Arts & Sciences Ambassadors


Arts & Sciences Ambassadors are dedicated and passionate students who serve as proud representatives of the College of Arts & Sciences.

Together, we provide the student angle on life at Cornell, help prospective students make the important decision of where to attend college, and then support them as they transition into life as an A&S student. We host lunches, information sessions, receptions, one-on-one meetings, and many more activities committed to answering all the questions that prospective students and parents may have about the college and the university as a whole. We also advise & support incoming students throughout the summer and into their first-year as they prepare to become Cornellians.

Prospective Cornellians: Ambassadors are available during events and by email at to share their Cornell experiences with you no matter where you live in the world, so that you may get a glimpse into the life of a Cornell student even if you don’t have the opportunity to visit campus.

Current Cornellians: interested in joining our team? Check out the Become an Ambassador section at the bottom of the page.

Meet the Ambassadors

Name and Major(s) Bio

Advay Koranne '24

Majors: Mathematics and Computer Science

Advay Koranne

On-campus, I am a part of Cornell Blockchain, Blockchain Team Lead for Cornell Quant Fund, Cornell Business Analytics, and the Cornell Taekwondo club. In my free time, I enjoy skateboarding, snowboarding, spikeball, taekwondo, and playing tabla (Indian classical percussion instrument).

Why Cornell: I chose Cornell and specifically the arts and science college because of its interdisciplinary and broad range of things to study. Classes such as The Art of Math: Mathematical Traditions of Symmetry and Harmony would allow me to combine my love for both music and mathematics –– this “any person any study” allowed me to continue pursuing my major while still being able to explore other areas of interest of mine such as Chinese, Sanskrit, or music.

Aine Keel ‘22

Majors: American Studies and Psychology

Aine Keel

Hobbies and Interests: Around campus I am a part of College Mentors for Kids and work as a research assistant in a legal laboratory. I spend too much time in Olin basement, but when I'm not there you can find me taking advantage of all Ithaca has to offer--like hiking, swimming, or perusing the farmers market.

Why Cornell: I had no idea what area of study I wanted to pursue when I was applying to colleges. Thus, I was attracted to Cornell's promise of any person, any study. The College of A&S offers so many different departments and I wanted to dip my toes into all of them. I knew that a school that encouraged exploration of interests was the best fit for me. And the cherry on top was the beautifully quaint but lively town of Ithaca!

Alexandra Glasgow ’22 

Major: Biological Sciences

Minors: Inequality Studies, Business

Alexandra Glasgow

Hobbies and Interests: In my spare time, I get away from all things pre-med and science, and delve into the arts. I love to dance, whether that means in rehearsal, my room, or a salsa club. When I’m feeling creative, I write poetry and short stories, or find and listen to new music. Spanish is my favorite language, and while I’m trying to become fluent I’ve accumulated a long list of already watched telenovelas, and frequented Spanish playlists. I am passionate about cultures and meeting different kinds of people. In the future I plan on studying abroad, so I can experience more, and learn as I live.

Why Cornell: I chose Cornell because it is a school that fully embraces the idea of learning as you live. Whether through research, friendships, classes, or obstacles you will constantly learn here. As soon as I visited I felt the open-minded, intellectually creative, and worldly spirit that drives this school. Cornell facilitates an interdisciplinary education which was very attractive to me. I didn’t feel as though my true potential could be expressed when choosing one passion over another. Only in a culture that nurtures diversity, like Cornell, could I truly see myself finding a home. 

Ally Fertig ‘24

Majors: Government or History (currently undecided)

Ally Fertig


Other than being an Ambassador, I am a staff writer for The Cornell Daily Sun, a member of a social sorority on campus, and am constantly attempting the New York Times crossword. I am also passionate about politics and am currently interning for a mayoral campaign!

Why Cornell: I chose Cornell for many reasons ranging from the campus to student diversity. I knew that I wanted to attend a school with a larger student body but I often worried about getting lost at a larger school. Arts and Sciences provides the benefits of a small liberal arts college while simultaneously offering the many academic resources and social opportunities inherent to bigger schools. As an applicant with many interests I also knew that I needed a school that not only offered academic breadth but strongly encouraged it. The more I learned about Cornell, the more confident and excited I was about my decision.

Amanda Kaplowitz '23

Major: Information Sciences

Minor: Business and Psychology

Amanda Kaplowitz

Aside from Ambassadors, I am a writer and editor for Slope Media Group, a member of the Society for Women in Business, a research assistant in the Information Science department, and a member of the social sorority, Sigma Delta Tau. I love spending time with my friends, reading, and traveling.

Why Cornell: I chose Cornell because of the incredible amount of opportunities the school has to offer. Coming into college I was undeclared, and I was instantly drawn to the broad curriculum of Arts & Sciences. I am both quantitatively-minded and a creative, artistic person, so I found that Arts provided me with the chance to take courses in a wide range of subjects. I did not have to only focus on one specific subject, and could explore many different areas of study, which appealed to me. The flexibility of the school is what I love the most, and I have really been able to develop my passions and grow as a person at Cornell.

Ama Safo-Mensa '24

Major: Biological Sciences

Ama Safo-Mensa

I love to play piano and soccer, I also enjoy modeling and fashion!

Why Cornell: Cornell University comprises of many aspects of Arts and Science programs that provide me with an intellectual challenge, to enable me to prosper in the career field of my choice.  Ultimately, my goal is to become an outstanding physician in the future. I aspire to utilize knowledge acquired from sciences, humanities, other disciplines and my caring spirit to assist sick, injured and dying in time of need.

I plan to major in general biology to expose me to a broader scope of biological sciences.  This will furnish me with an appropriate foundation to continue my studies in human medicine. With the Arts and science program at Cornell, I have the option to choose from over 40 majors. I am also keen on the fact that 30% of Cornell’s students work closely with faculty in research and independent studies.  I am amazed about the teaching excellence with eight faculty members receiving the Stephen H. Weiss Teaching awards.  This shows how incredible the professors are at this institution.

Overall, I love Cornell’s campus; it is GORGEous! The two gorges, Cascadilla and Fall Creek, that run through the university campus are incredibly beautiful to see, as you walk to class each day. Additionally, the Libe slope is another site that is very calming and a great place to enjoy a picnic with your friends.

Amara Valerio ‘24

Major: Government/American Studies 

Minor: Performing and Media Arts

Amara Valerio

I am extremely passionate about the arts and am an advocate for arts education. Before I attended Cornell, I was a member of a gospel choir in New York City and competed in several vocal competitions throughout the tri-state area. I have also participated in over 30 musical theatre productions and have continued to perform here at Cornell. I am a member of Nothing But Treble acapella, Melodramatics Theatre Company, and Sabor Latino Dance Ensemble. In addition to my artistic extracurriculars, I am the Vice President of Programming for La Asociación Latina and the communications manager for Quisqueya (The Dominican Student Association). I am also a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority.

