'Puzzling' politics in Israel as dissolution looms

Lawmakers in Israel passed a preliminary measure on Wednesday to dissolve the coalition government, headed by Benjamin Netanyahu. If negotiations between parties does not stall the dissolution, it would result in a fourth election in just two years.

Uriel Abulof, a visiting professor in Cornell University’s government department and professor at Tel-Aviv University, says the measure is puzzling given that Netanyahu is simultaneously blamed by Israelis for mishandling the pandemic but also doing well in polls.

“The dissolution vote could well be just another empty threat by the Blue and White party, which can hardly cow Netanyahu, considering how well he’s been doing in the polls. This is the real riddle. How can a leader who so miserably failed in handling the most crucial crisis of his premiership (now, altogether, leading the country for fourteen years), enjoy such a wide public support? This becomes all the more puzzling considering that the overwhelming majority of Israelis do blame Bibi for both mishandling the pandemic and bringing about the election. It seems to almost suggest Israelis now collectively suffer from battered person syndrome.”

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