As a French major, you’ll have the opportunity to explore in-depth the languages, literatures and cultures of France and the Francophone world. Whether you’re studying Haiti or Montaigne, classical theater or contemporary sexuality, you’ll have the chance to become a flexible and articulate interpreter of texts and ideas. You’ll be encouraged to study abroad and to make connections, wherever you are, across the boundaries of language, discourse, nation and time.

Sample classes

  • Introduction to French and Francophone Literature and Culture
  • Versions of Versailles
  • Monsters A-X (Aristotle-X-Files)
  • On Paying Attention


All information below is based on the 2022 First-Destination Post-Graduate Survey. Lists are not exhaustive, rather they are a sampling of the data. 
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What can you do with a degree in French?

Graduate school:

In 2022, many French majors embarked on graduate school journeys. They pursued various advanced degrees, with the majority dedicated to their JD, MA, and MPH. Their graduate field interest ranges from comparative literature to law and public health.

These ambitious individuals have chosen to continue their education at prestigious institutions like Carnegie Mellon University, Harvard University, the University of Washington, and Washington University in St. Louis.


The majority of French graduates entered sectors in education, nonprofit organizations, consulting, and financial services.

Where 2022 French Graduates Work

Employer Job Titles
Brookings Institution Project Coordinator and Research Assistant
Capital One Commercial Banking Associate
Crealytics Digital Marketing Associate
French Ministry of Education English as a Foreign Language Teacher
IBM Strategy Consultant
Simon and Schuster Rotational Associate
White & Case LLP Legal Assistant
ZS Associates Decision Analytics Associate