Arts & Sciences Ambassadors


Arts & Sciences Ambassadors are dedicated and passionate students who serve as proud representatives of the College of Arts & Sciences.

Together, we provide the student angle on life at Cornell, help prospective students make the important decision of where to attend college, and then support them as they transition into life as an A&S student. We host lunches, information sessions, receptions, one-on-one meetings, and many more activities committed to answering all the questions that prospective students and parents may have about the college and the university as a whole. We also advise & support incoming students throughout the summer and into their first-year as they prepare to become Cornellians.

Prospective Cornellians: Ambassadors are available during events and by email at to share their Cornell experiences with you no matter where you live in the world, so that you may get a glimpse into the life of a Cornell student even if you don’t have the opportunity to visit campus.

Current Cornellians: interested in joining our team? Check out the Become an Ambassador section at the bottom of the page.

Meet the Ambassadors

Name and Major(s) Why Cornell?

Aarthi Arun '24

Major: Statistical Science

Aarthi Arun
My interests are very varied including Mathematics, Public health, Neurobiology, and Spanish. In college, I wanted to explore all of these interests and discover new ones as well. Cornell's diverse academic program with over 2,000 courses allowed me this exact opportunity. In addition, A & S' broad distribution requirements which emphasizes interdisciplinary and exploratory learning to widen my knowledge of my own passions. In addition, leading faculty in their own fields and variegated student organizations allowed me the opportunity to make powerful connections in these fields.

Advay Koranne '24

Majors: Mathematics and Computer Science

Advay Koranne

I chose Cornell and specifically the arts and science college because of its interdisciplinary and broad range of things to study. Classes such as The Art of Math: Mathematical Traditions of Symmetry and Harmony would allow me to combine my love for both music and mathematics –– this “any person any study” allowed me to continue pursuing my major while still being able to explore other areas of interest of mine such as Chinese, Sanskrit, or music.

Ahana Ghosh '24

Major: Mathematics

Ahana Ghosh


I chose Cornell, and especially Arts and Sciences because of the flexibility it offered. I was not sure what subject interested me the most and I wanted to explore different areas of study. Cornell gave me the opportunity to do that. I have taken classes which lie on the opposite side of the academic spectrum and enjoyed each of them equally. I have been able to explore so many different subjects, which I probably could not have done without the opportunities offered by Cornell.

Aiesha Pradhan '25

Major: Biology & Society

Aiesha Pradhan
Cornell's founding principle, "Any person, any study" truly struck my core. I fell in love with the interdisciplinary liberal arts focus, as it has allowed me to pursue my different areas of interest. On top of studying Biology on the Pre-Health track, I have been able to take courses from several of Cornell's colleges. Through this opportunity, I have found my passion for medicine, business, and public health. In the next few semesters, I plan on learning more about my heritage through taking a few Nepali classes offered through The Department of Asian Studies and gaining clinical experience through medical shadowing. Moreover, the social atmosphere present on campus encourages intellectual curiosity and collaboration amongst like-minded university students, instantly making the campus very warm and welcoming.

Ally Fertig ‘24

Majors: Government or History (currently undecided)

Ally Fertig


I chose Cornell for many reasons ranging from the campus to student diversity. I knew that I wanted to attend a school with a larger student body but I often worried about getting lost at a larger school. Arts and Sciences provides the benefits of a small liberal arts college while simultaneously offering the many academic resources and social opportunities inherent to bigger schools. As an applicant with many interests I also knew that I needed a school that not only offered academic breadth but strongly encouraged it. The more I learned about Cornell, the more confident and excited I was about my decision.

Alyssa Mendez '25

Major: Sociology

Alyssa Mendez
I chose Cornell because it values both inclusivity and academic rigor. I knew I wanted to major in Sociology and pursue a career in law however, I wanted the opportunity to take a variety of classes that interested me aside from social sciences. The Arts & Sciences program at Cornell offers that and so much more because it allows individuals, like myself, to explore their academic interests, no matter how diverse. In addition to this, Cornell's campus is truly magical and is the perfect place to call home.

Amanda Kaplowitz '23

Major: Information Sciences

Minor: Business and Psychology

Amanda Kaplowitz

I chose Cornell because of the incredible amount of opportunities the school has to offer. Coming into college I was undeclared, and I was instantly drawn to the broad curriculum of Arts & Sciences. I am both quantitatively-minded and a creative, artistic person, so I found that Arts provided me with the chance to take courses in a wide range of subjects. I did not have to only focus on one specific subject, and could explore many different areas of study, which appealed to me. The flexibility of the school is what I love the most, and I have really been able to develop my passions and grow as a person at Cornell.

