Cornell through a freshman's eyes: Don't miss these special spots

When you arrive on campus as a new Arts & Sciences student, you learn that you are one of the 15,043 undergrads here, that there are 1,684 faculty ready to lead your classes and that you can choose from 40 majors, 59 minors and almost 4,000 classes. But what you have to discover over time, for yourself, are all of the places on campus where you can do this work — places to eat, study, relax, meet with your friends or study partners or places to just enjoy the beauty of Ithaca. Here we're sharing some of the spots that are the hub of student academic life. 

 Students talking in a hammock on the Arts Quad
The Arts Quad

When the weather is nice, students can be found spending their entire days lounging in hammocks on the Arts Quad and the slope, to study and hang out with friends. Cornellians take advantage of any sunshine!

 View of the Temple of Zeus Cafe from Klarman Hall landing
Temple of Zeus

Temple of Zeus is the cafe hub of the Arts Quad. As the transition location between Goldwin Smith and Klarman halls, it’s sometimes competition for students to be able to find a free table. Their coffee is acclaimed to be the best on campus, and their sandwiches and soups are famous as well.

 Student reads the newspaper at Green Dragon Cafe
The Green Dragon Cafe

Green Dragon is a hidden underground cafe beneath Sibley Hall. It is a vibrant hang-out and study spot with dark ambient lighting and unique interior design. Art and architecture students are commonly found here because Sibley is one of their buildings, and there’s always funky hip-hop and R&B music playing.

 Panoramic view of the A.D. White Library
The A.D White Library

The A.D White Library is a classic Cornell location, often called the “Harry Potter Library” by students. The gold railing designs embody a gothic look. This library is perfect for when students have to get lots of work done without distraction, as it is one of the “silent zones.”

 Students chatting by the window in Libe Cafe
Libe Cafe

Libe Cafe, located just inside the entrance of Olin Library, is always bustling, even at 1 a.m.. This cafe is a popular collaboration spot for many students who grab a cup of Starbucks and sit down to work and talk to friends.

 The Fine Arts Library has colorful seating and floors of metal book stacks
Fine Arts Library

The new Fine Arts Library is one of Cornell’s most aesthetic spots. With the clean silver architecture and open layout, this library is perfect for working with ample natural light.

 View from the Mann Library balcony
Mann Library

Mann Library is at the back of the CALS Quad, so many A&S students don’t venture here until late into their freshman year. Mann is known for their “airport lounge” look, with comfortable chairs and unique extending tables. 

 Students outside at one of the Manndible Cafe's tables
Manndible Cafe

Manndible Cafe, located right outside of Mann Library in the atrium, is incredibly popular for its breakfast foods. From egg scramble wraps to avocado toast and fresh sandwiches, all ingredients are sourced locally. You can even eat right outside!

 Students working and talking at a table at eHub
eHub in Collegetown

Cornell’s eHub in Collegetown is a buzzing study spot for upperclassmen who don’t want to trek to campus but still want a productive environment. Located on College Avenue in Collegetown, many students work on group projects at eHub.

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 Students studying at Zeus Cafe