Student Awards 2021-2022 TK

Please note that additional awards are forthcoming and will be added as they are finalized.


The Freedman Award for Undergraduate Research in Anthropology recipient is David Ni.


The Asian Studies Summer Study, Research, and Service Travel Grants went to Sabrina Raichoudhury (Korea) and Elanor Chang (Taiwan).

The Robert J. Smith/Russell Mann Gift for top beginning and intermediate Japanese language students was awarded to Tim Wang, Olivia Penick and Pasa Suksmith. 

Two awards from the Diversity Research Grants Program in support of Asian Studies-related undergraduate research went to Amisha Chowdhury and Jocelyn Tripoli.

The Japanese Language Program Robert Sukle Award for three years of outstanding work went to Yi Liu.

The Korean Language Program Award for three years of outstanding work went to Catherine Grace Carter, Cole Horvath, Hitomi Minamida, Gabriella Smith and Chengyin Tan. 


The Cranson and Edna B. Shelley Graduate Research Award, given to a graduate student to recognize outstanding accomplishment in astronomical research, went to Yubo Su.

The Cranson and Edna B. Shelley Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, given to a graduate student in recognition of outstanding performance as a teaching assistant, went to Olive Ross.

The Eleanor York Prize, given to a graduate student to reward service to the community as well as academic achievement, went to Chris O’Connor.

The Professor Yervant Terzian Scholarship Award went to Jonathan Gomez Barrientos.

The Cranson and Edna B. Shelley prize for Undergraduate Research went to Ze-Wen Koh.

The Roger and Mary Lou West Fellowship went to Roland Aristide (mentor: Alex Hayes) and to Noah Ring and David Wu (mentor: Saul Teukolsky).


The American Chemical Society Cornell Section Undergraduate Research Award for seniors was awarded to Chloe Cerione and Alexander Dasque.

The American Chemical Society Cornell Division Certificate of Excellence for seniors was awarded to Grace Dearden and Neal Vasireddi.

The ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry was awarded to Brendan Parent. 

The American Chemical Society Division of Inorganic Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry was awarded to Jose Mondragon.

The American Chemical Society Division of Organic Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry was awarded to Ashley Ahmed.

The ACS Division of Physical Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry was awarded to Peiwen Shi.

The ACS Cornell Section Graduate Teaching Awards, given to graduate students in recognition of their performance as teaching assistants, were awarded to Sophie Bender, Jose De La Rosa, Kaitlyn MacMillan and Sarah Severson.

The Bauer Scholarship Award was awarded to Audrey Burnim, Liat Kugelmass, Jinjian Liu, Nathan Lui, Warrick Ma, Cheyenne Peltier, Andrés Molina Villarino, Mary Zick and Weixuan Xu.

The George C. Caldwell Prize was awarded to Cisco Espinosa and Aaron Li.

The Darryl H. Wu Memorial Prize was awarded to Darren Langer.

The A.W. Laubengayer Prize was awarded to Joyce Gan, Patrick Moore, Avrit Tung and Berk Gokmen. 

The Harold Adlard Lovenberg Prize for juniors was awarded to Nina Suss.

The Leo and Berdie Mandelkern Prize for seniors was awarded to Jonathan Meinhardt and Elijah Gallimore-Repole.

The Frank L. and Lynnet Douglas Fellowship was awarded to Emmanuella Adwoa Brewu-Sarpong.

The Gerald A. Hill and Kathleen Holmes Hill Fellowship for Undergraduate Research was awarded to Isabel Dhar.

The J. Emery Morris Fellowship for Undergraduate Research was awarded to Minh Le, Michael Norinskiy and Sarah Zhang.

The Robert W. Work Fellowship for Undergraduate Summer Research was awarded to Darren Langer.

The Tunis Wentink Prize for graduate students was awarded to Cara Gannett, Gregory George, Aohan Hu and Reika Tei.

The Howard Neal Wachter Memorial Prize for graduate students was awarded to Da Xu.


The Classics Department Book Prize, given to those students with excellent scholarly records, went to Max Buettner ’21 (fall), Jingkai (Steven) Liu ‘22 and Kostas Mantzavinos ‘22. 

Christopher Chandra ’22 was awarded a Book Prize for his dedication to the Cornell Classics Society.

