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Hand holding electric charger to car


New catalysts steer hydrogen fuel cells into mainstream

Cornell chemists have discovered a class of nonprecious metal derivatives that can catalyze fuel cell reactions about as well as platinum at a fraction of the cost.


New technique boosts cryo-electron microscopy clarity, safety

A new study published Sept. 7 in the journal of the International Union of Crystallography demonstrates that cryo-EM samples can be prepared with a safer and less expensive coolant – liquid nitrogen – and these samples can produce even sharper images than those prepared with ethane.
Hand grasping clay nose of bust of a man


Digital book gives a taste of Venezuelan performance artist

The volume’s six essays reflect upon the power of performance as an act of radical disobedience.
Latin American currency


Book examines political barriers to taxation in Latin America

Prof. Gustavo Flores-Macías explores why decades of tax reform in Latin America have done little to stem the tide of widespread tax evasion.
US Capitol building. Photo by Andy Feliciotti on Unsplash


Political polarization may be less about ideology than luck

Research shows that partisans pile onto whatever emerging position they identify with their party.
Photo of researchers


Mathematical models predict how we wait in line, traffic

In a new interdisciplinary study combining mathematics and engineering, researchers simulated models to show that drivers obey digital signs that direct them toward less-congested routes--but sometimes the signs don't keep pace with highway realities.