Ray Kim named new director of advising in A&S

The College of Arts & Sciences has named Ray Kim its new director of advising.

Kim, who joined the college in 2004 as an assistant dean in admissions and advising, said he looks forward to leading the advising staff as they work to support students during this challenging time. Since 2017, he has not been working in advising, but rather in admissions, most recently as the College’s deputy director of admissions.

Kim said he is looking forward to the move back to advising, where he will have more direct contact with students. He’s still in touch with many of his former advisees — one is even teaching his son to play the guitar, virtually.

“We’re all in advising because we love students and their stories,” Kim said. “I was a first generation college student myself, from a modest background, but because of great mentors I ended up getting a dream education. In my opinion, an excellent undergraduate education isn’t complete without good advising and mentoring relationships.”

Kim said the pandemic has laid bare many inequities that have always existed for students, raising issues the advising team has been working to tackle.

“Every Cornell student deserves a fair shot at a wonderful Cornell experience, but students are facing a diverse set of challenges,” he said. “We are working to expand our communication toolset, to understand and stay in touch with our students and have our finger on the pulse of how they are doing day to day.”

Kim earned a bachelor's degree in French from Vassar College and master’s degrees in international management and in management of global technology from the Thunderbird School of International Management and American University, respectively. Before joining Cornell, he worked for a financial services company in Washington, D.C.

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