Why Cornell: I chose to attend Cornell because of its flexibility. The sheer number of colleges and majors available at Cornell is perfect for someone like me with both academic and artistic interests and a strong desire to learn. Additionally, as someone from NYC, I fell in love with Cornell's rural campus!

Andrea Gorham Vargas ‘22

Majors: Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Biology & Society

Andrea Vargas

Hobbies and Interests: On campus, I enjoy tutoring at the Biology LSC. In my free time, I like to swim and try new workout classes with my friends. I also love anything related to food, from trying new restaurants in Ithaca to cooking and baking.

Why Cornell: I chose Cornell because of the diversity and opportunities available. In my time here, I've met people from many different backgrounds and with very different interests and passions. Thanks to Cornell, I have learned a lot outside the classroom from my peers. Additionally, I knew I wanted to major in something related to Biology but, I also wanted to explore my interests in languages, history and more. Cornell has an abundance of resources to explore anything and everything.

Andrea Wilson ‘23

Major: Chemistry

Andrea Wilson

Hobbies and Interests: You can almost always find me with a book in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. I love sitting in social settings as I immerse myself in books from all around the world. Having lived in places ranging from (but not limited to!) Taiwan, to Morocco, to Bulgaria, I love interacting with the incredible schools of thought unique to each person and their own culture. When I'm not learning more about our world, I study Taekwondo and participate in research groups across campus. In my free time, I also love to take long hikes and go for cross-country runs to submerge myself in nature. And of course, meeting new people and grabbing food with friends is also a frequent of mine.

Why Cornell: Cornell offers an incredible range of diversity—not just in its traditional definition, but also via its diversity of thought, of perspective, and of opinion. Having been immersed in this kind of variance all my life, it's become an essential part of the way I learn. Cornell speaks to an inherent motivation to not just learn, but to understand and, further, to discover within each and every one of its students. With this, I've encountered, and will continue to encounter, what it really means to succeed. Cornell is helping its students to thrive not just academically, but also as a medium for the drive to stride into the future and help one another.

Anya Ji ‘23

Anya Ji

Hobbies & Interests: I further pursue my passion in cognitive science by working as a research assistant in a psychology lab on campus. During my spare time, I’m into developing apps and exploring different cultures and languages. Aside from English and Mandarin, I’m fluent in German and started learning American Sign Language in my freshman year. My other hobbies include traveling, ballet, piano, and cooking (or trying to cook).

Why Cornell: I was amazed by the gorgeous Cornell campus when I first came here in my junior year of high school. Cornell has been my first choice since then, because I have a vast interest across different subjects, and College of Arts and Sciences offers a huge variety of academic fields that I can explore. Cornell also provides me with valuable research opportunities, where I can integrate my interest and knowledge in technology and humanities and gain hands-on experience in lab studies. Besides, I’m looking forward to joining the Study Abroad program to immerse in another culture and further my education at a Cornell’s partner university abroad.

Aubrey Dyckman '22

Majors: English and Economics

Aubrey Dyckman
Why Cornell: Cornell has leading programs in both of my areas of interest with vast resources and incredible professors and staff to help support me. I wanted to be at a large, diverse institution as well that would help me to step outside of my comfort zone and meet a wide array of people from completely different walks of life. Additionally, Ithaca is an incredible community and offers a small town feel with endless access to nature which always makes campus feel beautiful.

Bella Somoza ’22

Major: Biological Sciences

Bella Somoza

Hobbies and Interests: When I'm not doing DNA extractions in the Vitousek Lab, you can find me around campus at various club meetings. Sometimes I'm hanging out with the my peers on the Dean's Student Advisory Council for Arts & Sciences, planning the annual spring fashion show with the Cornell Fashion Collective, or curating cute images for the Birds of the World Project at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology! Off-campus, I love to bike, hike, camp, and backpack in the beautiful nature around Ithaca or in Oregon, where I'm from. I'm also an avid reader and tea-drinker!

Why Cornell: I chose Cornell because I fell in love with its motto: any person, any study. I thought it beautifully reflected the diversity of its students in their various identities and their academic and extracurricular interests. When I visited, I remember meeting person after person who studied things I had never heard of. One person was a double major in math and French, while also minoring in global health. On top of that, everyone was involved with a million cool things on campus, like the Tea Club or research on butterfly genetics. I was excited by the vast amount of opportunities Cornell offered, and by the unique ways each person decided to take advantage of them. Every day I am constantly surprised and inspired by the diverse interests of my peers! 

Clarice Pertel ‘22

Major: Mathematics

Clarice Pertel

Hobbies and Interests: I enjoy hiking around Ithaca, swimming (safely) in the gorges, and tennis. On campus, I’m on the E-board for Cornell Running Club, I’m an active member of the Association for Women in Mathematics, and I am also an Orientation Leader. In my free time, you can find me working on some sort of puzzle, reading, or hanging out on the slope.

Why Cornell: I chose to attend Cornell because of the interdisciplinary nature of CA. In Arts & Sciences, we are encouraged to take classes that explore fields other than our major, through which I have grown as a learner. It was clear from my first days at Cornell that everyone here– students, faculty, researchers– have a diverse set of interests and enjoy discussing their passions. I have loved being surrounded by this enthusiasm for learning.

Collins Horinda ‘22

Major: Mathematics

Collins Horinda

Hobbies and Interests: I love reading and being active. My favorite books and movies are the Harry Potter books and movies. I enjoy watching and playing football(soccer). My favorite sport to play is field hockey. On campus, I play social soccer and I am in the Cornell Actuarial Society.

Why Cornell: I come from Zimbabwe. Being far from home, I wanted a place that I could feel at home and feel welcomed. The second I stepped foot on campus for a visit, Cornell just felt like the place I was looking for. The campus was stunning and the people were incredibly kind. I have enjoyed my time here learning with exceptional people and I look forward to continue working with and learning from such phenomenal people.

Connor Oaklander '24

Majors: Economics and Environment and Sustainability

Connor Oaklander

I am interested in the intersection of public policy with emerging science, particularly in the energy industry. In my free time, I enjoy cycling, skiing, and am an avid rock climber and photographer. I identify with multiple cultures based on my mixed heritage and am looking forward to meeting people from all over the world.

Why Cornell: As someone with varied interests, I found the number of options and the flexibility in Cornell's College of Arts and Sciences to be enticing. Additionally, I find aspects of Cornell's student life a good fit for my personality, including the Lindseth Climbing Center, where I am a regular climber.

Courtney Harris ’22

Major: Biological Sciences

Minor: Spanish

Courtney Harris

Hobbies and Interests: I am active in the Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives (OADI) community, was a part of the Prefreshman Summer Program (PSP) 2018 and am currently a member of the Biology Scholars Program. I am currently an undergraduate research assistant in the College of Veterinary Medicine, and am a TA for both PSP and general chemistry. Outside of my academic commitments, I joined the Cornell Chorale during my freshman year as a soprano. I also love listening to a variety of music such as pop, oldies (think Motown and the Beatles) and reggaetón just to name a few.

