Argentina’s run-off to be decided by Patricia Bullrich supporters

Argentina is headed to a second-round presidential run-off election following a surprisingly strong showing by the candidate of the incumbent center-left Peronist party, Economy Minister Sergio Massa.

Kenneth Roberts, Professor of Government in the College of Arts and Sciences with a specialization in Latin American politics at Cornell University, says that Argentina’s runoff outcome will likely depend on which candidate can capture the votes of supporters of Patricia Bullrich, the mainstream conservative candidate.

Roberts says: “Despite being saddled with management of Argentina’s severe inflation crisis, Economy Minister Sergio Massa finished first in yesterday’s first round of the election, and will now face off against the flamboyant far-right libertarian candidate Javier Milei, who was widely seen as the frontrunner heading into the election. Milei, who has pledged to replace Argentina’s national currency with the U.S. dollar and close the country’s Central Bank, is a highly polarizing populist figure who capitalizes on economic discontent and anti-establishment sentiments in Argentine society.

“The outcome of the runoff election will likely hinge on which of the two candidates is able to win over the votes of Argentines who supported the more mainstream conservative candidate, Patricia Bullrich, who finished third in the first round of the balloting.”

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