell.

Finding your calling at Cornell

Student experiences
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Welcome Class of 2028

April 25 event celebrates class of 2024

Student accomplishments
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Provided Marin

Cornell alum to discuss future of video games

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