Ama Safo-Mensa '24

Major: Biological Sciences

Ama Safo-Mensa

Cornell University comprises of many aspects of Arts and Science programs that provide me with an intellectual challenge, to enable me to prosper in the career field of my choice.  Ultimately, my goal is to become an outstanding physician in the future. I aspire to utilize knowledge acquired from sciences, humanities, other disciplines and my caring spirit to assist sick, injured and dying in time of need.

I plan to major in general biology to expose me to a broader scope of biological sciences.  This will furnish me with an appropriate foundation to continue my studies in human medicine. With the Arts and science program at Cornell, I have the option to choose from over 40 majors. I am also keen on the fact that 30% of Cornell’s students work closely with faculty in research and independent studies.  I am amazed about the teaching excellence with eight faculty members receiving the Stephen H. Weiss Teaching awards.  This shows how incredible the professors are at this institution.

Overall, I love Cornell’s campus; it is GORGEous! The two gorges, Cascadilla and Fall Creek, that run through the university campus are incredibly beautiful to see, as you walk to class each day. Additionally, the Libe slope is another site that is very calming and a great place to enjoy a picnic with your friends.

Amara Valerio ‘24

Major: Government/American Studies 

Minor: Performing and Media Arts

Amara Valerio

I chose to attend Cornell because of its flexibility. The sheer number of colleges and majors available at Cornell is perfect for someone like me with both academic and artistic interests and a strong desire to learn. Additionally, as someone from NYC, I fell in love with Cornell's rural campus!

Anannyabrata Mandal '25

Majors: Economics, Statistics

Anannyabrata Mandal
I always had multidisciplinary interests. When I was applying to universities, I thought I will major in a STEM subject, though upon deep reflection, I realized that my interests were elsewhere. And here I am double majoring in subjects wholly different from my original choices of Chemistry and Physics. However, I did not only choose CAS because it allows us the freedom to change our mind and major in a wide choice of options. Being at CAS, I am still able to quench my thirst to seek out more and explore fields and topics not even remotely related to my chosen disciplines. Within my first year already, I have chosen courses in Computer Science and Linguistics, simply because I want to learn far and beyond. At Cornell I am enjoying the liberal arts experience, I can also benefit from the large number of research facilities on campus, and get to choose to interact with a wide variety of organizations. Where else would I want to be if I can enjoy the benefits of both a small college and large university right over here? It is definitely a plus that the campus here is so beautiful, in terms of both nature and architecture, that it makes you love the place. I also loved that Cornell is located in a small city like Ithaca, which lacks the distracting atmosphere seen in large metropolitan areas but does not put limits on the list of things that one can do off campus.

Andrea Wilson ‘23

Major: Chemistry

Andrea Wilson

Cornell offers an incredible range of diversity—not just in its traditional definition, but also via its diversity of thought, of perspective, and of opinion. Having been immersed in this kind of variance all my life, it's become an essential part of the way I learn. Cornell speaks to an inherent motivation to not just learn, but to understand and, further, to discover within each and every one of its students. With this, I've encountered, and will continue to encounter, what it really means to succeed. Cornell is helping its students to thrive not just academically, but also as a medium for the drive to stride into the future and help one another.

Anya Ji ‘23

Anya Ji

I was amazed by the gorgeous Cornell campus when I first came here in my junior year of high school. Cornell has been my first choice since then, because I have a vast interest across different subjects, and College of Arts and Sciences offers a huge variety of academic fields that I can explore. Cornell also provides me with valuable research opportunities, where I can integrate my interest and knowledge in technology and humanities and gain hands-on experience in lab studies. Besides, I’m looking forward to joining the Study Abroad program to immerse in another culture and further my education at a Cornell’s partner university abroad.

Audrey Lyons '25

Major: Sociology

Audrey Lyons
When I was applying to colleges I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I was drawn to the college of Arts & Sciences because of the wide course selection and the flexibility it would give me. The variety of courses I took in my first semester alone helped me narrow down my major in a way that wouldn’t have been possible without the opportunities that the college provides. Additionally, the size of the A&S college attracted me. As a graduate of a small high school, I loved the idea of getting to interact with a larger pool of people from all different backgrounds.

Ayaan Jamali '25

Major: Biological Sciences

Ayaan Jamali
At Cornell, I am a member of the Cornell Science Olympiad team! I made a test for Science Olympiad teams in high school to take and scored the exams myself. I am also a new member of Cornell’s Speech and Debate Society (CSDS). In addition, I have been a pianist for a decade now! I am currently trying to learn the 3rd movement of the Moonlight Sonata.

