Hening Lin

Frank and Robert Laughlin Professor of Physical Chemistry


The Lin Group, an HHMI chemical biology lab at Cornell,  studies the chemistry, biology, and application of enzymes that have important physiological functions with a combination of synthetic and biochemical methods.

Research Focus

  • The chemistry, biology, and application of enzymes
  • Enzymes of particular interest are sirtuins, HDACs, PARPs, radical SAM enzymes, and CD38. Most of these enzymes are involved in protein post-translational modifications and have important biological functions.
  • We combine organic synthesis, biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, and cell biology to study the enzymology, identify the modified proteins, and study how the modification affects protein structure/function and thus the biological significance of the modification. We also develop small molecule inhibitors to target these enzymes and investigate their potentials in treating human diseases, such as cancer.


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