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 My family came to visit me and we walked across the roof of the O2 arena, which gave amazing views!


Interning in London

Happy October! This month, we will be focusing on two themes, "Easing Back into Classes" and "Summer Adventures." In the first post of the semester, senior Solveig shares with us her experience interning in London this past summer. 

By: Solveig van der Vegt '18, Biological Sciences

 Here I am ready to start my junior year while picking apples that are fortuitously ready today with friends at Indian Creek Farm!


Easing into Junior Year: New Year, New Me with a Clearer Path

This week, junior Emma Bryan talks about how the flexibility of the Arts and Sciences curriculum helped her discover her passion for French and reconfirm her interest in Economics, setting her up for an exciting junior year.

By: Emma Bryan '19, French and Economics double major

 Women in Singida, Tanzania walk to the village SNAP meeting.


Summer in Tanzania

Continuing on with the theme of "Summer Adventures," senior Shanna tells us about how she spent this past summer in Singida, Tanzania conducting global health research.

By Shanna Smith '18, Biological Sciences and French double major

 Professor Richardson created a syllabus that does double duty as a research guide!


How to Complete Distribution Requirements While Watching Music Videos

Writing on the theme of "Easing Back into Classes," junior Sheyla tells us about an exciting class on Beyoncé, intersectional identity, and feminism. 

By Sheyla Finkner '19, Biology and Society major

 Shoshana Swell


Why Walk When You Can Dance?

In our last post of the month, sophomore Shoshana takes us for a stroll across Europe, where she spent the summer studying Psychoanalysis and Art, and traveling.

By Shoshana Swell '20, Performing & Media Arts and Psychology double major

 My first day at the U.S. Consulate General in Barcelona.


A Very Spanish Summer: Interning at the U.S. Consulate General in Barcelona

This week, senior Hadassa shares with us how she spent her summer interning at the U.S. Consulate General in Barcelona, an experience that complemented her studies in Government and International Relations.

By Hadassa Jakher '18, Government and Spanish double major, International Relations and Law & Society double minor 

 My KASA gajok (family) from last year dressing up for Halloween.


Embracing My Heritage at Cornell

This week, sophomore Dean discusses how Arts and Sciences' language requirement and Asian Studies department helped him explore his heritage and culture as a Korean American. 

By Dean Kim '20, Chemistry major, East Asian Studies minor

 Skiing with my friends during Cornell’s first snow day in over 20 years!



This week, sophomore Renée reflects on how being assigned to a single dorm room in freshman year – something she was worried about at first – motivated her to go beyond her comfort zone and shaped who she is today.

By Renée Girard '20, Government major, Law & Society and Public Policy double minor

 First day of my freshman year.


Becoming A Smarter, More Confident Self

In the final post of the month, sophomore Sylvie shares how, over just a year, she came to learn a lot about herself and grew as a person through meaningful interactions with professors and peers. 

By Sylvie Kuvin '20, American Studies major

 Me and a few Cornell friends pose in front of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain during our study abroad.


Learning to Welcome and Grow Through Challenges

This month, Ambassadors will be reflecting on how Cornell has changed them compared to the first day they arrived on campus, or even to just a couple months ago. In the first post of November, senior Carlee talks about how the classes, professors, and friends she encountered over the four years have taught her to welcome challenges and to think critically. 

By Carlee Moses '18, History and Government double major

 Me and my friends at our very first Cornell basketball game, celebrating the start of second semester freshman year.


Creating My Own Identity Amidst Cornell's Diversity

This week, junior Jady looks back at her time at Cornell thus far, and shares how she was able to make the vast campus her own through classes, clubs, and friends. 

By Jady Wei '19, Economics and Government double major, Law & Society minor

 Some friends and I at the Intergroup Dialogue Retreat in Spring 2017.


From an Awkward Pre-Frosh to a Confident Adult

In the last post of November, senior Sydney looks back at the many ways Cornell has surprised and changed her for the better. 

By Sydney Mann '18, American Studies major, English minor

 The students of CASA Sevilla program.


Sevile, Spain: No me ha dejado

This week, senior Samantha tells us about her challenging yet incredibly rewarding five months in Sevile, Spain, through which she learned to embrace the uncomfortable. 

By Samantha Cohen '18, Sociology major, Business minor

 My attempt at making traditional Valencian paella!


A Year Abroad: Making the Leap from Cornell to Catalonia

December is here! This month, Ambassadors will be writing about their experiences studying away from campus in Spain and the United Kingdom. Senior Hadassa starts off by giving us a taste of her year abroad in Barcelona.

By Hadassa Jakher '18, Government and Spanish double major, International Relations and Law & Society double minor

 Punting on a sunny afternoon at Cherwell River.


Oxford, England: Cultivating Knowledge for the Sake of Knowledge

This week, senior Arlinda takes us to England, where she was able to expand her study of philosophy through courses and professors at the University of Oxford.

By Arlinda Shehu '18, Philosophy and Psychology double major

 LSE library, interior shot.


London, England: Looking Forward

In the last post of the year, junior Meredith guides us through how she came to decide to study abroad in London next semester. Thank you all for following our blog this year, and happy holidays!

By Meredith Chagares '19, History major, Business and Law & Society double minor

 A part of the hospital’s complex outside.


Hospital Shadowing in Kerala, India

Welcome back! This month, we have two themes – "Work and Community Service" and "Winter Adventures." Ambassadors will be sharing with us what they did over the winter break and also about jobs or volunteer positions on campus that they love. Junior Nitya starts the month off by telling us about her warm winter break shadowing in Kerala, India.

By Nitya Deshmukh '19, Biology and Society major

 Swimming and Diving teammates


Swimming with Skittles and Dancing through San Fran!

This week, sophomore Shoshana shows us how she spent her winter break training (and delivering candies) in Arizona as well as dancing in San Francisco!

By Shoshana Swell '20, Performance & Media Arts and Information Science double major

 Me and some of my RA coworkers at CU Downtown, a large-scale program to introduce Ithaca to incoming freshmen during their first few weeks at Cornell.


Work, Work, Work (By Zoee D’Costa, Not Rihanna)

This week, junior Zoee shares with us what she loves about being a student tutor and a resident advisor on campus.

By Zoee D’Costa ’19, Biology & Society Major, Psychology Minor

 Smiling after an intense (and sweaty!) class with my Zumba mentors at my hometown studio.


My Zumba Instructor Journey: Dancing my way from California to Cornell!

In our last post of the month, senior Hadassa writes about her journey of becoming a veteran Zumba instructor at Cornell. 

By Hadassa Jakher '18, Government and Spanish double major, International Relations and Law & Society double minor