Global scholars study English and more

This summer, 38 undergraduates, grad students, and visiting scholars from 12 nations are enrolled in Cornell's English for International Students and Scholars (EISS) program, according to this story on the Global Cornell website.

Some of the students include a labor law researcher from a Japanese university, an MBA student from Bulgaria, and a humanities undergraduate from France. Many are in the United States for the first time when they arrive on campus for the intensive, six-week Summer Session course.

“There’s something transformative about breaking your own cultural paradigm, stepping into the new place, and noticing that other people think in different ways,” says Mary Kathryn Redmond, the program’s director and associate chair of romance studies. “For so many students, EISS is their first landing in the United States, where they launch into using English with an international community—not just to answer a question for a teacher. They really use English to communicate.”

Read the entire Global Cornell story here.

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