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Curiosity moves the world.

Research, Scholarship & Creative Works

The body of research, scholarship and creative works emerging from the College of Arts & Sciences is vast, with one common thread -- ALL of our research is curiosity-based. This model of inquiry confers intellectual flexibility, a precursor for innovation, creativity and discovery. 

As the nexus of the only Ivy League, land grant university, we encompass both practical and theoretical approaches to knowledge: in science departments that integrate highly skilled experimentalists with researchers pondering the theoretical bases of natural laws; in an English department that joins critical literary theorists with creative writers expanding the boundaries of their genres; or in social science departments that offer rigorous theoretical and empirical analyses of the social, political and economic foundations of modern life. 

By the Numbers

More than 100 interdisciplinary research organizations, 18 Cornell research centers and 2 national research centers
Let curiosity motivate you. More than 30 percent of our students work closely with faculty in research and independent study.

Musicologist finds unknown Lou Reed songs

The songs on the cassette were a “very intimate, close-mic’d sound. The import of the discovery didn’t hit me until.. a curator of the archive said, ‘I think you’ve just discovered a lost Lou Reed album.’”

Judith Peraino, professor of music in the College of Arts and Sciences, describes how her archival research in the Andy Warhol Museum led to an unexpected discovery.

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