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A&S Advising Office: Advising Deans and Staff

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College of Arts and Sciences

Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Advising  Rachel Bean, Senior Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education

Working Teams and Responsibilities of Staff and Advising Deans


Freshmen and sophomores (KG17 Klarman Hall, 5-5004):

With last names beginning A-C: Jayla Greene

With last names beginning D-J: James Finlay

With last names beginning K: Bonnie Comella

With last names beginning L-O: Clare McMillan

With last names beginning Q, R, S: Carlo Lindo

With last names beginning P, T-Z: Chad Coates

Juniors and seniors (KG17, Klarman Hall, 5-4833):

With last names beginning A-C, R: Naya Sou

With last names beginning D-J: Richard Keller

With last names beginning K: Bonnie Comella

With last names beginning L, U, V, Z: Juliette Corazon

With last names beginning M-Q: Ekaterina Pirozhenko

With last names beginning S, T, W-Y: Paul Sulzer


9th or 10th Term in College: Junior/Senior Dean (5-4833)

Academic Integrity issues: James Finlay (5-5004)/Deb Morey (5-7061)

Acceleration: Junior-Senior Dean (5-4833)

Add/Drops: Staff KG17 Klarman Hall (5-5004 or 5-4833)

Admissions Information Sessions: Admissions Deans/Directors/Staff (5-4833)

Admissions Application Processing: Staff (5-4833) Admissions Selection: Advising Deans (5-4833) Admissions Special Interest: John Morganelli (5-4833)

Advanced Placement Credit: Kurt Fritjofson (5-6458)/Monica McFall (5-5793)/Deb Morey (5-7061)

Advanced Placement Policy: Brenda Lind (5-4833)

Advisor/Major Forms for Continuing Students: Andy Lonsky (5-5004)

Advisor/Major Forms for Transfers: Robin Perry (5-4836)

African Experience Travel Award: Clare McMillan/Kurt Fritjofson (5-5792)

Ambassadors: Devon Jones (5-4833)

Application to Graduate: Kurt Fritjofson (5-6458), Monica McFall (5-5793), Technical Issues: Brenda Lind 5-4833

Athletic Liaison Admissions/Current Students: Irene Lessmeister (5-4833)

Budgets: Brenda Lind/Sue Downes (5-4833); Bonnie Comella/John Morganelli (5-4833)

Career Development: 172 GSH: Ana Adinolfi/Jennifer Maclaughlin/Diane Miller (5-4166) | On-campus programs about careers, internships and jobs for majors in liberal arts and sciences, individual advising and counseling, alumni/ae networking, Student Career Ambassador peer advising and resume critiques, credit for internship inquiries, career library, publications, and career website

College Scholar program: James Finlay/Monica McFall (5-5793)

Committee on Academic Records: Bonnie Comella/Sue Downes (5-3386)

Concurrent Degree options: Richard Keller/Monica McFall (5-5793)

Course File: Deb Morey (5-7061) /Brenda Lind (5-4833)

Courses of Study: Deb Morey (5-7061)/Brenda Lind (5-4833)

Credit Evaluations: Tammy Shapiro (external transfers) (5-5004) Monica McFall (internal transfers) (5-4833)

Crisis Counselor Contacts: Bonnie Comella/Brenda Lind (5-4833)

Dean’s Advisory Council Representative: John Morganelli (5-4833)

Dean’s Certification for Law School/Bar Letters: Diane Miller (5-6924)/Robin Perry (5-4833)

Dean’s Certification for Med School: Ana Adlnolfi (5-4166)/ Robin Perry (5-4833)

Dean’s List: Brenda Lind (5-4833)/Robin Perry (5-4836)

Degree Audit: Brenda Lind/Kurt Fritjofson/ Monica McFall/Deb Morey (5-4833)

Dean’s Scholars: ??

Diploma Review/Ordering: Kurt Fritjofson (5-6458), Monica McFall (5-5793), Deb Morey (5-4833)

Disability issues: Juliette Corazon (5-4833)

Diversity Programs: Ana Adinolfi (5-4166)/Chad Coates (5-5004)/Juliette Corazon (5-5004)/Carlo Lindo (5-4833)

Diversity Hosting Month: Zela Brotherton (5-4833)

Educational Policy Committee: Rachel Bean/Deb Morey (5-7061)

Einhorn Discovery Grant funding: Rich Keller/Sue Downes (5-3386)

Electronic Student Records issues: Brenda Lind (5-4833)

Enrollment Management Admissions: John Morganelli (5-4833)

Faculty Advising: Bonnie Comella 5-4833/Kurt Fritjofson (5-6458)

Facilities: Brenda Lind (5-4833)

Family Weekend: Jayla Greene 5-5004

Financial Aid Appeals: Brenda Lind (5-4833)