Funding fellowships for the study of ancient Greek were awarded to Claire Clifford-Langenek ’25, Christian Geramita ’25 and Jack Pickert ‘23.

Garrett Emmons '23 and Hannah Master '23 have each been awarded a Harry Caplan Travel Fellowship worth $5,000 to study and conduct research in Italy and Israel, respectively.


The Goethe Prize is awarded annually for the best essays on any topic connected with German literature or culture. In the Freshman/Sophomore Category, first prize went to Emily Hong for “Politics of Pleasure: Sexual Power and Possession in Elfriede Jelinek’s 'The Piano Teacher'” and second prize went to Andrew Shim for “The evolution of self-expression in foreign environments: Applying Miguel Sicart’s ‘play’ into Amo’s life in Yoko Tawada’s ‘The Shadow Man.’” In the Junior/Senior category, first prize went to Viktoria Catalan for “Kant on Seeking the Unconditioned as a Transcendental Illusion: Is It Justified?” In the Graduate Category, first prize was awarded to Mariaenrica Giannuzzi for “Kleist in Italy: An Icon of Gendered Conflicts”; second prize went to Dennis Wegner for “Queer Constellations, Cosmic Contacts: Trans-Forming Greek Mythology and the Narrative of Europe in Sasha Marianna Salzmann’s 'Meteoriten.'”

The Simmons Award in German is given to the student who has done the “best work in German” in the College of Arts & Sciences. This year’s recipient was Fabio Santiago Cabrera.

Book prizes are given to outstanding students nominated by their German instructors. The recipients were: Lulu Yuan, John Hanson, Urvashi Deshpande, Nicholas Bye, Patrick Cruz, Cody Petersen, Samuel Wong, Connor Stroth, Victoria Baker, Helen Garner, Sonia Shneyerson, Augustine Haquet, Sujin Moon, Pablo Ochoa-Andersen, Rodrigo Guzman Serrano, Flora Lechtreck, Andrés Aradillas-Fernandez, Rafaela Uzan, Gabriel Montalvo-Zotter, Julia Martens Morse and Sophia Dominique Tan Openshaw.     

The Language Certificate in German Language Study for having achieved an advanced level of language competence through course work at the 3000-level corresponding to the criteria set by The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (level B2+) was awarded to Katariina Alanko, Michael Cadogan, Juan Cancel, Viktoria Catalan, Samuel DeLorenzo, Yixiao Guo, Madison Keele, Johanna Keigler, Konstantin Kirovski, Alexander LaPorte, Julia Morse, Ryan Morton, Kate Siegel, Nicholas Sola, Lewis Wolf.


The 2022 Undergraduate Messenger Chalmers Prize for best thesis essay on research and thinking on human progress was awarded to Milo Gringlas, Jameson Rivera and David Sheng.

The Cornelius W. DeKiewiet Prize to the outstanding history majors (junior) who have demonstrated unusual promise and excellence in the field was awarded to Emily Chrisman and Zhiyuan Zhou.

The Clyde A. Duniway Book Prize for the best junior in the College of Arts & Sciences was awarded to Madeline Rosenberg.

The Bernard and Fannie Lang Prize for the best honors thesis in U.S. history or American studies was awarded to Milo Gringlas.

The Anne Macintyre Litchfield Prize to an outstanding woman graduating with a major in history was awarded to Michelle Kim.

The George S. Lustig Prize, awarded to the outstanding senior who intends to continue the study of history at the graduate level, went to Wesley Kang.

The Benard E. West Prize, awarded competitively to the most promising undergraduate research scholar specializing in American history, went to Clara Drimmer.

The 2022 Messenger Chalmers Graduate Prize for best dissertation essay on research and thinking on human progress was awarded to Sean Cosgrove, Kaitlin Pontzer and Samantha Wesner.


The Sampson Fine Arts Prize, given to the members of the senior class who have consistently demonstrated academic excellence, commitment, and achievement, particularly in the field of the history of art, was awarded to Sarah Knight and Kyle Castellanos.

The Alumni Distinguished Leadership Award, given to a member of the senior class who in their time as a major has demonstrated outstanding leadership and commitment to the field of history of art, was awarded to Grace Tran.


