Season 4 of Antiquitas podcast features love and war

Ever wondered how love played out in the ancient world? Or what kind of influence mothers had over the leaders of the Roman Empire?

These questions and more will be answered in the fourth season of “Antiquitas: Leaders and Legends of the Ancient World,” a podcast from Barry Strauss, the Bryce and Edith M. Bowmar Professor in Humanistic Studies, in the Departments of History and Classics in the College of Arts and Sciences. The season premieres Feb. 23.

Person standing in front of an ancient Roman statue
Provided Strauss with a statue of Augustus

Season 4 features three episodes: “War and Peace,” “Mothers and Sons” and “Love and Sex.” It chronicles three-and-a-half centuries and tells the story of ten emperors, from Augustus to Constantine.

“These were years in which love and war laid the foundations of the western world,” said Strauss. His new book on the violent birth of the monarchy of the Caesars and the love affair that almost conquered Rome, “The War that Made the Roman Empire: Antony, Cleopatra, and Octavian at Actium,” will be released on March 22.

The Antiquitas podcast, produced in the Cornell Broadcast Studios by director Bert Odom-Reed, is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and other platforms as well as on

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