Academic Program

Program on Ethics and Public Life

The Program on Ethics and Public Life (EPL) is a university-wide initiative, based in the Sage School of Philosophy, that promotes interdisciplinary learning about morally central questions concerning public policies and social, political and economic processes. EPL brings distinguished scholars in many fields from throughout the world to Cornell to address leading issues of vital ethical and political importance in public lectures, workshops and extensive informal discussions, including semester-long visitors series on such themes as "The Politics and Ethics of the Rise of China," "Deep Issues of the 2012 Elections: Equality, Liberty and Democracy," and "After the American Century: Hopes and Fear for America's Future." EPL reaches out beyond Cornell through free online videos, both documentaries and presentations of diverse views by leading scholars, as in the video series, "Where Is China Headed?" Initiatives for undergraduates include the Law and Society minor and courses at the intersection of ethics and public policy.

Associated Faculty