Why Cornell: What really attracted me to Cornell was Diversity Hosting. I was able to stay overnight with a current student while also meeting those who would be my future classmates. It gave me great insight into the resources that the university has to offer. One of the experiences I am most excited about is doing field research in Santiago, Chile during winter break with my plant science class! Cornell has so many opportunities available, and what especially caught my eye were the A&S Career Development department and OADI programming, which really shows Cornell’s efforts to make sure that all students have the ability to thrive academically, socially and professionally.

Danika Cho '23

Major: Sociology

Minors: Inequality Studies, Education

Danika Cho

Outside of class, I'm involved in Best Buddies, Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity and Kappa Delta (social sorority). I'm also a guide for Outdoor Odyssey, a pre-orientation program for incoming first-year students! In my free time, I love hiking around Ithaca, backpacking in the Finger Lakes, hammocking on the slope, and reading in new spots around campus. 

Why Cornell: I chose to attend Cornell, and specifically CAS, for the incredible breadth of courses offered. I was both unsure of what path I wanted to pursue and curious about the great expanse of knowledge in the world of higher education. Cornell's flexibility and diversity has allowed me to take courses for absolutely anything I can (or cannot) think of, creating a place that is challenging, rewarding, and inspiring. Because of the range of opportunities here, I have developed passions in areas I didn't even know existed or could be studied (or even pursued as a job in the future).

Dean Pucciarelli ‘22 

Major: Psychology (Concentration: Evolutionary Neuroscience)

Minor: Business

Dean Pucciarelli

Hobbies and interests: I’m extremely passionate about medicine and medical research, and as such am a part of Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity on Campus. I also conduct undergraduate research in the Enrique Rodriguez-Boulan Laboratory of Ophthalmology Weill Cornell Medicine over summer breaks. In addition to this, I love increasing awareness circa childhood health. For this reason, I’m involved with the executive board of Big Red Thon which raises money and awareness for the Children of Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital. Aside from that, I love to read online publications (personally, the New Yorker is my favorite), cook, and hike! 

Why Cornell: When I was applying to colleges in high school, I knew that I not only wanted to be surrounded by academic rigor, but that I wanted to be able to learn from fellow classmates. The best way for me to do this was to be exposed to a plethora of different people, cultural backgrounds, languages, among other factors. During my time at Cornell thus far, I can personally attest to learning as much, if not more, about diversity and varied cultures from my peers, enhancing my perspective of the world around me. Other than that, Cornell is an extraordinarily interesting setting to be a part of from a variety of studies to almost monthly festivals in the Ithaca Commons. Cornell offers so many ways to get involved in the community in fun and exciting ways and I couldn't imagine having the same experiences elsewhere!

Dylan Kirton '21

Major: American Studies

Dylan Kirton

In my free time I enjoy playing baseball (I am a relief pitcher for the Cornell Big Red Baseball team), trying new food, watching movies and shows.

Why Cornell: I chose Cornell after I immediately fell in love with the campus when I made my first visit during my college tour. The campus culture met all my wants and needs and was definitely  what I was looking for in a University (which then led to my decision to go "early decision"). Thanks to Cornell a lot of my passions have been enhanced and I was able to find a major that had a wide variety of disciplines which allowed me to explore other interests.

Emma Glaser '24

Major: Classics
Minor: European Studies

Emma Glaser

Hobbies & Interests: I am a member of Hearsay A Cappella, one of the all-female a cappella groups on campus. This club takes up most of my free time as we spend hours each week practicing and preparing for our big concert at the end of semester and smaller concerts throughout the year. However, when I’m not singing I can usually be found sitting in Zeus—one of the cafes on campus—drinking a coffee and hanging out with my friends. I also love to explore and have enjoyed seeing everything Ithaca has to offer, especially its restaurants.

Why Cornell: When I applied to college, I had no definitive sense of what major to pursue. Thus, it felt like Cornell with its uniquely deep and broad course offerings was the perfect place for me to explore and determine where my passions lie. The breadth of Cornell’s class offerings has allowed me to discover a subject that I previously hadn’t known existed and now I’m majoring in it! It also didn’t hurt that the campus--with its old buildings, huge gorges, and towering trees--is so beautiful.

Ethan Goldman '24

Majors: Computer Sciences and Linguistics

Ethan Goldman

Outside of academics, I love to rock climb outdoors and in the Lindseth Climbing Center. I’m also involved in entrepreneurship and social development research through the Laidlaw Undergraduate Research and Leadership Scholar Program, and I’m a member of the Cornell Blockchain Club. I’m passionate about helping students grow academically, and I tutor/teach K-12 computer science and math.

Why Cornell: I've always had a passion for combining my love of computer science with other disciplines, and I firmly believe that computer science provides a connection to work with people throughout subjects and interests. The College of Arts & Sciences offered the exact interdisciplinary environment that I was looking for. There are philosophy courses that focus on what it means for a machine to be "intelligent," cognitive science courses that explain thinking using philosophy, CS, psychology, and linguistics, and interdisciplinary courses like Networks that combine political movements, economics and technology. My favorite part of the College of Arts & Sciences is the fact that I can take classes that aren't even tangentially related to computer science just because the classes sound cool. If it wasn't for this last fact, I would never have discovered an interest in linguistics.

Evelyn Li ‘23

Major: Psychology, Art History

Minor: Business

Evelyn Li

Hobbies and Interests: Outside of class, I enjoy playing badminton and playing golf. Music is also an important part of my life - I love singing while playing the guitar or piano. On campus, I am the vice president of the CME (Cornell Media and Entertainment) club as well as a member of the Cornell CSSA (Chinese Students and Scholars Association). I also love playing with children and am involved in 'College Mentors for Kids' at Cornell where we get to spend time having fun with little buddies.

Why Cornell: I feel that there are so many things that are offered on campus that you simply cannot run out of things to do! Academic-wise, Cornell offers such a diverse range of interdisciplinary courses and allows me to explore all my areas of interest ranging from psychology to visual arts to business. There are also so many clubs on campus which gives me so many opportunities to try new things and find out about new passions! Cornell also has a friendly environment and makes me feel at home.

Grace Tian ‘23

Major: Psychology

Minor: Creative Writing

Grace Tian

Hobbies and Interests: Academically, I'm drawn to psychology because it's fascinating to find patterns in thought and action that we might personally not even be aware of. Outside of academics, I love to write! I love writing poetry and short stories, and recently have been working on songwriting. In my free time, when I'm not writing, I also enjoy taking walks in nature, which Cornell's campus is so great for. I love boba and coffee, and hope to own a cat when I am able to get my own apartment!