Canyon Cross '25

Major: Biology and Society

Canyon Cross
About halfway through my Junior year of high school, I took an entire weekend to sit down and make a list of universities I wanted to apply to. After looking through all 5300 colleges in the United States, I settled on ten schools to which I would send an application. Cornell was number one on that list. I knew early on that I wanted to experience undergrad in a semi-rural setting surrounded by nature. Big cities never really appealed to me. I also knew that I wanted a world-class education where I would be surrounded by people who were hard workers, and be taught professors who were renowned in their fields. Finally, I wanted the opportunity to pursue any interest that I wanted. As someone who finds their passions at the intersection of many different disciplines, academic diversity was a must. That's why Cornell's College of Arts and Sciences and the University's founding vision of "Any person, any study" was so appealing to me. I'm currently loving my time here and cannot envision myself anywhere else.

Catherine Cherry '24

Major: Biological Sciences

Catherine Cherry
I chose Cornell, and specifically the College of Art and Sciences, because of the opportunities for exploration in a supportive and diverse community. Academically, A&S offered me the chance to explore my interests beyond traditional pre-med requirements. For example, while my schedule has the requisite chemistry and math classes, A&S gives me the chance to take classes in art history, an interest I have always wanted to pursue. I am now planning to minor in art history. Another reason I was drawn to Cornell was because of the community. The students, professors, and staff are incredibly engaged in campus life, and there are an unbelievable number of resources available to students. Coming from a small island community in Massachusetts, it was important to me to feel connected and supported. I learned as a student that being a part of A&S makes my world feel smaller, while my academic world continues to grow at Cornell, and A&S, in particular, offers a close-knit, vibrant academic experience of which I am fortunate to be a part.

Charles Chen '25

Majors: Economics, Government


I chose Cornell because I thought it'd be an amazing opportunity to learn from a leading institution on the East Coast away from all the hustle and bustle of the big city. Being at Cornell, I can say with certainty that I was right: aside from the scenic walks to (and from) classes, I feel that I'm learning a lot about the world around us. I chose Arts and Sciences specifically for the Economics and Government majors.

Chris Wang '25

Majors: Comparative Literature, Economics

Chris Wang
To me, Ezra Cornell’s motto “any person, any study” opens up the possibility of a genuine platform of revolutionizing education, in which the motto itself offers a critique of the traditional notion of “higher education” (which was mainly reserved for upper-class male students). I was deeply moved by Cornell’s transformative educational model that redefines what an intellectual is: multi-disciplinary, with a keen interest in the practical life and an organic awareness of the world. The individual consciousness of the students’ need not to be abstracted to be a level of passivity but encouraged to work and reflect upon the knowledge that they actively received.

Christian Lapointe '23

Major: Biological Sciences

Christian Lapointe
I chose Cornell because of its reputation in the sciences. I chose A&S specifically because I would have the opportunity to study what I wanted (biology) while exploring other, sometimes completely unrelated, academic interests.

Connor Oaklander '24

Majors: Economics and Environment and Sustainability

Connor Oaklander

As someone with varied interests, I found the number of options and the flexibility in Cornell's College of Arts and Sciences to be enticing. Additionally, I find aspects of Cornell's student life a good fit for my personality, including the Lindseth Climbing Center, where I am a regular climber.

Danika Cho '23

Major: Sociology

Minors: Inequality Studies, Education

Danika Cho

I chose to attend Cornell, and specifically CAS, for the incredible breadth of courses offered. I was both unsure of what path I wanted to pursue and curious about the great expanse of knowledge in the world of higher education. Cornell's flexibility and diversity has allowed me to take courses for absolutely anything I can (or cannot) think of, creating a place that is challenging, rewarding, and inspiring. Because of the range of opportunities here, I have developed passions in areas I didn't even know existed or could be studied (or even pursued as a job in the future).

Diego Valle '24

Major: Biological Sciences

Diego Valle
I chose Cornell because of the incredible diversity that this campus has to offer. Being able to meet people from many different backgrounds, having the option to choose from a variety of majors, and having access to a plethora of extracurriculars and professional resources all attracted me to Cornell, and specifically to the College of Arts and Sciences. After interacting with world-renowned faculty members and exploring the beautiful campus, I knew immediately I had made the right decision. Cornell is an institution where you can discover and develop your passions, learn more about yourself, and make connections and friendships that will last well beyond your college years!

Dylan McIntyre '24

Major: Computer Science

Dylan McIntyre
I chose Cornell because of the incredible diversity that this campus has to offer. Being able to meet people from many different backgrounds, having the option to choose from a variety of majors, and having access to a plethora of extracurriculars and professional resources all attracted me to Cornell, and specifically to the College of Arts and Sciences. After interacting with world-renowned faculty members and exploring the beautiful campus, I knew immediately I had made the right decision. Cornell is an institution where you can discover and develop your passions, learn more about yourself, and make connections and friendships that will last well beyond your college years!

