Schwartz Plaza Reopens August 26th

The Department of Performing and Media Arts (PMA) celebrates the reopening of Schwartz Plaza, Aug. 26 at noon in front of the Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts.

The renovated public space, with a landscaped patio and seating, will host performances and events. The celebration features live entertainment with faculty and student performances, and opening remarks by PMA chair Nick Salvato. A time-lapse film of the renovation by Daniel Chamberlain ’18 will be shown on a continuous loop in the Schwartz Center lobby.

“Entrances,” directed by senior lecturer Jumay Chu, features dancers Tucker Davis ’20, graduate student Mariaenrica Giannuzzi, Erin Grohe ’19, Niara Hardister ’18 and Deanna Myskiw ’18, and musicians Shay Collins ’18 and Sergey Levitskiy ’09, BFA’16.

“Relentless Women,” directed by senior lecturer Byron Suber, features dancers Maria Congenie ’20, Niara Hardister ’18, Brynn Richter ’19, Gray Ryan ’18 and Alexis Vinzons ’19, and music by Bach and Son Lux.

PMA students kick off the semester Aug. 26 at 7:30 p.m. with Festival24, a free evening of theater, film and dance in the Flex Theatre. Original pieces are written, choreographed, cast and rehearsed over the 24 hours prior to the performance. Organizers suggest arriving 15-20 minutes before doors open at 7 p.m.

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