Fall 2021 Awards:

The Adelphic Award went to Dingyan Huang for “Cheng Dieyi in Farewell My Concubine and Lacan’s Mirror Stage Theory.” Honorable mention went to Una Wu for “Cyberpunk Formations and Formulations in Postwar Japan.”

The Spencer Portfolio Award for Students and Instructors honorable mention was awarded to Rory Haltmaier, student, and Andy Colpitts, instructor, for “Spencer Portfolio Award Writing Portfolio.”

The Writing in the Majors Prize went to Andreas Psahos for “Microscopic Impacts of Calcium Addition in Acid Depleted Northern Hardwood Forests.” Honorable mention went to Jae Haeng Rhee for “The Good that Finds Good and Makes Good: The Value of Knowledge According to Plato as an Intrinsic Instrumental Good.”

The James E. Rice Prizes were awarded to Jamie Jeong for “Surfing the Second Korean Wave: K-Dramas and Mukbang in Transnational Circulation” and Vindhya Kathuria for “Haribo Licorice: Not So Sweet.”

The Elmer Markham Johnson Prize went to Lucas McKamey for “On Neurodevelopmental Patient Autonomy and Neurodivergence.”

The Gertrude Spencer Prize for Students and Instructors was awarded to Leticia Pessoa, student, and Philippa Chun, instructor, for “The Objectification of Women in Pornography.” 

The James F. Slevin Assignment Sequence Prize was awarded to Geethika Dharmasinghe for “Grant Proposal Assignment” and Kelly Richmond for “Close Reading Feminism & Pop Culture Essay Sequence.”

The Buttrick-Crippen Fellowship was awarded to Senegal Mabry for “Science as The Greatest Good.” Honorable mentions went to Catalina Mejia for “Sustainability and the Human-Nature Relationship: an exploration through science, history, and personal experience” and Ewan Robinson for “How to change the world: Investigating social improvement projects.”

The Neil Lubow Prize was awarded to Laine Havens for “The Deceptive Agriculture Villain: Organic Produce Farming.” 

The John S. Knight Award for Writing Exercises and Handouts went to Ewan Robinson for “Handout: Undertaking synthesis in your literature review.” Honorable mention went to Rebecca Ciribassi for “Deciphering Scholarly Articles.”


The inaugural Lisa Sansoucy Language Scholar Award, recognizing a student who excels in learning a less commonly taught language, went to Aliou K. Gresseau-Gambrél.


The Latina/o Studies Program award for outstanding work in the Latina/o studies undergraduate minor, community engagement and academic achievements was awarded to Alexis Fintland.

The Latinx Student Success Office certificate of appreciation recognizing outstanding dedication and service to Cornell's Latinx student community was awarded to Jessie Mancilla, Associate Director of Multicultural Affairs in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations, and Cindy Mosqueda, Associate Director of Diversity Programs in Engineering.  


The Undergraduate Prize for work on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Studies went to Fabio Cabrera, for the essay “Queering Adorno.”  

The Biddy Martin Graduate Prize for work on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender studies went to Alec Pollak, for the essay “Outing Lorraine.”  Honorable mention went to Dennis Wegner, for the essay “Queer Constellations, Cosmic Contacts.”


Department teaching awards, which recognize the importance of faculty and graduate students in the teaching and learning of mathematics, were awarded to senior faculty members Adrian Lewis and Timothy Riley, junior faculty members Philippe Sosoe and Kathryn Mann, and graduate students Trevor Jones and Mark Walth.

The Robert John Bättig Graduate Prize for excellence and promise in mathematics was awarded to Brandon Shapiro and Nicole Magill.

The Eleanor Norton York Award for achievements to date in mathematics went to graduate students Rodrigo Horruitiner and David Mehrle.

The Hutchinson Fellowship for outstanding work as teaching assistants or as students in the graduate program was awarded to Andres Fernandez.

The Torng Prize for outstanding work as a teacher was awarded to graduate student Prairie Wentworth-Nice.


The Harry and Samuel Mann Outstanding Graduate Student Award was awarded to Jacqueline Copeland.

The George P. Hess Travel Award was awarded to Ryan Feathers. 