Emir Erkenkalkan '24

Major: Economics

Emir Erkenkalkan
I chose Cornell because it is a premier university of the world which offers exposure to a number of different concentrations and has ample resources to guide its students towards success upon graduation. My decision to enroll in the College of Arts & Sciences came about because I didn't have a set concentration in my mind when I was accepted, so A&S seemed like the perfect place for me to explore my diverse interests before coming to a decision, and it surely was.

Emma Glaser '24

Major: Classics
Minor: European Studies

Emma Glaser

When I applied to college, I had no definitive sense of what major to pursue. Thus, it felt like Cornell with its uniquely deep and broad course offerings was the perfect place for me to explore and determine where my passions lie. The breadth of Cornell’s class offerings has allowed me to discover a subject that I previously hadn’t known existed and now I’m majoring in it! It also didn’t hurt that the campus--with its old buildings, huge gorges, and towering trees--is so beautiful.

Erika Yip '24

Major: English

Erika Yip
I chose Cornell because of its strong emphasis on diversity. I am extremely passionate about social activism, and I feel that Cornell provides a platform that amplifies the voices of marginalized communities. On campus, I am the editorial director of Thread Magazine, Cornell's culture and fashion publication. That role has exposed me to various individuals on campus who's diverse backgrounds add to the collective student narrative. More specifically, I chose A&S because of the value it places on the intersection between various academic fields. Although I have always wanted to study English, the A&S curriculum has pushed me to seek deeper, overlapping connections between different subjects such as psychology or fine arts. Both the student and academic diversity allows me to seek creativity in all aspects of my own life.

Ethan Goldman '24

Majors: Computer Sciences and Linguistics

Ethan Goldman

I've always had a passion for combining my love of computer science with other disciplines, and I firmly believe that computer science provides a connection to work with people throughout subjects and interests. The College of Arts & Sciences offered the exact interdisciplinary environment that I was looking for. There are philosophy courses that focus on what it means for a machine to be "intelligent," cognitive science courses that explain thinking using philosophy, CS, psychology, and linguistics, and interdisciplinary courses like Networks that combine political movements, economics and technology. My favorite part of the College of Arts & Sciences is the fact that I can take classes that aren't even tangentially related to computer science just because the classes sound cool. If it wasn't for this last fact, I would never have discovered an interest in linguistics.

Ethan Tong '25

Major: Biological Sciences

Ethan Tong
Cornell was a great fit with its robust science and research opportunities. Specifically, students in A&S can immerse themselves in a variety of courses, develop laboratory and analytical skills, and gain early access to mentorship. Cornell is a place of "any person, any study," as one can engage in interdisciplinary discussions in an environment that encourages the exchange of cultural, philosophical, and academic ideas. Additionally, having grown up in a quiet suburban neighborhood, I felt at home surrounded by Ithaca's picturesque landscape. Campus is especially beautiful in the fall to winter months.

Eunice Ngai '24

Major: Anthropology

Eunice Ngai
I chose to attend Cornell and the College of Arts and Sciences because of its countless opportunities to pursue our curiosities, no matter how unique they may be. As I came into college still deciding on my major, this enabled me to grow and explore in ways I would never have imagined. The inspiring community and beautiful campus here have made my college experience especially meaningful.

Ewan Dietsche '23

Majors: Government, History

Ewan Dietsche
I chose Cornell because it combined an emphasis on practical education with more traditional liberal arts disciplines, giving it an egalitarian spirit unique amongst elite institutions. Cornell's size means that you will meet students from many different backgrounds with a wide variety of interests, yet can become part of tighter-knit communities as well. I chose Arts & Sciences because I wanted the freedom to pursue my interests across disciplinary boundaries, which the College not only enables but encourages. 

Grace Tian ‘23

Major: Psychology

Minor: Creative Writing

Grace Tian

I chose Cornell because it seemed perfectly suited to fit all I wanted in a college! I wanted a large, diverse campus with plenty of nature, and as a pre-medicine student, I also looked for a college which was strong in the sciences and offered plenty of interesting laboratory opportunities. Location wise, I looked for a school which was isolated enough to build a strong sense of community, but also had attractions off campus, which Ithaca provided. Cornell seemed like the perfect place to attend, especially after I visited the campus during the summer and found how beautiful it was!

Greta Berendes ‘24

Majors: Physics and Philosophy

Greta Berendes

I am an international student and wanted a completely new experience.

Halle Livermore '23

Majors: History and Africana Studies

Halle Livermore

I chose the College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell because of the endless opportunities and resources. When I transferred from a small liberal arts college I was hoping to find a more diverse field of course offerings and increased opportunities for career development within an arts and sciences curriculum. At Cornell I have found just that. While I have continued to develop my passions for history and Africana studies, I have also taken advantage of career services, department events, and extracurricular activities that relate to my majors. Studying liberal arts at Cornell allows me to explore my interests and remain creative while providing structure and support along the way. It's the perfect balance

Halle Swasing '24

Major: Goverment

Halle Swasing
I am a proud first-generation college student, so to me Cornell meant a place that would open doors for a better future. Having grown up in a rural area, I knew I wanted to continue my education somewhere with lots of natural beauty just like Ithaca. The broad range of classes in A&S has opened so many doors for me, including learning a new language and taking lots of classes in the law school!