Why Cornell: I chose Cornell because it seemed perfectly suited to fit all I wanted in a college! I wanted a large, diverse campus with plenty of nature, and as a pre-medicine student, I also looked for a college which was strong in the sciences and offered plenty of interesting laboratory opportunities. Location wise, I looked for a school which was isolated enough to build a strong sense of community, but also had attractions off campus, which Ithaca provided. Cornell seemed like the perfect place to attend, especially after I visited the campus during the summer and found how beautiful it was!

Greta Berendes ‘24

Majors: Physics and Philosophy

Greta Berendes

I enjoy running and watching movies. I am interested in astronomy and mathematics.

Why Cornell: I am an international student and wanted a completely new experience.

Halle Livermore '23

Majors: History and Africana Studies

Halle Livermore

On campus I serve as the Managing Editor of the Cornellian Yearbook and on the Logistics Team of the Cornell Fashion Collective. I am an avid painter, reader, and writer. In my free time I love to run and spend time outdoors with friends.

I chose the College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell because of the endless opportunities and resources. When I transferred from a small liberal arts college I was hoping to find a more diverse field of course offerings and increased opportunities for career development within an arts and sciences curriculum. At Cornell I have found just that. While I have continued to develop my passions for history and Africana studies, I have also taken advantage of career services, department events, and extracurricular activities that relate to my majors. Studying liberal arts at Cornell allows me to explore my interests and remain creative while providing structure and support along the way. It's the perfect balance

Hannah Fuchs '23

Major: Government

Minors: American Studies and Communication

Hannah Fuchs

Outside of Ambassadors, I am on the E-Board of Cornell Consent Ed, a member of The Mediocre Melodies a cappella group and a member of the marketing team for WVBR 93.5 FM. I love discovering new music and reading a good book. I am very interested in media, journalism and education as a possible career.

I chose Cornell because of the breadth of course options and the enthusiastic student body. I have met some of the most intelligent, funny and genuine friends during my time here. The faculty, especially in A&S, are incredibly esteemed yet kind and accessible to students. There is truly something here for everyone and it does not hurt that Cornell's campus has so much natural beauty. Ithaca also had the youthful, quirky and energetic feel of a college town that I was seeking.

Haoshen Li ‘22

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Business

Haoshen Liu

Hobbies and Interests: I love classical guitar and singing. I joined Cornell Chorale at my freshmen year and had much fun with other members. We performed in church publicly at the end of every semester. Unexpectedly, Drama walks into my life after I was selected as one of the main characters for CCDS spring drama show. I had many unforgettable experience and memories with my drama team at that semester. Since then, I love performing and watching other good dramas. For outdoor activities, I love soccer and play intramural with my friends.

Why Cornell: I was attracted by Cornell for two main reasons. First, I did not know which major was appropriate for me. Cornell provides the most diverse and flexible course selections. Thanks to the incredible academic resources of Cornell, I finally decide to pursue Computer Science after trying many classes in other majors. Second, locating at Ithaca, the special and beautiful environment of Cornell leaves me great impression when I did research for my future university at high school. I enjoy the peacefulness which make me better focus on my work and have chat with my friends.

Hunter Hubbard '23

Majors: Economics and Science & Technology Studies

Minors: Business and Law & Society

Hunter Hubbard

Outside of classes, you can probably find me hanging out with friends somehow. On campus, specifically, I am the Business Subteam Lead for the Cornell University Autonomous Underwater Vehicle project team and a brother of Kappa Sigma.

Why Cornell: I chose Cornell because of its interdisciplinary nature and strengths in a multitude of departments. While in college, if I decide to change my major, I would still be receiving a world-class education in any subject because Cornell does not specialize in one specific field, and I am encouraged to explore all my interests. Arts & Sciences takes a unique approach to education where you are never siloed into one field, and we offer majors that are quite hard to come by other places. Aside from academics, the campus, collaborative environment, and career prospects were an instant draw to Cornell.

Ingrid Comella ‘23

Major: Environment & Sustainability

Ingrid Comella

Hobbies and Interests: When I’m not in the classroom, you can find me at meetings for the Society for Natural Resources Conservation, lifeguarding at a pool on campus, or working on a Cornell University Sustainable Design project team. I also love cooking healthy recipes, knitting hats, moving my body, watching documentaries, and trying new things.

Why Cornell: Cornell is the perfect place to step out of your comfort zone on all fronts: academic, social, and extracurricular. I came to Cornell unsure of my major and knew that I would be given the flexibility to thoroughly explore all of my interests here. So far, I have taken classes in archaeology, fiber science, Italian, and more that have very little to do with my major. While taking classes in a variety of subjects, I am still able to focus on courses for my Environment & Sustainability major. At Cornell, there is such an abundance of diverse topics to study and countless extracurriculars where anyone is free to explore their passions and interests.

Ishini Gammanpila '22

Major: Mathematics

Ishini Gammanpila

Hobbies and interests: I love playing the violin, the piano and the ukulele. I also enjoy singing (I sing for The Touchtones all female a cappella group), so I guess you could say I’m an ardent fan of music in general. I’m really into stand-up comedy (I don’t know if I’m any good at it though). So much so that at one point I thought I’d not go to college and just pursue a career in it. As you could guess my VERY Asian parents wouldn’t let that happen. I also like graphics design and did a few internships in high-school (One of my designs even went up on a billboard in Sri Lanka!)

Why Cornell: For me, one of the great appeals of CAS is the sheer breadth of courses on offer. I love trying new things; it is perhaps what defines me as a person, and so Cornell’s flexibility matches my personality. The variety of different sub-fields especially in mathematics, like complex analysis, speaks to my inquisitive nature. I am greatly attracted to the Active Learning Initiative because it helps narrow the gap between mathematics taught in the class and mathematics applied in reality, a gap which is obvious in South Asian education. And of course, as a small-town Sri Lankan, CAS’ reputation and academic excellence gives my parents the bragging rights I have denied them by not becoming a doctor!

Jenny Xing ‘24

Majors: Economics & Psychology

Jenny Xing

Outside of class, I enjoy dancing, figure skating, travelling, and eating! I love traveling to different places and trying the traditional dishes there. On campus, I'm involved in the International Student Union (ISU), Breakfree, LOKO, Social Enterprise and Cornell (SEC), and Translator-Interpreter Program (TIP).

Why Cornell: I chose Cornell because of its various possibilities and opportunities that students can explore. Specifically, I was drawn to the diverse and expansive academic opportunities that the College of Arts and Sciences offers. Coming out of high school, I knew that there are many great areas that I haven’t yet explored. College of Arts & Sciences gives me an excellent opportunity to discover not only the various disciplines but also their connections with one another. Growing up in multiple countries, I also love the diverse student body that Cornell has, giving me more opportunities to meet friends that come from different backgrounds with their unique experiences.

