Registration opens Oct. 17 for Winter Session Online

This January, you can study animal science, the arts, business, design, economics, hospitality, government and more during Cornell's Winter Session 2023.

Beginning Oct. 17, students can enroll in a wide range of online courses taught by Cornell faculty. Enrollment is open to anyone interested in taking a class—from undergrads and high school students to alumni and motivated adult learners.

All Winter Session courses, which run Jan. 3–20, 2023, offer the same number of credits as their fall/spring counterparts but are condensed into a rigorous three-week session. Students who’ve taken online Winter Session courses say they appreciate the ability to explore a new field, get ahead in their studies, or meet a requirement.

Nihar Hegde, a Cornell undergraduate, took “PSYCH 2750: Introduction to Personality” because he needed to satisfy some credits for the College of Arts and Sciences. “I'm double majoring and don't have much time during the semesters,” he said. “I enjoyed the pace of the class. Everything about the learning experience was great.”

High school student Mario Baluta said he’d taken online classes at other universities, but a previous Winter Session course, “GOVT 3686: What Makes Us Human? An Existential Journey Amidst Crises,” was his favorite. “I have participated in a lot of programs like this one at many different prestigious universities across the world, but this was one of the most intellectually demanding and interesting courses I have ever enrolled in. The questions it makes you ask and the things you learn shape your whole perspective.”

Winter Session 2023 features several classes that haven’t been offered in previous years and/or winter terms, including

• ASL 1101 American Sign Language I

• COMM 2450 Communication and Technology

• GOVT 3294 Post-Truth Politics

 • NTRES 2470 Green Cities: Creating the Living City

• ORIE 3150 Financial and Managerial Accounting

• SPAN 1230 Continuing Spanish

For the complete list of courses, see the Winter Session online roster. More courses will be added throughout the fall.

To learn more about Winter Session, visit the SCE website.

Visit SCE News for more stories on programs offered by Cornell's School of Continuing Education.

Shelley Preston is the School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions’ communications and marketing specialist.

This story also appeared on The Cornell Chronicle.

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