Hannah Fuchs '23

Major: Government

Minors: American Studies and Communication

Hannah Fuchs

I chose Cornell because of the breadth of course options and the enthusiastic student body. I have met some of the most intelligent, funny and genuine friends during my time here. The faculty, especially in A&S, are incredibly esteemed yet kind and accessible to students. There is truly something here for everyone and it does not hurt that Cornell's campus has so much natural beauty. Ithaca also had the youthful, quirky and energetic feel of a college town that I was seeking.

Hunter Hubbard '23

Majors: Economics and Science & Technology Studies

Minors: Business and Law & Society

Hunter Hubbard

I chose Cornell because of its interdisciplinary nature and strengths in a multitude of departments. While in college, if I decide to change my major, I would still be receiving a world-class education in any subject because Cornell does not specialize in one specific field, and I am encouraged to explore all my interests. Arts & Sciences takes a unique approach to education where you are never siloed into one field, and we offer majors that are quite hard to come by other places. Aside from academics, the campus, collaborative environment, and career prospects were an instant draw to Cornell.

Indira Thompson '25

Major: Psychology


I selected Cornell because of the university’s philosophy of “any person, any study” and its flexibility. The College of Arts and Science offers a wide variety of academic studies. My major of interest is Psychology. That field of study is in the College of Arts and Sciences. I am provided with many resources and opportunities for research in this field. In addition to its excellent and wide variety of academic programs, the school encourages students to explore their interests. Cornell’s campus is breathtaking! So, while we develop our passions and interests, we are in the company of nature’s beautiful scenery.

Ingrid Comella ‘23

Major: Environment & Sustainability

Ingrid Comella

Cornell is the perfect place to step out of your comfort zone on all fronts: academic, social, and extracurricular. I came to Cornell unsure of my major and knew that I would be given the flexibility to thoroughly explore all of my interests here. So far, I have taken classes in archaeology, fiber science, Italian, and more that have very little to do with my major. While taking classes in a variety of subjects, I am still able to focus on courses for my Environment & Sustainability major. At Cornell, there is such an abundance of diverse topics to study and countless extracurriculars where anyone is free to explore their passions and interests.

Irene Kim '24

Majors: Music, Performing and Media Arts

Irene Kim
I chose the College of Arts and Sciences for its diversity. I am passionate about expanding my knowledge about the rest of the world, as I come from an international family: I was born in Korea, moved to China when I was three, and finally moved to the United States when I was ten. I embody Cornell’s mission of “any person… any study…” because I came to Cornell from an international background with the hopes of gaining a diverse, well-rounded education. Cornell has allowed me to build my knowledge of a diverse range of cultural styles of music and to develop my style as a musician, and I strongly believe that Arts and Sciences is one of the colleges that embraces diversity the most.

Jacqueline Allen '23

Majors: Government, Psychology

Jacqueline Allen
After spending my freshman year of college elsewhere, I knew that I wanted to transfer to a more academically rigorous institution, where I could better explore my diverse interests. I was drawn to Cornell for the educational environment, the student body, and the extracurricular opportunities—as well as the beautiful campus! Since transferring here, I’ve met so many wonderful people, and I’ve felt encouraged to grow academically, professionally, and personally.

Jenny Xing ‘24

Majors: Economics & Psychology

Jenny Xing

I chose Cornell because of its various possibilities and opportunities that students can explore. Specifically, I was drawn to the diverse and expansive academic opportunities that the College of Arts and Sciences offers. Coming out of high school, I knew that there are many great areas that I haven’t yet explored. College of Arts & Sciences gives me an excellent opportunity to discover not only the various disciplines but also their connections with one another. Growing up in multiple countries, I also love the diverse student body that Cornell has, giving me more opportunities to meet friends that come from different backgrounds with their unique experiences.

Jenny Zhang '24

Major: Information Science


I chose Cornell for the chance to find myself. It was at Cornell that I finally began to understand how I could fully concentrate my passions and skills into a future for myself, a decision that was cemented after I changed majors and transferred into the College of Arts & Sciences. The freedom to explore what I truly wanted and the broad expanse of options made A&S the perfect choice, and I'm so glad to have found the experience I was looking for after transferring!

Jeremy Jung '23

Majors: Mathematics and Computer Science

Jeremy Jung

What drew me to Cornell was the people. Cornell's diversity in its student body is unmatched, and everyone here has something that makes them special and unique. Whether it be finding a partner for a new business idea or an artist to work on a song with, you can always find someone interested in the same things that you are at Cornell.

