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Upcoming Study Abroad Information Sessions

Studying Abroad in A&S – For first-year students
Monday, August 23rd 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.
Rhodes-Rawlings Auditorium, KG70 Klarman Hall

An introduction to studying abroad in Arts & Sciences, this session will cover A&S policies on study abroad, the range of programs available to you, and what you need to know now to make your plans to study abroad a reality!

Studying Abroad in A&S – For sophomores
Tuesday, August 24th 4:45 – 5:30 p.m.
Rhodes-Rawlings Auditorium, KG70 Klarman Hall

This session will cover how to go about choosing a study abroad program, how to incorporate studying abroad into your academic plan, and application timelines. Sophomores considering studying abroad during their junior year or fall of their senior year should attend.

Applying to Study Abroad – For A&S students applying to study abroad in Spring 2022
Thursday, August 26th 5:30 – 6:15 p.m.
Rhodes-Rawlings Auditorium, KG70 Klarman Hall

This session is specifically for students actively applying to study abroad in the spring 2022 semester.  We will review how to complete the A&S Study Abroad Participation and Course Approval form and answer any questions you have about the application process.

Updates on Spring 2022 Study Abroad

A&S Fall 2021 Approved Programs

Fall 2021 Study Abroad Portfolio
Partner/Program Country Global Advisor Required Language Preparation Normal Courseload Cornell Credits
Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL) UK Alayne Prine None 4 courses 15
DIS: Study in Copenhagen Denmark Alayne Prine
None; Danish language taken abroad
5 courses 15
SIT: Ghana, Globalization, Cultural Legacies & the Afro-Chic Ghana Rebecca Dlubac None 5 courses 15; or 12, if internship course is taken
SIT: Public Health, Gender, and Community Action India Rebecca Dlubac None 5 courses 15
CET Shanghai China Kristen Grace CHIN 1102 4 courses 15; or 12, if internship course is taken
Berlin Consortium for German Studies Germany Kristen Grace GERST 2020, 2040, or 2060 4 courses 15
Bologna Consortial Studies Program Italy Kristen Grace ITAL 2202 5 courses 15
EDUCO Paris France Kristen Grace One course beyond FREN 2095 4 courses 15
Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies Japan Kristen Grace JAPAN 1102 3 courses 15
CASA: Sevilla Spain Kristen Grace SPAN 2095 5 courses 15
City University of HK Hong Kong Kristen Grace None 5 courses 15
Yonsei South Korea Kristen Grace KOREA 1102 4 courses 15
Oxford (applications fully closed for 21-22) UK Alayne Prine None 4 courses 15
Cambridge (applications fully closed for 21-22) UK Alayne Prine None 2 courses per term 30 (year); 20 (Sp22)



The College of Arts & Sciences encourages study, both on campus and abroad, that provides a greater understanding of the world’s peoples, cultures, economies and environments, and prepares graduates for the challenges of international citizenship in the 21st century. Study abroad programs approved by Arts & Sciences provide educational immersion through study at foreign institutions alongside degree candidates, rather than in self-contained programs with courses specially designed for foreigners. Our college approves only those study abroad proposals demonstrating realistic and coherent academic goals consistent with the philosophy of a liberal arts education.

Your Arts & Sciences study abroad advisor and the Office of Global Learning work in partnership to help you choose the program that best meets your academic goals. Begin planning early to provide yourself with the widest range of options.


GPA of 3.0 

  • GPA requirements are higher for some programs.
  • 3.0 in language study at Cornell (if your coursework abroad will be in a foreign language).

good academic standing

  • Good academic standing must be maintained, until departure.
  • Any grades of "Incomplete" must be resolved before studying abroad.

Language Requirement

The college's language requirement for study abroad varies, depending on the program, the region of the world and whether the language is taught at Cornell.

Study abroad in non-English-speaking countries (language taught at Cornell)

  • 2 semesters of language study at the 2000-level at Cornell.
  • Additional coursework is strongly encouraged or required by some programs (eg: Buenos Aires, Barcelona).

Study Abroad in Asia and the Middle East

  • 2 years of language study at Cornell.
  • Students may be approved with fewer than 2 years of language study if they began learning the language in their sophomore year.  In that case, they will be expected to enroll in language classes each semester until departure.

Study Abroad in Africa

  • Language study encouraged if offered at Cornell.
  • For Francophone countries, students are expected to have completed 2 semesters at the 2000-level in French.

Area Studies Coursework

All students wishing to study abroad are strongly encouraged to take a course on the history, culture, economics, politics, or social relations of the country or world region of the study abroad destination—either here at Cornell or while abroad.  As you map out your academic plan, please thoughtfully consider whether your own experience abroad would be most enhanced by taking an area studies course here at Cornell before your departure, or by taking it as one of your courses while abroad.

Application Process and Course Approval

Study abroad involves both applying to your specific program as well as obtaining formal college approval for  your planned course of study.

