Field Guide to a Marvelous Education

For Cornell students, fieldwork is an immersive, sometimes transformative experience that carries the thrill of discovery and seeing the world anew, writes undergraduate researcher Colton Poore ’20 in a Cornell Research website article.

“Standing outside in the middle of the night, Jessica Dobler and I, the two undergraduates on our fieldwork expedition, are seeing a night sky completely different from what we've seen before,” he writes in the piece. “We observe a world beyond our own, untarnished by light pollution. “It’s easy to see how people could get used to this,” I say to her. Only yesterday I was toiling away in a quarry, miles away from civilization, looking for plant fossils. Just two and a half weeks ago I was at home in Colorado, anxiously packing and re-packing for my flight to Argentina the next day.”

Read the story on the Cornell Research website.

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