Jessica Kwon '23

Major: Government

Minor: Information Science

Jessica Kwon

I loved my old college, but I realized it wasn't the best fit for me and didn't provide the best learning environment that I was looking for. When looking into different transfer options, I found that Cornell offers a lot of amazing opportunities for me as a Government major and pre-law student — inside and outside of the classroom. I wanted to pursue my intellectual interests alongside a large and diverse student population while having a strong liberal arts foundation. Cornell truly embodies the saying of "Any Person, Any Study" as I have had a number of great experiences in CAS, and I am looking forward to spending my remaining college years here.

Jimmy Spaedt '23

Majors: English, Government

Jimmy Spaedt
I transferred to Cornell my sophomore year and joined the A&S school at the start of my junior year. I decided to choose Cornell because of the vast amounts of resources that I could take advantage of to get an education, as well as to better myself as a person. I ended up becoming a double major in English and Government after taking elective classes during my first semester and realizing that my passions were in those fields. Transferring to A&S has given me the ability to dig deep into a few subjects that I'm interested in, while also challenging me to learn about material that I have never explored before.

Joanna Moon '23

Majors: Biological Sciences, Science & Technology Studies

Joanna Moon
I chose Cornell because I loved the diversity in fields of study. As someone interested in both the natural sciences and humanities, I liked how the A&S curriculum gives students the ability to take courses anywhere from molecular biology to global anthropology, offering many research opportunities in any discipline. When I first visited campus, I loved how integrated the university was to its surroundings including various gorge trails, gardens, and nearby affiliated museums. Lastly, coming from the northeast I knew I wanted snow during the winter!

Julia Fritsch '25

Major: Psychology

Julia Fritsch
I chose Cornell because I have trouble making sacrifices. I wanted the experiences of both small and large schools, the focus of a liberal arts college and the extensive resources of a larger college, and the ability to take any classes I want without worrying about squeezing in requirements, since many of them find their ways into my schedule accidentally. I couldn't bear to give up my goal to be a polyglot by graduation, but desperately wanted to explore psychology and research. At Cornell, I could do both, all while living on a beautiful campus.

Kofi Owusu Sekyere '25

Major: Computer Science

Kofi Owusu Sekyere
I chose Cornell and specifically Arts and Sciences because of course and student diversity. As a student from Ghana, Cornell’s large and diverse student population makes me feel welcomed and feel at home.I also fell in love with the sheer breadth of courses available in Arts and Sciences which matches my open minded personality.

Lillie Steen ‘23

Majors: Art History, Archaeology

Lillie Steen

I wanted to come to a school that was rigorous and would challenge me to become a better student, but where people were also proud to be and felt a genuine connection to the campus and the larger community. Cornell is also in an extremely artistic and culture-oriented city! Being in Ithaca really makes you feel motivated and inspired.

Marie Aractingi '25

Major: Physics

Marie Aractingi
Cornell has an amazing physics program and it's in a really beautiful location. I chose A&S specifically because I wanted to explore many different academic interests. I also knew that I wanted to major / minor in STEM so I wanted to have the opportunity to have at least one class per semester that was more on the literary / humanities side, which aligns perfectly with A&S distribution requirements.

Matthew Cramer '23

Major: Economics

Minors: Philosophy and Business

Matthew Cramer
Outside of the classroom I am involved in Cornell Investment Banking Club, First Generation Investors, and Kappa Sigma Fraternity. In my free time I love to play golf, spend time with friends, and watch classic movies.

Maya Leong ‘23

Major: Computer Science

Maya Leong

I chose Cornell because I wanted to surround myself with a diverse student body, have opportunities to do research, and for its beautiful campus. I come from a small town so I knew I wanted a big school with people from all over the country and the world, with different intellectual interests, and who would challenge me.

Megan Chang ‘23

Majors: College Scholar & Information Science

Minor: Psychology

Megan Chang

I chose Cornell because it offers a wide range of academic and extracurricular opportunities that encourage interdisciplinary perspectives. My professors connect their lessons to current events and the latest research in their fields to further student engagement. The genuine connections I've formed through classes exemplify how passionate my fellow Cornellians are about learning!

Michael Raybetz '25

Major: Biological Sciences or Government

Michael Raybetz
From the moment I saw the vast campus and beautiful nature all throughout Cornell on a tour, I immediately knew this was the perfect college for me. I was especially drawn towards the College of Arts and Sciences since it offered so many different majors and minors that one could choose, as I really didn't know what I wanted to major in when applying. I also loved the possibility of becoming friends with people who are majoring in completely different subjects as it would only further grow my interests in other topics as well. As I learned in my first year in A&S, you have the freedom to take classes in whatever subject you want, even if it has nothing to do with your major!