  • Apply to your program through the office of Global Learning website.
  • Print out and complete the A&S Study Abroad Course Approval Form.
  • Arrange meetings with your faculty advisor and with the director of undergraduate studies in your major (if appropriate) to get coursework abroad provisionally approved for your major. 

Please click here for course approval guidelines for specific majors.  All such approvals are provisional, dependent on successful completion of the courses and submission of syllabi and work of the appropriate departmental contact.

Academic Credit

  • All students must enroll in a full course load as defined by the host institution, equivalent to at least 15 credits at Cornell.
  • All courses must be taken for a letter grade.
  • All coursework must be eligible for Arts & Sciences credit. Maximum of one non-Arts & Sciences course allowed with prior college approval.
  • Major and minor credit is only approved by the department after completion.
  • Normal award is 15 credits/four courses per semester.
  • No credits is given for grades below a C.
  • All changes to approved courses must be approved by the college.
  • All courses taken abroad and grades received will appear on your Cornell transcript. Grades earned abroad are not calculated into the Cornell GPA.
  • Study abroad credit may count as distribution or upper-level credit with college and departmental approval.
  • Internships, experiential learning and certain other courses do not count for credit.
  • After you return from abroad, we will notify you once we have received your official transcript.  You will need to pick up your documents and get necessary approvals from departments and from the college, so that the credits can be added to your Cornell transcript.  Be sure to save all syllabi, reading lists, and completed work to show to the faculty members approving your coursework.

Study Abroad Advisors

Image of Peggy Parmenter

Peggy Parmenter

Advising Dean

  • Academic Advising
  • Study Abroad (students with last name A-L)
Klarman Hall, Room KG17
Image of Paul Sulzer

Paul Sulzer

Advising Dean

  • Academic Advising
  • Study Abroad (students with last name M-Z)
Klarman Hall

To meet with us:

·         Schedule a 30-minute Zoom appointment here; or

·         For shorter conversations (10-15 min), stop by during our Zoom drop-in hours:

Drop-in hours for Spring 2021
Monday - Friday, 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Questions?  Contact us at

Summer Study Abroad

Summer study abroad is not subject to the Arts & Sciences study abroad policy.

If you wish to study abroad during the summer, you may apply independently to the program of your choice and do not need the permission of the college to do so.

Summer study abroad opportunities administered by Cornell earn Cornell credit that appears directly on your transcripts, is factored into your GPA and may fulfill Arts & Sciences distribution requirements when so designated. Enrollment in Cornell programs is offered through the School of Continuing Education and Summer Session.

Summer study abroad on outside programs counts as transfer credit, and may not fulfill any general Arts & Sciences requirements. Grades do not appear on the Cornell transcript. Each course must be approved by the director of undergraduate studies of the relevant department at Cornell. Complete the Application for Credit from Other Institutions form.


Students receiving Cornell financial aid may apply their financial aid package to the cost of any approved study abroad program during the academic year. Please consult with Cornell Abroad for all details of your specific program and financial aid package.

Cornell grant aid is not available for Summer Session or Winter Session programs.  Students interested in such program may utilize a variety of funding sources. Students receiving Cornell financial aid should also meet with their financial aid officer to discuss funding strategies.

Arts and Sciences African Experience Travel Award provides up to $2,500 toward travel expenses for Cornell-run programs in Africa during the summer and winter sessions, as well as the academic year.

Cornell Abroad Off-Campus Opportunities Fund provides assistance for a variety of international and domestic programs and opportunities.

Many Cornell summer programs, both credit-bearing and experiential, provide financial assistance to students; contact specific programs for further details.

Study Away

Students on Study Away programs are required to take 1-2 courses from their host institution.

All A&S students are required to take a minimum of 12 Cornell online credits and cannot exceed 22 total credits (Cornell online and host course(s) total credits).

Students may not be awarded credit for Study Away program course loads over 2 courses or 6 credits. 

Credit for the host institution course can count toward the degree in A&S as follows:

  • All academic courses will count toward the 120 A&S degree credits.
  • May count in the 100 A&S credits if courses are taken in departments that are comparable to A&S departments (e.g. English, Economics, Biology, History, etc.)
  • Non-arts credit will be awarded for courses comparable to courses offered by other colleges at Cornell for which general degree credit would be awarded (e.g. Business, Fine Arts, etc.).
  • No credit will be awarded for courses for which A&S considers non-academic in nature (most notably, internship courses-students may take an internship course if they wish, but they just wouldn’t earn credit for it).
  • Host courses cannot fulfill other college requirements (FWS, foreign language, or college distribution requirements).
  • Host courses can fulfill major requirements, with the approval of the student’s major department (students can reach out to their major to determine if they will accept a course).
  • Students will have a one credit OVST course added to their schedule that identifies the program location.
  • Host courses must be taken with a letter grade and a final grade of C or better is required to have any credit awarded.

For more information on the Study Away program see .  For other questions please contact