Should the U.S. worry about meddling in Mexico’s July presidential race?

This Washington Post opinion piece written by Gustavo A. Flores-Macías, associate professor of government, contends that Mexico is an easy target for electoral interference, but that interference most likely won't come from outside the country.

"What’s more likely is that someone within Mexico may try to tilt the playing field. Mexico’s political parties have been implicated in a range of shadowy practices, The incumbent Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) has been accused of hiring the firm Cambridge Analytica, which harvested the data of hundreds of thousands of Facebook users in Mexico to analyze for electoral disinformation," Flores-Macías writes. "Other parties have deployed armies of Twitter bots and social media trolls for misinformation campaigns and targeting political opponents. Even President Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration has allegedly conducted clandestine surveillance of activists and journalists, contributing to the media’s self-censorship."

Read the entire Washington Post piece.

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 Image from Cornell University College of Arts and Sciences