Niamh Haynos '24

Major: Government

Niamh Haynos
I chose Cornell because I identified with the mantra "any person any study" - I wanted to surround myself with all different types of people doing all different kinds of things. I specifically chose the College of Arts & Sciences because I wanted to have a college experience where I was able to explore all the areas of study that I am interested in without limitations.

Nianhui Yang '24

Major: Biological Sciences

Nianhui Yang
I chose Arts and Sciences because it is an excellent place to explore my interest while pursuing my career dream. As a pre-med student, I looked for colleges with strong natural science and a wide range of laboratory opportunities that could help me build a solid foundation in medical study. I chose Arts and Sciences because it is an excellent place to explore my interest while pursuing my career dream. Cornell is known for its challenging science curriculum and offers many courses that match my interest in the human body and health. Besides my primary course of study, I have many interests ranging from art, writing, sports to language. College of Arts and Sciences offers me a diversity of courses that fully express my interest in all these areas. I love that I don't have to give up something to achieve others, and A&S helped me realize it.

Nica Rose Voli '24

Major: Biologiy & Society

Nica Voli
I chose Cornell so that I could explore different areas of study. The College of Arts and Sciences encourages academic exploration and interdisciplinary education. I was excited to see what all the departments had to offer and learn outside my comfort zone.

Noah Ring '23

Majors: Mathematics, Physics

Noah Ring
Having spent my first year of college in my home state, I knew I wanted to push myself to go out of my comfort zone both socially and academically. Cornell offered everything I wanted in an institution when I was looking to transfer, from a diverse and talented student body to a world-class education with countless ways to explore interests old and new. Further, Cornell’s campus is incredibly beautiful and a nice change of pace from the desert I had grown up in all of my life.

Olivia Ochoa '24

Major: Spanish

Minor: Latino Studies

Olivia Ochoa

Being first-generation, I have always dreamed of going somewhere that'd make my parents proud. I'm also here with the Posse Foundation Leadership Scholarship, and in addition to helping with my admission, they are an amazing support system for me on campus that I can't imagine a college experience without that network!

Parker Piccolo Hill '25

Major: Undecided

Parker Piccolo Hill
When you're looking into Cornell, the words "any person, any study" are thrown around so often they start to sound meaningless. But to me, they really do represent why I chose this school. I'm a very indecisive person, and I wanted to be able to follow all of my many interests in college. Arts & Sciences lets me do that, and I've found myself being able to often cross reference information I learned in a Psych class, for example, with something I read in English. Here at Cornell, diversity doesn't only exist in academics. I've been exposed to so many people with backgrounds extremely different from mine. It pushes me to learn more and expand my boundaries. I'm thankful I go to Cornell, because I truly think I have become a more worldly, learned person.

Pooja Kanumalla '23

Major: Computer Science

Pooja Kanumalla
I chose Cornell because of its balance. With all of the opportunities provided, it truly seemed like a place that would cultivate a well-rounded personality. The people I've met here so far are very inspiring, and I truly value the fact that my peers are so motivated and accomplished. I chose A&S because as a Computer Science major, I was looking to meet people who studied subjects different from mine. I loved the diversity of majors and people in A&S, and thus realized this college would be a good fit for me.

Priyanka Menon '23

Majors: Biological Sciences (Neurobiology and Behavior concentration)

Priyanka Menon

Living my entire life in Atlanta, Georgia, I knew I wanted to branch out and grow as a person. Cornell allowed me to step out of my comfort zone in every way whether it was through academics, meeting new people, and trying new activities. Its interdisciplinary programs allowed me to pursue all of my interests without it being too overwhelming. I am very grateful for that experience because it has made me a more well-rounded person. Overall, the people, the organizations, and the amazing academic opportunities made Cornell very appealing to me!

Rory Sheppard ‘23

Major: Government, Philosophy

Rory Sheppard

I chose to attend Cornell because of the opportunities that come with a large multi-focused university coupled with all the benefits of a traditional liberal arts experience, found in the College of Arts and Sciences. The academic rigor is also something I thought unique and attractive about Cornell, the possibility of surrounding myself with fellow students passionate about testing new ideas in creative, innovative ways continues to amaze me.

Rucha Gharpure '23

Majors: Computer Science and Economics

Rucha Gharpure

After touring Cornell, I immediately fell in love with the campus’s beauty and the university's mantra of Any Person, Any Study. I knew that the College of Arts and Sciences was the perfect fit for me, as it would allow me to explore my interests in Economics and Computer Science in an interdisciplinary manner. Taking advantage of the endless opportunities available at Cornell has not only challenged me to think in a more creative manner but also allowed me to discover my true academic passions.

