Robert A. & Donna B. Paul Awards for Excellence in Mentoring and Advising

Established in 1992, the Robert A. and Donna B. Paul Endowment for Academic Advising enables the College of Arts & Sciences to honor undergraduate advisers who make a difference in the lives of their Cornell students. The awards are open to professorial faculty, lecturers and senior lecturers who have demonstrated exceptional effectiveness as an adviser and/or mentor of undergraduates, either through a formal advising role or through other substantial interactions with individual undergraduates outside of the classroom.

The Paul Advising Award is given to two individuals annually; each recipient receives one-half an academic year’s salary and fringe benefits for a leave that is taken within the next three years.


Eligible Title:

Professorial faculty, lecturers and senior lecturers


Exceptional effectiveness as an advisor and/or mentor of undergraduates, either through a formal advising role or through other substantial interactions with individual undergraduates outside of the classroom

Available Awards:

One award - one-half an academic year’s salary and fringe benefits for a leave to be taken within the next three years

Nomination Process


To nominate an adviser, send a letter to the department chair by February 10th, 2023.

Chairs and Directors of Undergraduate Studies:

All nomination packages must be submitted to the dean by either a department chair or a director of undergraduate studies. The 2023 nomination submission deadline is Friday, March 10th, 2023.

Each nomination must include:

  1. Chair’s nomination letter, written in collaboration with the director of undergraduate studies, describing the extent and character of the nominee’s work as an advisor and/or mentor of undergraduate students
  2. Candidate’s CV

All materials in the nomination package should be submitted as a single pdf.

Click here to submit a nomination package.

Questions should be directed to the Arts & Sciences Awards Committee

About Robert Paul

Elected to the Cornell University Board of Trustees in 1990, Robert Paul '59 was named trustee emeritus and presidential councillor in 2002. During his tenure on the Board of Trustees, Paul served as chair of the Investment Committee, and was a member of the Executive Committee and the Committee on Alumni Affairs and Development. A member of the College of Arts & Sciences Advisory Council from 1989 to 2013, Paul served as co-chair of the college's "Creating the Future" campaign. An animal and pet lover, Paul joined the College of Veterinary Medicine Advisory Council in 2006. Active with the Class of 1959, Paul served as chair of the class' 50th Reunion Campaign Major Gifts/Gift Planning Committee.

Paul served as Chairman and CEO of Ampco-Pittsburgh Corporation (AP) from 2004 to 2014, where he began his career in 1964.  He is also chairman of The Louis Berkman Company, president of the Louis and Sandra Berkman Foundation and a life trustee of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation of Pittsburgh. He has served on the board of trustees of the Pittsburgh branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, is a former chairman of Montefiore Hospital, and a trustee emeritus of the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Pittsburgh Health System.

Two of Paul's three children are Cornellians: Karen Paul Zimmer AB '91, MD '98 and Stephen Paul BS Hotel '90.



  • Kendra Bischoff, sociology


  • Alex Ophir, psychology


  • Kelly Liu, molecular biology and genetics
  • Phillip Milner, chemistry and chemical biology


  • Ananda Cohen-Aponte, history of art and visual studies
  • Khena Swallow, psychology


  • Edward Swartz, mathematics
  • Vivian Zayas, psychology


  •  Margo Crawford, English


  •  Linda Nicholson, molecular biology and genetics


  • Jane Juffer, English and feminist, gender and sexuality studies


  • Caitlin Barrett, classics
  • Kate McCullough, English


  • Jane Fajans, anthropology
  • Erich Mueller, physics


  • Alison Van Dyke, theatre, film & dance
  • Dagmawi Woubshet, English


  • Stephen Morgan, sociology
  • Shelley Wong, English


  • Holly Case, history
  • Debra Fried, English
  • Michael Goldstein, psychology


  • Derek Chang, history
  • Roger Gilbert, English
  • Kelly Zamudio, ecology & evolutionary biology


  • Laura Donaldson, English
  • Kathleen Perry Long, Romance studies


  • John Whitman, linguistics
  • Barry Maxwell, comparative literature


  • Steven Pond, music
  • Mariana Wolfner, molecular biology and genetics


  • Robin McNeal, Asian studies
  • Andrew Galloway, English


  • Szonja Szelenyi, sociology
  • Michael Koch, English


  • Stuart Davis, English
  • Walter Mebane, government


  • Christopher Way, government


  • Ken McClane, English


  • Dorothy Mermin, English


  • Davydd Greenwood, anthropology


  • Lydia Fakundiny, English
  • Glenn Altschuler, dean of continuing education and summer sessions


  • Richard Galik, physics
  • Charles Van Loan, computer science


  • Michael Morley, mathematics


  • Jane Marie Law, Asian studies
  • Harry Stinson, genetics


  • Laurence Moore, government
  • Donald Fredricksen, theatre arts


  • Martha Haynes, astronomy


  • Patricia Carden, Russian literature
  • Marshall Cohen, mathematics