No, Trump didn't do surprisingly well among Latino voters

In this NY Daily News opinion piece, Sergio Garcia-Rios, assistant professor of government and Latina/o studies, says exit polls reporting that Donald Trump received a larger share of the Latino vote than Mitt Romney did in the 2012 were wrong. Voting data post-election suggests that Clinton won over 90 percent of the Latino vote in New York while Trump carried less than 10 percent.

"Similar analysis of Arizona, Florida and Texas, suggests that Univision and other political observers shouldn't jump to conclusions so quickly or base their assessment on an exit poll that did not properly capture Latino voters' actual voting patterns," Garcia-Rios writes. "While Trump's surprise victory was based on a number of factors, the claim based on the exit polls that he outperformed Mitt Romney with Latinos just doesn't hold up to detailed analysis." Garcio-Rios wrote the piece with Tyler Reny, a doctoral student in the department of political science at UCLA.

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