'I learned how to make science accessible to people'

Sasha Milton

Biological Sciences and Psychology
El Cerrito, Calif.

Why did you choose Cornell?

Cornell is unique in its ability to offer an excellent education in an incredibly diverse selection of areas of study. If I had attended some other schools, I would have been able to major in biology, but probably not in something as specific as genetics, genomics and development. At Cornell, I've been involved in research in the psychology, molecular biology and communication departments. It is this diversity that attracted me to Cornell. Secondly, being near nature is extremely important to me. When I first visited Cornell, I fell in love with Ithaca's natural beauty. There aren't many schools where you can walk past a waterfall everyday on your way to class.

What are the most valuable skills you gained from your Arts & Sciences education?

man with guitar

I would say that the most valuable skill I've gained from my Arts & Sciences education is the ability to communicate scientific concepts to diverse audiences. Good science communication is extremely important, especially given all the distrust in the scientific method. Cornell has been very good at helping me to learn how to make science accessible to people of varying degrees of scientific knowledge.

What is your main extracurricular activity and why is it important to you?

I'm in a band here at Cornell called Elevation 404. We practice a few days a week, play shows and have recorded music. Aside from school, the band is the most important thing in my life at Cornell because it gives me the opportunity to be creative and have fun while working really hard at something with people I really enjoy hanging out with.

What are your plans for next year?

man hiking near waterfall

I plan to hike the Appalachian Trail (2,181 miles from Georgia to Maine). That will take around six months, after which I plan to apply to medical school. I would like to take at least a year to gain more experience in the health/genetics research field before attending medical school so I will take some time to find something I'm really interested in. 


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