First-Year Spring Admission: Irene Lessmeister S17 (5-5004)/Tammy Shapiro – credit evaluations (5-4833)

Forbidden Overlapping Courses: Kurt Fritjofson (5-6458)/Monica McFall (5-5793)/Deb More (5-7061)

Good Standing certificates: Monica McFall (5-5793)/Brenda Lind (5-4833)

Grade changes and problems: Sue Downes (5-3386)/Brenda Lind (5-4833)

HEOP Admission/Current HEOP students: Zela Brotherton (5-4833); Chad Coates (5-5004)

Human Resources: Brenda Lind (5-4833)

Independent majors: James Finlay/Sue Downes (5-3386)

Independent Study Approvals: Rachel Bean/Deb Morey (5-7061)

Internship Credit & Related Paperwork: Diane Miller (5-4166)

Language exemption/fluency for new students: Pat Wasyliw (5-5004)

Language requirement -- substitutions: Ekaterina Pirozhenko (5-5004)

Language requirement – fluency in a language not offered at Cornell: Ekaterina Pirozhenko (5-5004)

Latina/o Student Success Office (LSSO): Juliette Corazon (5-4833)

Learning Strategies Center (LSC) Scholarship: Juliette Corazon (5-4833)

Leave of Absence: Advising Dean/Sue Downes (5-3386)

Majors: Appropriate Junior/Senior Dean (5-4833)

Major Certifications: Kurt Fritjofson (5-6458)/Monica McFall (5-5793)/Deb Morey (5-7061)

Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program: Chad Coates/Kurt Fritjofson (5-6458)

NCAA Verification Contact: Brenda Lind (5-4833)

Operations Issues/Advising, Admissions, and Registrar: Brenda Lind (5-4833)

Orientation: Jayla Greene(5-5004)

Over Hours: (5-4833/5-5004)

Over 18 Credits: Advising Dean

Over 22 Credits: Advising Dean/ARC Petition

Error Reports: Kurt Fritjofson (5-6458)/Monica McFall (5-5793)/

Pauline and Irving Tanner Dean’s Scholars/ Admission selection: Peggy Parmenter (5-5004)/Kurt Fritjofson (5-5792)

Payroll: Brenda Lind (5-4833)/Deb Morey (5-7061)

Peer Advisor program: Jayla Greene (5-5004)

Phi Beta Kappa: Andy Lonsky (5-5004)

Pre-Freshman Summer Program/Admissions selection: Ana Adinolfi (5-4166)/Chad Coates (5-5004)/Juliette Corazon (5-4833)/ (5-4833)/Carlo Lindo (5-4833)

Pre-Professional advising:

Health Careers: Advising Deans/Ana Adinolfi (5-4166)

Pre-law: Jane Levy @ Cornell Career Services (103 Barnes Hall; 5-5296) Pro-rated Tuition: Richard Keller/Advising Dean/Sue Downes (5-3386) Rawlings Cornell Presidential Research Scholars: Rich Keller (5-4833)

Re-admissions after Leave of Absence: Advising Dean (5-4833/5-5004)/Sue Downes (5-3386)

Reception: Andy Lonsky (5-5004)/Andrea Stevenson (5-4833)

Recruiting and yield activities for all students: Admissions Deans/Staff (5-4833)

Registration problems: Kurt Fritjofson (5-6458)/Sue Downes (5-3386)/Monica McFall (5-5793)/Brenda Lind (5-4833)

Requirements for Degree: Advising Dean/Staff (5-4833)

Room Scheduling: Kurt Fritjofson (5-6458)/Monica McFall (5-5793)/Deb Morey (5-7061)/Brenda Lind (5-4833)

Scholarships and Fellowships: Richard Keller (5-4833)

Special Semesters: Sue Downes (5-3386)

Security for Data Access PeopleSoft/systems: Brenda Lind (5-4833)

Senior questions: (A-K) Monica McFall (5-5793) /(L-M) Deb Morey/(N-Z) Kurt Fritjofson (5-6458)

Student Petitions: (A-K) Monica McFall (5-5793) /(L-M) Deb Morey/(N-Z) Kurt Fritjofson (5-6458)

Student Reminders-Degree Audit/Application to Graduate: Kurt Fritjofson (5-6458) /Brenda Lind (5-4833)

Study Abroad: Clare McMillan /Kurt Fritjofson (5-5792)

TA Training: Rachel Bean/Sue Downes (5-3386) Transfer Credit: Tammy Shapiro/ Robin Perry (5-4836) Transfers:

External transfers: Jim Finlay (5-5004)/Robin Perry (5-4836) Internal transfers/In: Ray Kim/Monica McFall (5-5793) Internal transfers/Out: Monica McFall (5-5793)

Under Hours Error Reports: Kurt Fritjofson (5-6458)/Monica McFall (5-5793)

Undergraduate Research: Richard Keller (5-5004)