Petitions to A&S Academic Policies

Students seeking to petition for exceptions to A&S College academic policies may use the online petition form for A&S primary courses and other general requests, or use the paper/pdf form for requests that involve non-A&S courses. For the paper/pdf form, please e-mail your completed portion along with your statement to, with cc's to your faculty advisor, and instructor (if you are making an enrollment change request with your petition).

In order for your petition to be completed and reviewed by the college, please request that your faculty advisor, and instructor if applicable, reply with their responses to your petition to  


Petitions for Overhours can be submitted starting with the regular course add/drop period for a semester. Requests will not be reviewed or approved prior to this, or for the purposes of pre-enrollment. 

You must petition for Overhours if you are

  • Not in good academic standing in the previous semester and you wish to take more than 18 credits
  • Requesting to take more than 22 credits 

Overhours is determined by the total number of credits, including PE, support and repeated courses.

Note for Spring 2021: The university has strongly recommended that all students limit their enrollment to 18 academic credits to allow for a successful completion of the term and to reduce stress. Please see for more details. However, A&S students will not need to formally petition to enroll in up to 22 credits (or 18 credits maximum for students on warning or probation).

Please note that overhours petitions for Fall 2020/Spring 2021 will only be approved in the case of extraordinary extenuating circumstances.

Late Add

You must petition for Late Add if you

Withdrawing from a Course

You must petition to withdraw from a course if you

Change Grade Option After Deadline

You can petition to change grade option from S/U to graded (A-F) after the deadline if you wish to count the course towards your major.

Foreign Language Exemption

You may petition for an exemption to the language requirement if:

  • you believe that your language competency in a foreign language is at the same level we would expect our entering freshmen to have in English, and
  • the language you are speaking is not taught at Cornell and if you cannot be tested in that language at Cornell
  • Note: include in your petition statement answers to the Foreign Language Exemption Questionnaire, as indicated on the Foreign Language Exemption online petition form.

Do not submit this petition for languages taught at Cornell instead contact an appropriate Department to schedule an examination.

Other Petitions

If you have any questions about petition types or the process for submitting a petition, please contact A&S Student Services and they will be happy to assist you.

If you have questions about planning your course of study and to discuss possible exceptions please contact Advising.