Jeremy Jung '23

Majors: Mathematics and Computer Science

Jeremy Jung

I'm very interested in entrepreneurship and developing products to help solve others' problems. I spend a lot of time making my own mobile and web applications for the public to use. I'm also really into music production. In my free time, you can usually find me making beats and working with rappers on new music! On campus, I'm involved with Cornell Design & Tech Initiative and the Cornell Music Production Club, among other commitments.

Why Cornell: What drew me to Cornell was the people. Cornell's diversity in its student body is unmatched, and everyone here has something that makes them special and unique. Whether it be finding a partner for a new business idea or an artist to work on a song with, you can always find someone interested in the same things that you are at Cornell.

Jessica Kwon '23

Major: Government

Minor: Information Science

Jessica Kwon

Outside of my work as an ambassador, I find myself meeting a lot of people through different student organizations but my primary involvements are in Phi Alpha Delta, a pre-law fraternity, and Disrupt the System, a team that empowers students to tackle social justice issues with innovative solutions. In my free time I always enjoy hanging out with my friends, but also rock climbing (specifically bouldering), embroidering, and looking for nice cafes to study in.

Why Cornell: I loved my old college, but I realized it wasn't the best fit for me and didn't provide the best learning environment that I was looking for. When looking into different transfer options, I found that Cornell offers a lot of amazing opportunities for me as a Government major and pre-law student — inside and outside of the classroom. I wanted to pursue my intellectual interests alongside a large and diverse student population while having a strong liberal arts foundation. Cornell truly embodies the saying of "Any Person, Any Study" as I have had a number of great experiences in CAS, and I am looking forward to spending my remaining college years here.

Julia Kim ’22

Majors: Statistics, Economics

Minor: English

Julia kim

Hobbies and Interests: At Cornell, I'm the Finance Chair and Recruitment Chair of the Cornell Business Review and a part of Medium Design Collective's Experience Team.  This past year I also served as an Arts and Sciences peer advisor where I had the opportunity to meet new students and help them adjust to life at college.  In my free time, I love to take hikes with my friends at nearby falls in Ithaca, read Jane Austen novels, and journal.  

Why Cornell: When I first visited Cornell the summer before my senior year of high school, I fell in love with the beautiful campus.  At the time of college applications, I was very much undecided in what I wanted to study in college and I appreciated the flexibility Cornell's College of Arts and Sciences offered.  Being able to come into college with an open mind about declaring a major helped me explore my options during my first year and have now found my passion in Statistics and Economics.  I look forward to continuing to spend time and grow with other motivated and driven students in the coming semesters!

Justin Ong ’22

Major: Biological Sciences

Justin Ong

Hobbies and Interests: When I’m not in the library studying, I love to hang out with my friends on campus. One of my favorite things to do on the weekends is to go try out local restaurants and explore the many different trails around Ithaca. During the week, I always make time to go to the gym or run to unwind after my classes. I’m also involved in research, community service, and a cultural fraternity on campus. I also enjoy just staying in my dorm and watching movies.

Why Cornell: Aside from its outstanding reputation in academics, Cornell’s campus was a large factor that influenced me to choose to go here. Coming from Las Vegas, Nevada, I wanted a chance to study in a new environment from where I grew up. Cornell’s beautiful forests and scenery was a great opportunity for me to expand my horizons. Despite being in a rural setting, the Cornell community has a plethora of activities constantly going on. In my opinion, the campus is small enough to build close connections while simultaneously big enough to constantly meet new people. My older brother also goes here and is two years older than me. Hearing about all the interesting clubs and people on campus was definitely another large factor that contributed to me picking Cornell.

Kate Schrage ‘22

Major: English  

Minor: Human Development

Kate Schrage

On campus, I am very involved with my sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and am also a member of the Order of Omega. I am the incoming Copy Writer for the Cornellian Yearbook, and have served as a TA in Computer Science and a writer on Cornell's humor magazine, The Lunatic. Off campus, I am a twice produced playwright, a nationally awarded poet, a pastry chef, a home cook in training, a foster mom to neonatal kittens, and an avid Shakespeare fan.

Why Cornell: I chose to attend Cornell because of its incredible social and academic balance-- and the fact that they go hand in hand. The social atmosphere uniquely rewards and encourages academic excellence and the pursuit of intellectual development, and Cornell is truly a place where it is "cool" to be driven. You're constantly surrounded by people who are curious and excited about their studies, so no matter the circumstance, you're always in good company and have something in common with those around you-- that, and of course that Cornell is truly a winter wonderland!

Katerina Karaiskos Romero ‘22

Major: Biology & Society

Katerina Karaiskos Romero

Hobbies and Interests: I play in Deixa Sambar (the Brazilian samba ensemble on campus!). I also play intramural volleyball, sing in an a cappella group, and am currently the Diversity and Inclusion chair of the Cornell Democrats. My favorite TV show is Avatar the Last Airbender!

Why Cornell: I came into Cornell not at all sure of what I wanted to do. I was completely undecided and only recently declared my major about a month ago. I thought that A&S in particular offered me a wide variety of choices and encouraged students like myself to embrace this linkage of different disciplines.

Lillie Steen ‘23

Majors: Art History, Archaeology

Lillie Steen

Hobbies and Interests: I do a lot of crafting, knitting, and embroidery! My next project is to learn how to sew, and to start making historically accurate costumes. I also play guitar and saxophone, and I’m in the Cornell BRMB.

Why Cornell: I wanted to come to a school that was rigorous and would challenge me to become a better student, but where people were also proud to be and felt a genuine connection to the campus and the larger community. Cornell is also in an extremely artistic and culture-oriented city! Being in Ithaca really makes you feel motivated and inspired.

Luke Detlor ‘22

Major: Biological Sciences

Minor: Psychology

Luke Detlor

Hobbies and Interests: Outside of class I love spending time with my friends exploring Ithaca and enjoying its natural scenery. On campus I’m a Residential Advisor in the Townhouse Community and I work at Student Disability Services. By participating in undergraduate research in the Behavioral Analysis of Beginning Years (BABY) Lab, I help investigate questions related to communicative development in both infant humans and songbirds! My favorite activity at Cornell is Deixa Sambar, a Brazilian percussion ensemble.

Why Cornell: The university itself is large, allowing me to meet new people every day and explore diverse interests. At the same time, the College of Arts and Sciences has a small liberal arts school feel, fostering personal interactions between students and faculty. Similarly, the A&S curriculum gives me the freedom to explore the academic interests I knew I had since high school while also helping me to explore subjects outside of my major and find new passions. In fulfilling distribution and graduation requirements, for instance, I’ve discovered and cultivated my interests for Psychology, Anthropology, and Italian Language, even though I hadn’t considered these fields prior to Cornell. Ultimately, I chose Cornell because when I visited campus I felt both excited by the boundless opportunities and comforted by the home-like sense of a tightly knit community.

