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 Members of the The President's Council of Cornell Women


PCCW symposium features women in the arts

… In contrast, Schubert's preparation for a film career came from an unlikely source: philosophy. It taught … of finding funding and the struggle of establishing a career in a male-dominated industry, Hoard said, "I want to … several anecdotes about being type-casted throughout her career and recalled her encounters with "walls in the form of …
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New book reintegrates the science of language

Is language innate? How did we get language? While researchers continue to debate, a new book offers a revolutionary, unifying framework for understanding the processing, acquisition and evolution of language. The book, “Creating Language: Integrating Evolution, Acquisition, and Processing” by Cornell Professor of Psychology Morten H.

 Big tent on the Arts Quad with lots of alumni


Reunion 2016

Hear faculty explain gravitational waves and ponder this year's election mayhem — while connecting with old friends and making new Cornell memories — at Reunion 2016.

 Nina Terrero


From a career in law to a career in journalism: Alumna Nina Terrero shares her story

Terrero advises students not to worry too much about their career paths, but instead take the time to appreciate their fellow Cornellians.

 Honeybee on flower


Wild honeybees offer clues on preventing colony collapse

Over the past decades, millions of managed colonies of honeybees have died from varroa mites that transmit deadly viruses, yet wild colonies survive.

Cornell researchers describe – in the March 11 issue of the journal PLoS One –experiments that help reveal how wild colonies endure mites and pathogens.

 Milton Konvitz


Audio of Konvitz' American Ideals lectures now online

The legendary Cornell Professor Milton Konvitz, Ph.D. ’33, encouraged students to explore the origins of ideals embedded in the U.S. Constitution to understand civil rights and civil liberties.

He referenced principles of intellectual history in such lectures as “The Hebrew Bible,” “Antigone” and “Revolution” in his “American Ideals” course, first offered in 1947.

 Paula Vogel


Playwright Vogel returns to campus for Ph.D.

The Department of Performing and Media Arts will welcome Pulitzer Prize-winning dramatist Paula Vogel to campus April 12-13 for a conversation and concert reading of her most recent play, “Indecent.”

 Ross Brann


Brann on "The Cairo Geniza"

"Sacred Trash"1

 Noliwe Rooks


Rooks on Morrison's "The Bluest Eye"

"When My Friends First Came to Visit"

 Mary Beth Norton


Norton on Bradstreet and Frost

"Two Poems and American History"

 William Kennedy


Kennedy on Vergil's "Aeneid"

Far-Flung Poems and Front-Page Headlines
 Daniel Schwarz


Schwarz on Joyce's "Ulysses"

"Reading and Teaching Ulysses as a Transformative Life Experience: 'And Yes she said'"

 Cynthia Robinson


Robinson on Millais' "Ophelia"


 Courtney Roby


Roby on "The Mynas Codex"

The object of my reflection is a book:

There are probably a lot of books among the “transformative works” you find here, but this book, known as the “Mynas Codex,” is a very different kind of object from most of them. When I say “book,” you probably think of a text that can be read in many different places at once, each reader experiencing a more or less identical object, like this one:

 James Cutting


Cutting on "The Sound of Music"

"The Sound of Mucus"

My wife had died a horrible and lingering death when my daughters were 14 and 10. Devastated the three of us sought solace, and to begin to recoup our lives we reinstated a group activity the three of us had enjoyed when they were considerably younger. We watched movies. Indeed, we would watch the same films over and over.