Cornell Innovation Has Real-World Impact

According to Reuters News Agency, Cornell is one of the top 10 academic innovators in the world in 2019, as pointed out in this Cornell Research piece. The university also ranked number one in research expenditures among New York State educational institutions, according to the National Science Foundation. The same year, the university’s innovative spirit translated into 246 new inventions, 331 patents issued, 94 commercial licenses granted, and 15 new startup companies based on Cornell technology.

"Behind the statistics are the inventions that are changing the world. They come out of the labs of Cornell faculty like Justin J. Wilson, Chemistry and Chemical Biology. Wilson’s research focuses on the intersection between heavy metals and biology. 'My lab is interested in exploring fundamental chemistry and cell biology,' he explains. 'But our philosophy as we pursue our objectives is to keep an open and honest mind for where our research may be useful from a commercial or technological standpoint.'"

Read the story on the Cornell Research website.

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