Translation by Brett de Bary inaugurates new Cornell Press imprint

Brett de Bary has translated one of the first two books in a new Einaudi Center imprint at Cornell University Press, Cornell Global Perspectives. “The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster and the Future of Renewable Energy” is by former Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan, based on his Distinguished Speaker Series talk at Cornell in March 2017.

De Bary, professor of Asian studies and comparative literature, is currently writing a book on translation, as practice and theory, in the work of contemporary artists and intellectuals like Tawada Yoko, Morisaki Kazue, Lee Chonghwa, Ukai Satoshi, and others. She recently co-edited and co-translated Lee Chonghwa’s “Still Hear the Wound,” with Rebecca Jennison, a volume of essays on contemporary installation, dance, video, and other art works dealing with issues of post-colonial memory in Japan.

The Cornell Global Perspectives imprint examines urgent global challenges, typically from an interdisciplinary perspective, and are intended for an informed but non-specialist audience.

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 Fukushima I nuclear power plant before the 2011 explosion, with ocean in the background