A Corallary to War

Ezinwa Osuoha ’22 wants to reduce health-care disparities in the United States and around the globe. As a McNair Scholar, she compares disease outbreaks in different nations, including cholera in Yemen, asthma in Syria, and COVID-19 in the United States. Each of these outbreaks could have been lessened, she argues, with adequate public health resources.

“We often dissociate in a demeaning manner,” Osuoha says  in a Cornell Research article, remembering TV images of war and disease in faraway lands she saw as a child. “We talk about other countries as if our own is perfect. I cannot hold myself to look at other countries and say they are the only ones experiencing these crises.”

Read the story on the Cornell Research website.

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Ezinwa Osuoha
Ezinwa Ozuoha