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A home for exploration and discovery

Our research activities and academic programs are remarkably broad, but they share one characteristic: all are curiosity-driven. Exploring the unknown is central to our mission to be the nexus of discovery and impact.

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Courses offered in A&S of 4000 courses at Cornell.

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students in A&S, each with an extraordinary journey to tell.

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New A&S faculty members for 2021-22

The College Welcomes New Faculty for 2021-22

Despite pandemic challenges, the College of Arts & Sciences expanded its faculty with 18 new hires this year, bringing exciting new ideas into wide-ranging fields, including moral psychology, Indigenous studies, astronomy, genetics and African American literature. 

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A&S Academic Diversity

Uncommon academic diversity abounds here

The innovative undergraduate curriculum at A&S has distribution requirements that range from global citizenship to physical sciences to ethics and the mind. Classes build upon each other and cross the boundaries of traditional academic fields. Extensive work occurs outside of your major and minors, and there are no required core courses. Work closely with inspiring faculty to develop the hallmark skills of a liberal arts and sciences education – the ability to read critically, write persuasively and think broadly.

Beyond Majors & Minors

Research and Scholarship

Research, scholarship and creative works to understand humanity and the cosmos

Curiosity is the driver for research in A&S. From the dendrochronology lab where archaeologists analyze tree-ring growth to understand climate change to the linguistics department where students created a new language for a Captain Marvel movie, our students and faculty take full advantage of all that our world-class research university encompasses.

With opportunities spanning the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, research here takes place in laboratories, museums, field sites, libraries, hospitals, greenhouses, performance spaces and archives.

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Faculty in the news

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Public Engagement

Engaging our community and our world

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COVID-19 resources & campus reactivation updates

Get the latest information and news about how the College is responding to the coronavirus pandemic and current plans to reactivate the Ithaca campus.