Physics, fundamental to neurobiology

Darshna Anigol ’19, is passionate about understanding how the human brain works. Studying the mechanics and neural circuitry of the fruit fly, drosophila, she focuses on biolocomotion, which involves the nervous system mechanisms that maintain a fly’s flight.

Anigol—who’s majoring in biological sciences—joined the Itai Cohen lab, Physics, as a sophomore in 2017. Her work is featured in this Cornell Research story. The Cohen lab studies matter in motion, including colloidal particles, fly neurons, and even the movement of individuals at a concert. Anigol was excited about this interdisciplinary approach to research.

“The Cohen lab is at the intersection of many topics: neurobiology, physics, genetics, chemistry, computer science, and engineering,” Anigol says. “Through my coursework in physics, I realized how fundamental physics is to understanding and enhancing my knowledge of the different subjects that I was studying. Now, my research has shown me how important physics is in understanding neurobiology.”

Read the full Cornell Research story.

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 Darshna Angiol