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Language Resource Center

The Language Resource Center (LRC) is a hub for language innovation and collaboration at Cornell University. Its mission is to connect, support, and empower language learners and teachers. The LRC provides flexible physical and virtual spaces, facilitates access to resources, and advocates best practices.

The LRC is a member of the Shared Course Initiative, a collaboration between Columbia, Cornell, and Yale universities to share instruction of less commonly taught languages across distance. It is also a member of the Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning an association of five institutions of higher education dedicated to the study and instruction of second languages at the post-secondary level. 

In a support capacity for language programs at Cornell, the LRC offers professional development and training opportunities for faculty and students. The center supports language educators in materials development and offers grants for effective and innovative projects that enhance language instruction at Cornell. Other pedagogically-focused projects include the LRC Speaker Series and the LRC podcast, Speaking of Language. Learning-centered resources include weekly conversation hours in a variety of languages, Foreign Languages Across The Curriculum (FLAC) and Jumpstart courses in collaboration with most Colleges on campus, and online interactive learning exercises and materials.

The LRC collaborates with other units and programs on campus to support and advocate for language and culture learning on campus and in the area.

The LRC is located on the ground floor of Stimson Hall.

Associated Faculty