Sabrina Lin '25

Majors: Biology & Society, Information Science

Sabrina Lin
I applied to Cornell with intentions of being pre-health, but I also knew that I would want to explore and take classes that was not confined to the scope of STEM classes; the college of Arts and Sciences offered exactly what I was looking for. The interdisciplinary nature of the college truly acts as an academic (and social) environment for students to engage in a multitude of disciplines.

Sammy Shea '25

Major: Economics

Sammy Shea
I knew I wanted to come to Cornell as soon as I visited. The campus is beautiful, the student body is diverse in so many ways, and the school offers amazing opportunities. Specifically, Arts & Sciences was the right fit for me because of the large variety of course options that allow me to explore various interests aside from my intended major, and helped me decide on a major that best suited me.

Sarah McMorrow '24

Major: Computer Science

Sarah McMorrow
I chose Arts & Sciences because I have so many different interests. I've spent my first few semesters here at Cornell exploring different topics and discovering the things I like. I ended up changing my major many times, but eventually decided to major in computer science which was something I had no experience in before coming to Cornell. I really like the computer science major in Arts & Sciences because it allows a lot of flexibility. For example, you are required to have an external specialization, and I'm doing mine in anthropology. A lot of the pre-med courses I'm taking can also be incorporated into my computer science major. Even though I'm majoring in a STEM field, I feel like I am getting a liberal arts education.

Sasha Zuberi '23

Major: Government

Sasha Zuberi
As an international transfer student coming from the UK where degrees are structured all 3 years, I chose Cornell because I wanted the opportunity for academic freedom and independent intellectualisation. I chose A&S specifically because I was drawn to the fact that I could simultaneously study varying disciplines to find my true academic passions. I loved the liberal arts approach to education and how exploration is encouraged in every way.

Summer Hardy ‘23

Major: Biology & Society

Summer Hardy

I initially chose to attend Cornell because I wanted to leave behind the mountains of Colorado in exchange for the gorges of Ithaca. When I first visited, I was pleasantly surprised with how friendly the students were and how beautiful the campus was. I quickly realized the wide range of opportunities Cornell offers, and it's been exciting exploring the various resources and possibilities here. I am grateful to be able to call Cornell and Ithaca home and I will always appreciate the numerous waterfalls around campus.

Surita Basu '23

Majors: Economics and Government

Surita Basu

As a transfer student, I chose Cornell because of the wide range of opportunities it offered. The breadth of the College of Arts and Sciences as well as the number of student organizations made it really easy for me to explore different career paths and academic interests. I also love how diverse and welcoming the student body was and how I was constantly meeting new people from different backgrounds.

Tanya Abergel '25

Major: Psychology

Tanya Abergel
I chose to attend Cornell’s College of Arts & Sciences because of this interdisciplinary approach that Cornell takes to teaching. My dual interest in science and language may seem contradictory, but by majoring in Psychology and double minoring in Cognitive Science and French in CAS, I can explore everything I am passionate about. The array of classes offered is unique to the College of Arts & Sciences as it allows me to take any class that sparks my interests and curiosity, a very rewarding and exciting experience.
Taylor Bazos ‘23

Majors: Performing and Media Arts/ Spanish

Minor: Education

Taylor Bazos

I chose Cornell because it gave me the flexibility to learn about all of my interests and take a huge variety of classes. I hope to produce Spanish Theater around the world, and Cornell gives me the ability to study both of these things and a space to create and learn. The faculty is extremely supportive and masters in their areas, and these are the kinds of people I want to learn from. Of course, the gorgeous campus doesn’t hurt either.

Tenzin Kunsang '25

Major: Biology & Society

Tenzin Kunsang
I chose Cornell because of its partnership with the Posse Foundation Leadership Scholarship. With guidance and support from both the College of Arts & Sciences and Posse, I knew that they would help me grow into a holistic being and global citizen. I admire the interdisciplinary way of thinking that both these programs foster, compounded with all the ways to get on campus to explore my interests further.

Valerie Hu ‘23

Major: Psychology and Biological Sciences

Valerie Hu

I chose Cornell because it just felt right when I visited. I remember sitting on the slope watching the sunset with my mom, and knowing with absolute certainty that this was where I wanted to spend the next four years of my life. The campus and its surrounding natural features are beautiful, there is a huge range of classes so I can pursue my hodgepodge of academic interests, but most importantly, I've met people who have made me laugh and challenged me to think about the world in new ways.

Vishnu Kumar '24

Majors: Biology and Economics

Vishnu Kumar

I chose Cornell, more specifically the College of Arts & Sciences, for the endless opportunities it has to offer. With over half of all of Cornell's courses being offered in this one college alone, I knew I would never run out of courses to take. Not only that, but being able to take classes in other colleges was an additional bonus. Furthermore, the strong alumni connections would also enable me to reach out to former Cornell students and learn from their experiences. Most importantly, the people here are actually willing to help each other out and want the best for one another!

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