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Image of Rosemary Batt

Rosemary Batt

Alice Cook Professor of Women and Work

Image of Nicholas Battaglia

Nicholas Battaglia

Assistant Professor

Astronomy, CCAPS
Image of Marco Battaglini

Marco Battaglini

Edward H. Meyer Professor of Economics

Image of Sherene Baugher

Sherene Baugher


Anthropology, Archaeology Program
Image of Nora Bayly

Nora Bayly

Advising Dean

Peer Ambassador Program, Pre-Collegiate Summer Scholars Program (PSSP)

Locations: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays (in-person in KG17 Klarman) Tuesdays (Remote on Zoom)

Image of Ivan Bazarov

Ivan Bazarov


Image of Rachel Bean

Rachel Bean

Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Jacob Gould Schurman Professor of Astronomy

Astronomy, CCAPS, Physics
Klarman Hall

Emily Bednarski

Senior Assistant Registrar

Image of James F. Bell

James F. Bell

Adjunct Professor

Astronomy, CCAPS
Klarman Hall

Duncan Bell

Director of Administration, College Registrar

Image of Serge J. Belongie

Serge J. Belongie

Associate Professor

Image of Daryl J. Bem

Daryl J. Bem

Professor Emeritus

Image of William Bemis

William Bemis

Professor Faculty Curator of Ichthyology, Cornell University Museum of Vertebrates

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Image of Nicole Benevento

Nicole Benevento

Visiting Lecturer of Spanish Language

Romance Studies
Image of Karen Bennett

Karen Bennett


Image of Richard F Bensel

Richard F Bensel

Gary S. Davis Professor of Government

American Studies Program, Government, History
Image of Yuri Berest

Yuri Berest


Image of Mabel Berezin

Mabel Berezin

Distinguished Professor of Arts & Sciences in Sociology, Director of the Institute for European Studies

Image of Anne Berger

Anne Berger

Adjunct Professor of French Literature

French Studies Program, Romance Studies
Image of Sarah E. Bernstein

Sarah E. Bernstein

Senior Lecturer

Performing and Media Arts