Courses That Won't Count

Non-Academic Credit Courses for Arts & Sciences

Courses listed here do not count as academic credit in the college and therefore do not count toward A&S degree (100 Arts / 120 total) credits. These courses will still appear on official transcripts and be factored into cumulative GPA (if taken for a letter grade). 


PE (Physical Education)

All Courses
Courses numbered 1000 - 1099   All Courses
Courses numbered 4980   All 4980 Courses Except:
  CHEM 4980 Honors Seminar
  CHEME 4980 Design & Testing of the Chemical Engineering Car
  ENGL 4980 Contemporary Poetry and Poetics
  HADM 4980 Independent Study
  HD 4980 Seniors Honors Seminar
  PAM 4980 Senior Seminar
  STSCI 4980 Tutorial in Actuarial Statistics
Department/College/School   Course
AEM AEM 1220 Entrepreneurship Life Sciences
AEM AEM 2700 Management Communication
AEM AEM 2820 Intro to Database Management Systems
AEM AEM 4960 AEM Internship
AEM AEM 6980 Supervised Grad Teaching Exper
AGSCI AG 4960 Internship in Ag Sciences
ALS AG 1140 Explorations in Bio Research
ALS AG 1370 Academic Communication for Multilingual Students
ALS AG 4960 Internship
ALS AG 6015 Teaching in Higher Education
ANSC AG 4960 Internship in Animal Science
ART AR 1909 Internship Practicum
BEE AG 1200 The BEE Experience
BEE AG 5980 Graduate Teaching
BEE AG 5998 Master of Engineering Internship
BIOMG AG 4981 Teaching Experience in Principles of Biochemistry, Indv
BIOMG AG 4982 Teaching Leadership in Principles of Biochemistry, Indv
BME EN 4970 Undergraduate Teaching in BME
BME EN 5940 MEng Internship
BME EN 7030 Graduate Student Teaching
BTRY AG 7980 Graduate Supervised Teaching
CEE EN 4010 Undergrd Engr Teaching in CEE
CHEM AS 1729 Solve It!
CHEME EN 3010 Career Perspectives
COMM AG 4940 Special Topics in Communication
COMM AG 4950 Communication Industries: NYComm
COMM AG 4960 Communication Internship
CRP AR 4940 URS Internship
CRP AR 7940 Planning Internships
CS EN 4090 Teaching Experience in Computer Science
CS EN 5998 MEng Internship
DEA HE 4030 Teaching Apprenticeship
DSOC AG 7910 Teaching Experience
EAS EN 4960 Internship Experience
ECE EN 4920 ECE Technical Writing
EDUC AG 4940 Special Topics
EDUC AG 4960 Undergraduate Internship in Education
EDUC AG 4970 Individual Study in Education
ENGL AS 7960 Placement Seminar
ENGRC EN 3020 Project Team Communications
ENGRC EN 3023 Writing Intensive Opportunity
ENGRG EN 2350 Career Development in Engineering
ENGRG EN 2700 AEW Collab. Workshop: ENGRD 2700
ENGRG EN 3030 Green Business Lab
ENGRG EN 4990 Teaching in Engineering Leadership
ENGRG EN 5350 Career Development for Engineering
ENGRG EN 6780 Teaching Seminar
ENTOM AG 7090 Teaching Entomology
ENVS AG 4960 Internship in Environment and Sustainability
ESS AG 4960 Internships in Environ Science
FDSC AG 4960 Internship in Food Science
FDSC AG 6960 Internship in Food Science
FDSC AG 6980 Graduate Teaching Experience
FSAD HE 2880 Essential Desktop Applications
FSAD HE 4030 Teaching Apprenticeship
GDEV AG 4940 Special Topics in GDEV
GDEV AG 6980 Teaching Experience: Global Development
GDEV AG 7910 Teaching Experience
HADM HA 1650 Business Writing
HADM HA 1740 Business Computing
HADM HA 1910 Distinguished Lectures in Hospitality
HADM HA 2740 Business Computing
HADM HA 3135 Conversations with Entrepreneurs
HADM HA 3650 Persuasive Communication
HADM HA 3740 Fundamentals of Database Mgt
HADM HA 4760 Visual Basic for Applications
HADM HA 4930 Management Intern Program I - Operations
HADM HA 4940 Management Intern Program II - Academic
HADM HA 5760 Visual Basic for Applications
HADM HA 6135 Conversations with Entrepreneurs
HADM HA 6740 Fundamentals of Database Management and Data Analysis
HD HE 4030 Teaching Assistantship
HD HE 7030 Teaching Assistantship
HD HE 7060 Supervised Teaching
HD HE 8060 Teaching Practicum
HE HE 1105 Strategies for College Success: Critical Thinking & Effective Learning
HE HE 1110 College Achievement Seminar
HE HE 1115 Critical Reading & Thinking
HE HE 4030 Apprenticeship in Teaching
IARD AG 4940 Special Topics
IARD AG 4960 International Internship
IARD AG 6980 Teaching Experience for MPS in IARD
ILRHR IL 2660 Essential Desktop Applications
ILRHR IL 4699 Advanced Desktop Applications
ILRHR IL 4970 Field Research
ILRHR IL 7980 Internship
ILRIC IL 4970 Field Research
ILRID IL 1500 Freshman Colloquium
ILRID IL 2660 Essential Desktop Applications
ILRID IL 4699 Advanced Desktop Applications
ILRID IL 6990 Advanced Desktop Applications
ILRLE IL 4970 Field Research
ILRLR IL 4970 Field Research
ILROB IL 4970 Field Research
ILRST IL 4970 Field Research
INFO EN 4910 Teaching in Information Science
LA AG 4940 Special Topics in Landscape Architecture
LA AG 5980 Graduate Teaching
LA AG 6940 Special Topics in Landscape Architecture
LAW LA 6861 Supervised Teaching
LAW LA 6881 Supervised Teaching and Supervised Writing-Honors Program
LEAD AG 2020 Greek Leadership Academy
MATH AS 5080 Special Study for Teachers
MSE EN 4950 Undergraduate Teaching Involvement
MSE EN 5998 External Internship
NAVS OT    ALL COURSES except when cross-listed with an academic dept
NBA GM 5075 BR Ventures
NMI GM 5080 BR Consulting
NS HE 4020 Supervised Fieldwork
NS HE 4030 Teaching Apprenticeship
NTRES AG 4960 Internship in Natural Resources
ORIE EN 4990 Teaching in ORIE
PADM HE 5053 Academic Writing
PADM HE 5920 Planning Externships
PAM HE 2880 Essential Desktop Applications
PAM HE 4030 Teaching Apprenticeship
PHYS AS 4484 Teaching and Learning Physics
PHYS AS 4485 Teaching Experience I
PHYS AS 4486 Teaching Experience II
PHYS AS 4487 Teaching Experience III
PHYS AS 4500 Cultivating Public Engagement in Physics
PHYS AS 7684 Teaching and Learning Physics
PLBIO AG 6470 Systematic Biology Journal Club
PLBRG AG 6500 Spec Problems in Res & Teachng
PLHRT AG 4940 Special Topics in Horticulture
PLHRT AG 7000 Graduate Teaching Experience
PLSCI  AG 4960 Undergraduate Internship in Plant Science
STSCI AS 4970 Undergraduate Supervised Teaching
UNIV CU 3090 Academic Support-Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood
VIEN AG 4960 Wine Industry Internship
VTMED VM 5601 Community Practice Service