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Image of Ryan Windhearn

Ryan Windhearn

Visiting Lecturer

Image of David Winitsky

David Winitsky

Visiting Lecturer

Jewish Studies Program
Image of David W Winkler

David W Winkler

Professor Faculty Curator of Ornithology, Cornell University Museum of Vertebrates

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Klarman Hall

Barton Winokur

Corporate Partner, Immediate Past Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Dechert

Image of Peter Wittich

Peter Wittich

Professor and Director, Laboratory of Elementary Particle Physics

Image of Peter T. Wolczanski

Peter T. Wolczanski

George W. and Grace L. Todd Professor

Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Image of Andrew Wolf

Andrew Wolf

Assistant Professor of Global Labor & Work

Image of John U. Wolff

John U. Wolff

Professor Emeritus

Asian Studies, Linguistics
Image of Mariana Federica Wolfner

Mariana Federica Wolfner

Distinguished Professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellow

Molecular Biology and Genetics
Image of James Wolter

James Wolter

Visiting Lecturer

Klarman Hall

Yuna Won

Philosophical Review Postdoctoral Fellow

Image of K.T. Wong

K.T. Wong

Post-Doctoral Associate

Asian Studies, Music
Image of Danielle Wong

Danielle Wong

Postdoctoral Associate

Asian American Studies Program
Image of Mary Woods

Mary Woods


American Studies Program
Image of Mark William Wysocki

Mark William Wysocki

Senior Lecturer

Image of Xu Xin

Xu Xin

Adjunct Associate Professor

China and Asia-Pacific Studies Program, Government
Image of Xiangtao Xu

Xiangtao Xu

Assistant Professor

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Image of Miri Yampolsky

Miri Yampolsky

Senior Lecturer, Artist in Residence

Image of Tung-Mow Yan

Tung-Mow Yan

Professor Emeritus

Image of Yunan Yang

Yunan Yang

Goenka Family Assistant Professor in Mathematics