New Faculty: Paraska Tolan-Szkilnik

Paraska Tolan-Szkilnik

Assistant Professor, History

Academic Focus:

Historian of 20th century transnational North-Africa

Current research project:

I just published a book about Pan-Africanism in 20th century North Africa called “Maghreb Noir: the Militant-Artists of North Africa and the Struggle for a Pan-African, Postcolonial Future.” I am now working on sexuality in 20th century North Africa and will be spending Spring 2024 in Morocco starting my research and improving my Moroccan Arabic.

Previous Position:

  • Assistant Professor, History Department, Suffolk University, 2021-2023
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, Middle East Studies Center, University of Pennsylvania, 2020-2021
  • Academic Background:
  • Ph.D., History, University of Pennsylvania, 2020
  • M.A., History, EHESS, France, 2014

Last book read:

“Mind of Winter” by Laura Kasischke and a graphic novel called “Guantánamo Kid: The True Story of Mohammed El-Gharani” by Jérôme Tubiana

When not working:

I’m drawing, hiking, running, listening to very loud music or drinking coffees at various cafés.

Courses you’re most looking forward to teaching:

I’m looking forward to all of my courses this semester, but in particular the Queer Histories of North Africa Course. It’s my first time teaching this course and I will be learning a lot along with the students.

What most excites you about Cornell:

The intellectual community, the large history department, and hiking around Ithaca!

Twitter handle:


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Paraska Tolan-Szkilnik