New Faculty: Jamie Budnick

Jamie Budnick

Assistant Professor, Sociology

Academic focus:

I study the social construction of sexuality knowledge—in particular, the knowledge produced through demography and population measurement. My work has also focused on reproductive health, intimate partner violence, social survey measures, and sexual identity.

Current research project: 

I am currently writing a book about the social lives of sexuality statistics, “The New Gay Science: How Demography Shaped Sexuality Knowledge and LGBTQ Politics.”

Previous positions:

  • NICHD Postdoctoral Fellow, Population Studies Center, University of Michigan, 2020-2022

Academic background: 

  • Ph.D., Sociology, University of Michigan, 2020
  • M.A. Sociology, University of Michigan, 2013
  • B.A. Sociology, women’s studies and English language and literature, University of Michigan, 2009

Last book read:

“Detransition, Baby” by Torrey Peters

In your own time/when not working:

I am always renewed by being outside in nature - running, hiking, kayaking, and camping. I also love spending time with my family - my partner Dan, our toddler Zelda, our brand new baby Ezra Wolfie (born in August), and our three cats.

Courses you’re most looking forward to teaching:

Seminars focusing on gender and sexuality where I really get to have deep conversations with students about the readings and how they relate to our current world.

What most excites you about Cornell:

Small intense courses where I get to really know individual students.

Twitter handle/blog url:

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