Workshop to foster multidisciplinary economic research

Governments and institutions play a critical role in advancing economic growth in the developing world, and researchers in macro and microeconomic policy design will gather later this month in New York City to explore that role.

The 2018 Workshop on Macro-development,scheduled for June 22-23 at the Cornell Tech campus on Roosevelt Island, aims to foster multidisciplinary research by opening channels of discussion between scholars of different fields. The annual event is open to the public.

“The interaction between realistic, implementable policy and research has long been a focus of micro-development economics,” said conference organizer Julieta Caunedo, assistant professor of economics and the Laurits R. Christensen Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellow. “Work on designing educational systems, malaria interventions and clean water initiatives have all been borne of close academic-policy cooperation. Macro-development policy has unfortunately not developed at the same pace … The goal of the conference is to fill this gap.”

The workshop is sponsored by the Cornell Department of Economics, the Institute of Social Sciences at Cornell University and the Kellogg Institute for International Studies at the University of Notre Dame.

This story also appeared in the Cornell Chronicle.

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 Julieta Caunedo