Alum has starred in off-Broadway’s Perfect Crime for three straight decades,

This Cornell Alumni Magazine story highlihts the three-decade run of alum Catherine Russell in "The Perfect Crime."

" 'I’ve never been a big vacation person,' says Russell ’77—demonstrating that along with her talent for acting, she has a serious gift for understatement," the story says. "The star of the long-running Off-Broadway whodunit Perfect Crime, Russell has appeared in all but four of the show’s more than 12,000 perform­ances since it opened thirty years ago. And to be clear: she only missed those to attend her siblings’ weddings. 

"In December 2008—more than 3,400 shows ago now—she broke the Guinness world record for the most theater performances by a woman in the same role."

Read the full Cornell Alumni Magazine story here.

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