Get a Clue: Anna Shechtman Is a Star in the World of Crosswords

In the online New Yorker, the most challenging crosswords run on Mondays. The puzzle for May 23—a toughie—includes clues on a dizzying variety of topics: “The Simpsons,” NCAA sports, the Light Brigade, biochemistry, Greek drama, lingerie, geography, pop music, the Wild West, cocktails, the films of Cate Blanchett and Kristen Stewart, and the fashions of Swinging London.

And that’s just for starters.

34 Across: Like science fiction concerning the ethics of artificial intelligence

46 Down: “___, Épaules, Genoux, et Pieds” (classic children’s song, in French)

The author of this cruciverbalist’s feast is Anna Shechtman, a postdoctoral fellow and future faculty member on the Hill. (She’ll become an assistant professor in the Department of Literatures in English in fall 2024.)

A star in the crossword world, Shechtman has gained fame not only for the élan and cleverness of her creations, but because—as a woman now in her early 30s—she brings a fresh voice to a field that has traditionally been dominated by older, male constructors.

Top image: Illustration by Cornell University from a provided photo

Read the full story – and link to a custom crossword – in Cornellians.

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