Madeleine Peel ‘22

Major: Biology & Society

Madeleine Peel

Hobbies and Interests: On campus, I am a coxswain on the Varsity Women's Rowing team where I am a part of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. I am also a part of the Big Red Leadership Institute and a member of a social sorority. In my spare time, you'll find me doing work in Temple of Zeus or exploring the Ithaca Farmer's Market with my friends.

Why Cornell: When I first visited Cornell as a High School student, I immediately knew it was the university I wanted to attend. Beside the high performing athletic team and the excellent academics, I was drawn to the beautiful campus and surrounding city. I wanted to be in a town that had more than just the university campus, and Ithaca has just that. Throughout my time at Cornell, I have been able to volunteer at local elementary schools, go to restaurants in the Ithaca Commons, and explore many of the beautiful hiking trails around the city.

Madison Gamma ‘22

Major: Economics

Minors: Biology, Italian

Madison Gamma

Hobbies and Interests: Hobbies and Interests: My favorite part about being in Ithaca is that I have had the opportunity to explore the great outdoors. I love running outside when the weather is warm and visiting the nearby state parks with my friends. I’ve been trying to keep up with playing the piano at school as well as sample every restaurant Ithaca has to offer. I enjoy serving on the executive board of Consent Ed Cornell, attending Cornell's Italian Club, and spending my free time on Libe Slope.

Why Cornell: Why Cornell: I decided that Cornell was the college for me the day I set foot on campus. Of course, Ithaca is a beautiful place to have a university, but I found the history that is showcased at Cornell incredibly captivating, along with the positive experiences that many students and alumni shared with me. I was so driven to become a part of the network that Cornell has created, and now feel truly integrated into the powerful family of students that welcomed me so kindly two years ago.

Madison Keele ‘22

Majors: Government, Comparative Literature

Minors: German Studies, Russian

Madison Keele

Hobbies and Interests: In my free time, I really love to cook, and I'm always hunting for new and complicated recipes to try out. My kitchen here in Ithaca has almost always got some new experiment going. I also own tons of houseplants and spend a lot of time caring for those -- both big and small. As you can tell by my minors, I also really love studying languages. I've been studying German since my freshman year of high school, and I'm entering my second year of studying Russian. I love finding new things on Netflix in either German or Russian and trying to work my way through them. 

Why Cornell: I chose Cornell for the academics, student life, and natural beauty of the area. My hometown is very flat and mainly cornfields, so I wanted to go somewhere where I could do more hiking, not to mention all the activities Cayuga Lake has to offer. The academic rigor also really excited me. I wanted to go somewhere where I could dive deep into my studies and really challenge myself. Cornell is great for that, and I'm constantly surrounded by people who push me to do better and better. Cornell also has a great social scene, and student life on and off campus thrives. I've met some of my best friends here, and I can't imagine my life without them! 

Matthew Cramer '23

Major: Economics

Minors: Philosophy and Business

Matthew Cramer
Outside of the classroom I am involved in Cornell Investment Banking Club, First Generation Investors, and Kappa Sigma Fraternity. In my free time I love to play golf, spend time with friends, and watch classic movies.

Maya Leong ‘23

Major: Computer Science

Maya Leong

Hobbies and Interests: In my spare time, I enjoy exploring Ithaca whether it is hiking along the many trails or trying out new restaurants in the commons. I love visiting the many gorges and waterfalls we have around campus. My hobbies include playing soccer, violin, and watching my favorite childhood TV shows on Disney+. I also love to travel (in the pre-covid days!) and explore new cultures and try exotics foods.

Why Cornell: I chose Cornell because I wanted to surround myself with a diverse student body, have opportunities to do research, and for its beautiful campus. I come from a small town so I knew I wanted a big school with people from all over the country and the world, with different intellectual interests, and who would challenge me.

Megan Chang ‘23

Majors: College Scholar & Information Science

Minor: Psychology

Megan Chang

When I'm not in class you can find me parading with the Big Red Marching Band, practicing taekwondo, enjoying music with NKE, engaging in critical design thinking, drawing with The Yellow Paint Society, or volunteering with TST-BOCES Career Skills at Cornell and Alleycat Cafe. In my spare time I enjoy exploring Ithaca and completing puzzles.

Why Cornell: I chose Cornell because it offers a wide range of academic and extracurricular opportunities that encourage interdisciplinary perspectives. My professors connect their lessons to current events and the latest research in their fields to further student engagement. The genuine connections I've formed through classes exemplify how passionate my fellow Cornellians are about learning!

Miya Kuramoto ‘22

Major: American Studies

Minor: Inequality Studies, Asian American Studies

Miya Kuramoto

Hobbies and Interests: I am a member of the Varsity Track and Field team, so I spend much of my time at Barton Hall working out. When I’m not at Barton I can be found at my favorite lunch spot, Goldie’s cafe in PSB. They have comfy chairs and great sandwiches! Outside of academics and athletics, I like to chill out in my hammock on the Arts Quad, play my guitar and ukulele with friends, work on creative writing, and pet ALL of the dogs I come across on campus.

Why Cornell: I am from Lansing, just 5 miles north of Ithaca, so Cornell has always felt like home to me. I looked at other schools, but at the end of the day, Cornell felt different. One of the things that is special about the Cornell community is that it is alive at all times of the year (even in the winter people are out playing in the snow). In terms of academics, I was drawn to the College of Arts & Sciences because I was undeclared and found that the breadth of curriculum gave me the freedom to take classes is many disciplines and in doing so, find my passion.

Naina Murthy ‘22

Major: Biology & Society

Minor: Spanish

Naina Murthy

Hobbies and Interests: On campus, I am involved in Students onto Scholars, which is an organization that is centered on learning about and combatting education inequality in the Ithaca community, and I'm also involved in Spanish Debate since I enjoy practicing my Spanish-speaking skills and learning about current events around the world. I am also a research assistant in the Cornell Infant Studies Lab, in which I am learning about motor and spatial cognition and language acquisition in children. In my free time, I love spending time with my friends and exploring new places around Ithaca. I also enjoy hiking, baking, and photography!

Why Cornell: I chose Cornell because I wanted to attend a college that would challenge me but also allow me to explore what I'm passionate about. I have also discovered new interests, and I have met (and continue to meet) amazing people who inspire and support me. Because I am in the College of Arts and Sciences, I am able to pursue a major that allows me to take interesting classes in both STEM and the humanities, and it's really interesting to see how often different classes overlap with each other. Besides Cornell's engaging academic environment, I also love the natural beauty of Ithaca and the opportunities to enjoy nature both on and off campus.

Olivia Ochoa '24

Major: Spanish

Minor: Latino Studies

Olivia Ochoa

I'm a very musical person! I love to listen to singer-songwriters, One Direction, or Juan Gabriel albums. I also play guitar, and used to sing in a mariachi band! Besides music, I spend a lot of time embroidering and crocheting, as well as reading books about racial justice, queer visibility, immigration reform, etc. My favorite is "If They Come In The Morning: Voices Of Resistance" by Angela Davis. 