Calvo TA Awards were awarded to Tyler Rozanitis and Hallie Sussman.

The CALS Outstanding Teaching Awards were awarded to graduate students Hui Ji and Will Comstock.


The Ellen Gussman Adelson Prize, which rewards and encourages outstanding Cornell students excelling in instrumental music performance, went to Constantine Kenny, Thomas Reeves, Nanor Seraydarian, Anna McDougall and Hannah Robins.

The John James Blackmore Prize, which assists undergraduate and graduate students studying music, was awarded to Aditya Deshpande and Nic Vigilante.

The H.A. Falconer Memorial Scholarship, which assists talented undergraduates in studying voice, went to Banafsheh Hussain and Crystal Argüelles.

The Otto R. Stahl Memorial Award, which honors a graduate composer for excellent work, went to Miles Friday.

The Barbara Troxell Vocal Music Award, for outstanding vocal students who evidence professional musical interests, went to Jenny Park and Adedayo Perkovich.

The Donald J. Grout Memorial Prize, for recognition of exceptional dissertations, went to Lee Tyson and Becky Lu.


Language Awards for excellence in Arabic went to Ebreez Hafiz Elbashir, Aishanur Aydin, Luke J. Mouracade, Iqra Yousuf, Margot June Treadwell, Osman Elmekki Osman and Tessa Mimi Walden.  

The Language Award for excellence in Persian went to Salma El idrissi.

Language Awards for excellence in Hebrew went to Sara Stober, Matthew Philip Furman and Jack Factor Donnellan.     

The Language Award for excellence in Turkish went to George Frederick Sarbinowski.


The Robert R. Capranica Award for outstanding undergraduate honors thesis in neuroethology went to Benjamin Costa (laboratory of Christiane Linster) and Ananya Jambhale (laboratory of David Deitcher).

The Miriam M. Salpeter Award for outstanding undergraduate honors thesis in neurobiology went to Yusol Park (laboratory of Chris Schaffer).

The Cynthia Kagarise Sherman Award for outstanding undergraduate honors thesis in behavior went to Angelina Franqueiro (laboratory of Vivian Zayas).

The CALS Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award went to Andrea Roeser for BioNB 2220 Neurobiology and Behavior II: Introduction to Neuroscience, BioNB 4910 Principles of Neurophysiology, and BioNB 1220 Freshman Writing Seminar.


The Marvin Carlson Award for 2022 was given to Ph.D. student Kriszta Pozsonyi for the essay “Aging Vocal Performance in Mae West’s Final Film, Sextette.” 

The 2022 Heermans-McCalmon Awards went to Andrew Vincenzo Lorenzen (first place, stage play) for “Old Man and Boy”; Jack Muench (first place, screenwriting) for “(Don’t) Tell Danny”; Adam Fofana (first place, spoken word/solo performance) for “A Letter from a Runaway”; Emily Park (second place, stage play) for ”Waiting for The Dog”; and Phoebe Irene McKinley (second place, screenwriting) for “Smile.”

The Elizabeth D. Worman Fund for Graduate Students awarded a grant to Ph.D. candidate Kelly Richmond.  

The Elizabeth D. Worman Undergraduate Award was given to Adam Shulman.


The Yennie Prize in Physics, for a senior student majoring in physics who shows unusual promise for future contributions to physics research and who intends to earn a doctorate, went to Gauri Batra.

The Kieval Prize in Physics, awarded to senior physics students who demonstrate unusual promise for future contributions to physics research, went to Willow Martin.

The Erik Cassel ’90 Prize, awarded to an undergraduate physics major who has demonstrated exceptional creativity and promise in applying computer programming to a project in physics or related fields, went to Minyoung (Tucker) Hwang.

The Boochever Fellowship from the Boochever family went to Mitrajyoti Ghosh for spring 2022.


The Juliette MacMonnies Courant Memorial Prize, for a senior female French major who has excelled in her four years with special reference to facility of expression in French, was awarded to Valerie Odonkor.

The Romance Studies Outstanding Performance as a Graduate Teaching Assistant Award went to Alix Choinet and Arturo Ruiz Mautino.

The Ted Morris Prize for the most promising freshman or sophomore student in French was awarded to Margaret Jean Kops Kuveke.

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