A blow to health and the pocketbook

A new Univision News poll in partnership with UnidosUS found that Hispanics in areas with non-traditional Latino communities report more problems due to Covid-19, Sergio I. Garcia-Rios, assistant professor of government, reports in Univsion News. In addition, the poll found that President Joe Biden's approval among Hispanics overall is nearly 80%, while almost 9 in every 10 approve of the latest economic stimulus package.

“Emerging Latino communities in the United States are more vulnerable to Covid-19 than the average Hispanic, but they trust President Joe Biden more to solve problems stemming from the pandemic, according to two Univision Noticias and UnidosUS surveys conducted in mid-March,” Garcia-Rios and co-authors write in the piece.

“In addition to interviewing 1,400 Hispanics nationwide, the polling firm BSP Research surveyed 800 Latinos in 300 counties not traditionally seen as Hispanic, but where they have had the highest percentage or numerical growth in the country over the past 20 years. Its goal was to measure, for the first time, the impact of Covid-19 on these emerging communities.”

Read the story in Univision News.

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