Why Cornell: Being first-generation, I have always dreamed of going somewhere that'd make my parents proud. I'm also here with the Posse Foundation Leadership Scholarship, and in addition to helping with my admission, they are an amazing support system for me on campus that I can't imagine a college experience without that network!

Priyanka Menon '23

Majors: Biological Sciences (Neurobiology and Behavior concentration)

Priyanka Menon

Besides Neurobiology, I am passionate about Spanish and Health Equity! When I am not doing work, I love to perform and choreograph with my Indian classical dance team, spend time exploring campus with my friends, and try as many new restaurants as I can in the area. I hope to attend medical school and pursue research along the way.

Why Cornell: Living my entire life in Atlanta, Georgia, I knew I wanted to branch out and grow as a person. Cornell allowed me to step out of my comfort zone in every way whether it was through academics, meeting new people, and trying new activities. Its interdisciplinary programs allowed me to pursue all of my interests without it being too overwhelming. I am very grateful for that experience because it has made me a more well-rounded person. Overall, the people, the organizations, and the amazing academic opportunities made Cornell very appealing to me!

Raksha Krishnan ‘22

Major: Neurobiology and Behavior

Minors: Global Health, Music

Raksha Krishnan

Hobbies and Interests: I have an incredible amount of interest in research, public policy, health equity, medicine, science, music, and more. On campus, you will find me researching in the Harrington Lab of Vector Entomology, singing as part of the Cornell Chorale, leading as part of the Cornell Center of Health Equity (as the vice president), advocating and creating programming as part of the Carl L Becker House, and working and volunteering throughout campus. I love to write, read, research, chart stars, and advocate for voices often left unheard. Otherwise, I love hanging out with my friends and singing karaoke, eating food from around the world, traveling (when things are a bit more normal), and being with my family. I sing in Carnatic and Western styles of music and write my own music on occasion. I also love watching movies with my friends, and together we have started the Conscious Kindness initiative on West Campus! I also love studying the brain, its inner workings, and the many facets of how, biologically speaking, music can affect the brain. I have a vested interest in anthropology and history as well and my favorite on-campus place to study is the A.D. White Room at Uris. Its incredible architecture, surrounded by its historical significance, is quite inspiring to venture into, and it showcases another reason why Cornell truly is quite an amazing place!


Why Cornell: When I embarked upon the confusing path of junior year, I knew that I couldn't go to a school unless I fell in love with the place. I visited a number of schools and things just... never felt right. That was until I walked onto Cornell's Campus. I fell in love with the people, who are so incredibly down to earth, intelligent, kind, and caring. I fell in love with the spirit and the school pride, invoked by the chimes that toll oh so frequently. I fell in love with the classes, the content, and the passion of the lecturers. And I fell in love with Ithaca. Cornell affords me the chance to study all my interests, nestled in the quiet and thoughtful woods of upstate New York. It allows me to connect to nature while also exploring the incredible architecture of such an amazing place. Cornell is a school so incredible, and these many reasons are why I chose to attend Cornell!

Rory Sheppard ‘23

Major: Government, Philosophy

Rory Sheppard

Hobbies and Interests: When I am not studying in Olin Library or moving from classroom to classroom, I enjoy everything outdoors Cornell has to offer. Be it the nature trails around campus or the famous slope, spending time outdoors has been my most enjoyable break from academic life (when it's not too cold!). On a similar note, when not reading about whatever was assigned that week, I have become involved in the Kappa Alpha Phi pre-law fraternity and the project team Cornell Mars Rover. Whether I am engaging myself in everything that comes with thinking about law school, I enjoy being apart of team with plans to explore the rest of the solar system! I also love the ice hockey games and going on runs.

Why Cornell: I chose to attend Cornell because of the opportunities that come with a large multi-focused university coupled with all the benefits of a traditional liberal arts experience, found in the College of Arts and Sciences. The academic rigor is also something I thought unique and attractive about Cornell, the possibility of surrounding myself with fellow students passionate about testing new ideas in creative, innovative ways continues to amaze me.

Rucha Gharpure '23

Majors: Computer Science and Economics

Rucha Gharpure

In addition to being an Arts and Sciences Ambassador, I am the lead of Cornell Data Science’s Algorithmic Trading project team and am a member of the Association for Computer Science Undergraduates. I am passionate about learning about new technologies, and in my free time, I enjoy exploring new restaurants and watching Spanish telenovelas on Netflix.  

Why Cornell: After touring Cornell, I immediately fell in love with the campus’s beauty and the university's mantra of Any Person, Any Study. I knew that the College of Arts and Sciences was the perfect fit for me, as it would allow me to explore my interests in Economics and Computer Science in an interdisciplinary manner. Taking advantage of the endless opportunities available at Cornell has not only challenged me to think in a more creative manner but also allowed me to discover my true academic passions.

Sarah Kebaish ‘22

Major: Biological Sciences

Minor: Psychology

Sarah Kebaish

Hobbies and Interests: In my free time, I love to dance on Sabor Latino Dance Ensemble, or at local Salsa Nights. On campus, I'm a biological sciences student advisor, and the recruitment chair for my social sorority. I'm an avid reader, cake baker, and movie fan (especially when Keira Knightley is involved). I love going on long walks, and playing the violin with my younger sister.

Why Cornell: Although I've always been passionate about the sciences, I wanted an education which would encourage me to explore other disciplines and broaden the scope of my knowledge. For this reason, I chose to attend Cornell, as I knew it would enable me to receive not only an excellent instruction in biology, but also expose me to a host of other fields. Additionally, the diversity of the students on campus, and the majors which Cornell offers, create an utterly unique intellectual environment which has allowed me to grow both academically, and in my personal life.

Sneha Nagarajan ‘22

Major: Computer Sciences

Minor: Business

Sneha Nagarajan

Hobbies and Interests: On campus, I am a member of Aguaclara, an engineering project team that strives to develop resilient, gravity-powered drinking water, and wastewater treatment technologies. I am also a member of Cornell Bhangra, a competitive Indian folk dance team on campus!

Why Cornell: I applied to Cornell because of its unmatched academic excellence and its priority to be on the cutting edge of engineering and technology. However, I chose to attend Cornell because of the interdisciplinary opportunities to grow and explore everything I was interested in. I loved coding, but I also loved learning new languages, understanding philosophy, exploring the performing arts, educating myself on the current state of the environmental crisis, and so much more. Cornell allowed me to explore and further develop every part of myself and everything I was interested in.

Summer Hardy ‘23

Major: Biology & Society

Summer Hardy

Hobbies and Interests: I chose Cornell because I really didn’t know what I wanted to study. I initially applied as a math major and was able to explore different subjects and found information science and it’s ultimately led me to an area that I’m really passionate about. After taking the core courses, I did two User Experience Design internships and am doing a software engineering one this summer. I also think that Cornell’s career services and opportunities are unmatched. I transferred to Cornell my sophomore year and we always have big name companies on campus hosting information sessions, workshops, and on campus interviews. I actually got a ton of interviews after going to a career fair. I would also say that the people are awesome. I’ve made so many friends on campus and everyone is so nice and welcoming!

