Raymond B. Craib

Marie Underhill Noll Professor of History


[Watercolor by Connor Craib, 2022]

I am a historian of modern Latin America with research and teaching interests in the intersections of space, politics, and everyday practice. My home department is History and I have affiliations with Romance Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and Latino Studies and work with students from a wide range of disciplines and with a particular focus on the history of modern Latin America.          



Adventure Capitalism: A History of Libertarian Exit, from the Era of Decolonization to the Digital Age (PM Press/Spectre, 2022). Spanish translation forthcoming with Prometeo Editorial (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

The Cry of the Renegade: Politics and poetry in interwar Chile (Oxford University Press, 2016) Published in translation as:  Santiago Subversivo 1920: Anarquistas, universitarios y la muerte de José Domingo Gómez Rojas. Trans. by Pablo Abufom Silva, LOM Ediciones, Chile, 2017

Cartographic Mexico: A History of State Fixations and Fugitive Landscapes (Duke University Press, 2004).  Published in translation as: México Cartográfico: Una historia de límites fijos y paisajes fugitivos. Trans. by Rossana Reyes, UNAM/Inst. de Geografía/CISAN, Mexico, 2014

Martirio, memoria, historia:  Sobre los subversivos y la expulsión de Casimiro Barrios, 1920 (Santiago: Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos, Serie Signos de la Memoria, 2015)

Edited books:

No Gods No Masters No Peripheries: Global Anarchisms [co-edited with Barry Maxwell] (PM Press, 2015). German translation, edition assemblage, forthcoming.


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