Why Cornell: I initially chose to attend Cornell because I wanted to leave behind the mountains of Colorado in exchange for the gorges of Ithaca. When I first visited, I was pleasantly surprised with how friendly the students were and how beautiful the campus was. I quickly realized the wide range of opportunities Cornell offers, and it's been exciting exploring the various resources and possibilities here. I am grateful to be able to call Cornell and Ithaca home and I will always appreciate the numerous waterfalls around campus.

Surita Basu '23

Majors: Economics and Government

Surita Basu

On campus, I write and edit for The Cornell Daily Sun and I am currently a research assistant with the Cornell Emerging Markets Institute. When I'm not studying in Goldwin Smith Hall, I love getting outside to hike, ski, and explore Ithaca!

Why Cornell: As a transfer student, I chose Cornell because of the wide range of opportunities it offered. The breadth of the College of Arts and Sciences as well as the number of student organizations made it really easy for me to explore different career paths and academic interests. I also love how diverse and welcoming the student body was and how I was constantly meeting new people from different backgrounds.

Sydney Flannigan ‘22

Major: Biological Sciences

Minor: French

Sydney Flannigan

Hobbies and Interests: Something I am really passionate about is healthcare which is why I love being on the Executive Board of the Cornell University Women's Health Initiative! I joined this organization when it was founded and I have enjoyed seeing it grow throughout my semesters as Cornell. I also really enjoy being an orientation leader and welcoming new students to campus during orientation. For fun, I like to spend time with my friends on campus, drink a lot of coffee and love exploring Ithaca and see all the fun things it has to offer.

Why Cornell: I chose Cornell because when I toured it, I felt at home. There are so many amazing educational opportunities and our campus is incredibly beautiful. I have loved every second of my time here. I have met some amazing people, joined organizations and taken super interesting classes with extremely accomplished professors. For me, Cornell had everything I was looking for in a college experience and it has allowed me to grow in so many ways.

Taylor Bazos ‘23

Majors: Performing and Media Arts/ Spanish

Minor: Education

Taylor Bazos

Hobbies and interests: I love theater, specifically musical theater, and I love acting in shows and movies. I am in Cornell’s Delta Kappa alpha, a professional film fraternity and have been acting since I was little. I also love music and singing and am a part of Cornell’s all female, pop culture a cappella group, Less Than Three. I love teaching and working with kids as well, and watching Spanish telenovelas!

Why Cornell: I chose Cornell because it gave me the flexibility to learn about all of my interests and take a huge variety of classes. I hope to produce Spanish Theater around the world, and Cornell gives me the ability to study both of these things and a space to create and learn. The faculty is extremely supportive and masters in their areas, and these are the kinds of people I want to learn from. Of course, the gorgeous campus doesn’t hurt either.

Valerie Hu ‘23

Major: Psychology and Biological Sciences

Valerie Hu

Hobbies and Interests: I'm passionate about studying childhood contexts and how they shape the adult brain! In my free time, I can be found singing and dancing my heart out with the Anything Goes Musical Theatre Troupe, practicing for Mock Trial, hanging out with my Bible study group, and conducting research in the Life History Lab. I love learning new languages, journaling, and being near bodies of water of all kinds - though oceans are preferable.

Why Cornell: I chose Cornell because it just felt right when I visited. I remember sitting on the slope watching the sunset with my mom, and knowing with absolute certainty that this was where I wanted to spend the next four years of my life. The campus and its surrounding natural features are beautiful, there is a huge range of classes so I can pursue my hodgepodge of academic interests, but most importantly, I've met people who have made me laugh and challenged me to think about the world in new ways.

Valerie Odonkor ’22

Majors: Government, French

Valerie Odonkor

Hobbies and Interests: In my free time, I love learning about the world around me. I like keeping up with world news, reading, creative writing, discovering new music, taking long walks and being surrounded by nature, and, of course, taking pictures everywhere I go. Thankfully, I was able to hone this passion for photography through photojournalism, shooting for the Cornell Daily Sun and artistically shooting for Cornell Thread fashion magazine. I work as a barista at Carol’s Cafe in Cornell’s residential Balch Hall. I also love volunteering! Currently, I volunteer through the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies to teach kids in the local area the beautiful and historically rich language of French, the country of France and the diverse Francophone world. I am also a part of a social sorority in which I am able to also contribute to the nonprofit Service for Sight and give back to service men and women who have experienced vision impairment, eye trauma, or vision loss. And lastly, to keep active and continue pursuing a hobby I have had since I was 11 years old, I also play for the Cornell Club Volleyball team. 

Why Cornell: The first thing about Cornell that really caught my attention was the beautiful campus. As someone who loves taking pictures and loves taking long walks, Cornell never fails to supply me with new paths to take and picturesque sceneries to shoot. I also really loved how large Cornell’s campus and population is because it just presents so many new opportunities to experience new things and meet new people. The College of Arts and Sciences offers so many niche and interesting classes that caught my eye when choosing a place to further my knowledge in any and all aspects of life. There is truly no other university like Cornell, and experiencing such a unique culture is an opportunity I will never regret taking advantage of. 

Vishnu Kumar '24

Majors: Biology and Economics

Vishnu Kumar

On campus I am part of PATCH and the Cornell Society for India. In my free time I like to play basketball, badminton, and bowling and even sometimes go on some hikes.

Why Cornell: I chose Cornell, more specifically the College of Arts & Sciences, for the endless opportunities it has to offer. With over half of all of Cornell's courses being offered in this one college alone, I knew I would never run out of courses to take. Not only that, but being able to take classes in other colleges was an additional bonus. Furthermore, the strong alumni connections would also enable me to reach out to former Cornell students and learn from their experiences. Most importantly, the people here are actually willing to help each other out and want the best for one another!

Youssef Aziz ’22

Major: Sociology

Minor: Inequality Studies in Health Equity

Youssef Aziz

Hobbies and Interests: Some of the things I do around campus include Alpha Phi Omega, BSU, the 2Gen Scholars Program, and an on-campus job. I also play the flute in a quartet to keep my musicality in check. I'm also a First Generation Student Union mentor to help FLI students on campus feel more comfortable navigating Cornell. In my free time, I hang out with friends, listen to music, and explore new restaurants around Ithaca.

Why Cornell: Coming from California, I wanted to explore something new. Being surrounded by the warm sun, beaches, cities, and everything anyone can want, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone. Ithaca's nature and Cornell's beautiful campus took my breath away and allowed me to explore a different side of myself. The tight-knit community and long-lasting friends I found here allowed me to grow in ways I never thought I could.

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